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Forum rules and guidelines

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This is the LucasForums section for the StarWars:Knights of the Old Republic (KotOR) games series.





Useful links

  • The main Starwarsknights.com site.
  • You can find a description of each of the KotOR forums here.
  • You can also access the other game forums via the main LucasForums page.
  • For general forum usage help, check the FAQ.
  • You can post general help requests, questions on usage, suggestions, or comments in the feedback forums.





The StarWarsKnights.com moderation team


Keep in mind that the staff members are not employees but volunteers maintaining the forums in their spare time. Sometimes it can take some time before you get a reply.


The following staff members can help you with any part of the starwarsknights.com forums unless otherwise indicated - don't hesitate to PM the staff when needed:






Super Moderators


Jae Onasi



Forum Moderators







Bee Hoon (Coruscant Entertainment Centre)

ForceFightWMe12 (Dantooine Theatre Company)

JediMaster12 (Coruscant Entertainment Centre)

Samuel Dravis (Kavar's Corner)




Trouble registering on the boards


If you are trying to register on the boards and are experiencing problems, you can contact me at darth333 [at] starwarsknights.com



* * * * * *



General Forum Rules


The Starwarsknights forum is a friendly community where everyone should be able to feel welcome. To keep it this way some rules have proven necessary. Please keep them in mind when posting here:



1. Illegal material


Do not post links to sites that contain illegal material or discuss where to obtain illegal material (ie where to get illegal MP3s, warez, cracks, etc.). Do not post magazine scans and other copyrighted material. This is prohibited.

Discussions about how to perform activities that are illegal in the US are also prohibited.



2. Obscene material


You may not post obscene material. This includes text and/or images that are violent, disturbing, or pornographic.



3. Flaming


You cannot, in any way, insult (or "flame") someone else on the board. People may not be insulted just because their opinion differs from yours. Flaming includes calling people names, insulting them, or saying offensive things to them.



4. Inappropriate language


Refrain from using excessive profanity in your posts. Basically, let the censor do its job. Don't attempt to undermine it.


Avoid using leet/IM/chatspeak in your posts. This is a forum, not an instant messenger or a cell phone so please make an effort to use proper English to make your posts easier to read and understand.

(Example of chatspeak: "h0w r u m8" --> "How are you mate?")


We are aware that this is an international forum where not everyone speaks English as their native language. Everyone can make grammar and spelling mistakes and nobody should pick on you for that, but chatspeak is a deliberate choice of style and not a mistake. Members who continually post in this manner will be asked to change their posting habits or they may see their posts edited/deleted at moderators' discretion.



5. Spamming


Spamming is strictly prohibited. Your post needs to contribute to the discussion or the topic. Spam Details:

  1. Do not post messages that are irrelevant to the topic or attempt to derail the conversation. Your posts should contribute to the thread in some manner.
  2. Chatting is speaking in a light, familiar way and includes informal talk or one sentence posts like “I agree.” Chatting is considered spamming and will be dealt with accordingly in the KotOR boards. However, it will be tolerated to a limited extent in the Ahto Spaceport Cantina. Please remember that Off-Topic forums (such as Ahto) are for off-topic discussion, not no-topic discussion. The staff will lock blatantly spammy threads at their discretion.
  3. You may not post threads about the amount of posts, post status, or rank that you or a fellow member has.
  4. You should not be able to look up at your screen and see that the majority of topics or messages on a page were just created or posted by you.
  5. Do not start topics meant for posting spam. Find some other forum to work out your inanity.



6. Bumping


Please do not make posts simply to move the topic back up to the top of the forum. This is called ‘bumping’ and is not allowed. If people have something relevant to post on that topic, they will. Please be patient when waiting for replies. Don't worry if you don't get a response right away. People around here are helpful and friendly, and if someone knows the answer to something, they'll let you know.



7. Advertisement


Do not advertise other websites. Please do not make posts or threads about other websites or forums in an effort to direct traffic to them. This generally is not acceptable on any of the forums here. You may include links in your signature but you may not advertise in your posts.


You may not spam the Private Message (PM) mailboxes of other members.


Commercial advertisement for companies or products or services you are trying to sell is strictly prohibited.



8. General posting habits

  1. Threads and posts must be placed in their appropriate forums: check out the forum description before posting your message.
  2. Before posting a new topic, do a search to see if there is already a recent thread on the subject. If there is already a thread similar to what you’d like to post, feel free to read it and post a reply in the existing thread. Note that sometimes the search function is disabled, so do your best without it.
    If you can find no suitable thread that has received new posts within the past few weeks you may post your own. Do not revive threads that have not had any activity for months or years this way unless you have something of substance to add to the topic. Making frivolous replies to dormant threads is considered thread necromancy and is generally frowned upon.
  3. Be specific when you name your topic. This will aid in topic searches and help prevent someone from posting something you already have.
  4. Please refrain from starting topics on your life experiences unless the scope is focused and narrow enough to foster good, mature discussion. This is not the place to write about what you did during the day, nor is it a place for you to rant about anything and everything of little interest to anyone but yourself. Please use the Blog section for that sort of thing instead.
  5. Try to stay on topic. Discussion is a good thing and is encouraged, but if what you have to say deviates a lot from the topic, do not post it in that thread. Consider starting your own thread instead. This is a matter of respect to the thread starter.
  6. If you want to add something to a thread that you have recently posted in, and no one else have made any new posts in, edit your last post in the thread instead of creating a new one. If several days have passed where no one has posted anything and you have something substantial to add to the thread you may make a new post instead.



9. E-mail addresses


For your own privacy and security, do not post your e-mail address in the forums. If you want somebody to contact you personally, then please use the Private Messaging system built into the forums, or turn on the option allowing other users to send you e-mail via your profile.



10. Thread/post deletion


The thread deletion feature has been turned off due mainly to the fact that it allowed everyone to delete other people's posts made in the deleted thread. You can ask a moderator to close your thread. Moderators may or may not approve the closure request at their sole discretion.


While you can delete your own posts, do not delete them if a moderator or admin has edited your post for a disciplinary reason. Moderators will notice deleted posts.



11. Editing/deleting moderator warnings


If a moderator edits one of your posts, do not erase or re-edit that post unless you have the permission of the moderator. If you disagree with a warning or disciplinary measure, do not argue in the thread. Contact either that same moderator or another staff member via Private Messages to discuss the issue and express your concerns.


The exception to this is notices about signature limit violations. If you edit your signature to comply with the guidelines you may remove the moderator notice as well.



12. Signature


In the interest of making the forums easier to read and saving bandwidth for your fellow posters please keep any images in your signature within these limits:


Max Filesize:
80 KB

Max Dimensions:
500 x 120 pixels

Max Images:
3 total
. The
file sizes and dimensions cannot exceed the previous rules. All together the images should not total more than 80k in size, 500 pixels wide, and 120 pixels high.

Pictures can be added to your signature in the user control panel using the [/noparse][/font]


Signatures that do not comply with these rules will simply be edited or deleted as per staff discretion.



13. Reporting posts


If you witness someone breaking the rules, don't post about it in the thread. Instead, please use the 'report bad post' button (the report.gif button in the lower left hand corner of each post) to inform the moderating staff of the problem. Please use it only to report posts that are in violation of the forum rules.



14. User names


Do not duplicate anybody's nickname, avatar, and/or signatures. Make or find your own. You may not take the name of someone outside the community, such as names or nicknames of game developers, moderators of other communities, and so on. It is strictly prohibited to impersonate someone else.



15. Multiple accounts


Multiple accounts are not allowed. You must also use a valid email address when registering. If you do not like your current account name, please see the Name Change thread. Please note you may change your name only once every 6 months.



16. Re-registration after a ban


You may not re-register after receiving a ban. If you re-register after you are temporarily banned, you will be banned permanently. If you keep re-registering, you will be IP banned, preventing you from viewing the forums at all.



17. Liability


You remain solely responsible for the content of your messages, and you agree to indemnify and hold us harmless with respect to any claim based upon transmission of your message(s). We reserve the right to reveal your identity (or whatever information we know about you) in the event of a complaint or legal action arising from any message posted by you.



18. Other


The most important rule of all: Don't be stupid. Use common sense.


This is a wonderful rule that covers all the loopholes. These rules are not a code of laws set in stone. Moderators will use their discretion to determine how they are best applied for the good of the community here.



* * * * * *





The Starwarsknights forums use the infractions system to enforce these rules and sanction those who break them.



Multiple accounts and impersonating someone else


The penalty for having multiple accounts is a permament ban. Do not create a new account if you've been banned. You will also be banned for impersonating someone else.



Spamming, cussing, and flaming


A person who flames others, spams, or uses excessively foul language will first receive a public warning in the thread in which any of these offenses occurred. The staff, at its sole discretion, may also take any other appopriate measures.

If the person does not correct their behavior a final warning will be given via private messaging. If the person still persists he/she will be temporarily banned for a duration the staff deems suitable.


Spamming may also result in the reduction of the user's post count to zero.



Illegal activities and obscene material:


If the person posts links to ROM sites and/or warez sites, the post will be edited and the person will be warned. If the person does it again, s/he will be banned temporarily.


Any user posting pornography will be permanently banned without warning.



Commercial advertising


Posting commercial advertisements for companies or products or services you are trying to sell will result in a permanent ban from LucasForums without any warnings.



Other offenses


A person will generally receive two public warnings. The staff, at its sole discretion, may take other measures. If someone continues to ignore the rules, that person will be sent a final warning in a private message. If the member continues to break the rules after the final warning, she/he will be banned temporarily. Persisting after returning from a temporary ban may lead to a permanent ban from Lucasforums.



* * * * * *



The staff reserves the right to remove, edit, move or close any thread or post for any reason deemed necessary.


If you have any questions, comments or objections regarding forum moderator actions please address them via Private Message to a moderator; do not post about it in the thread.


And last but not least: Enjoy your stay at the StarWarsKnights.com forums! :)

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In addition to the general forum rules, here are some guidelines and rules that apply to some specific forums:



I. Editing (Modding) Forums:




  • T3-M4's Astromech Droid Center
    This forum is for the discussion of modding tools only. It allows you to ask questions, troubleshoot, and make comments or suggestions to the authors of the tools. If you have questions regarding how to create or install mods, please visit the Holowan laboratories forums.
  • Taris Upper City Emporium
    This forum is reserved for modders to announce their new mod releases and for visitors to give them feedback. In other words, it's a showroom and nothing else.
    To modders:
    This forum is only for announcing the mods you already released, not for future mods or works-in-progress.
    Please follow these rules when announcing your mods:
    • 1 released mod=1 thread . Please do not make a single thread for all of your mods. This rule is designed to help people find what they are looking for when they use the search function. Please use descriptive titles.
    • Don't forget to mention whether your mod is for KotOR 1 or Kotor 2 TSL. We suggest you add [K1] or [TSL] at the start of the title when you start a new thread.
    • Please direct any discussions concerning your future mods, WIP, previews, and so on to Holowan Laboratories.
    • Please have a working download link before you post a thread here, this will help alleviate any ruffled feathers concerning certain sites and any possible unfortunate delays in their approval processes.
    If you want the moderators to move your old Holowan labs release threads over here, just post a request and a link in this thread: http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=152044
    Don't forget to check our Weekly mod releases report published every weekend on our website, StarWarsKnights.com.
    To other visitors:
    Leave your feedback! It's important: it encourages modders to continue bringing you mods, and it helps them make better mods in the future.
    Please do not start a new thread about a mod that is not yours. This forum is to leave your feedback on specific mods.
    If you need help about a mod that is not yours and there is no thread here, please post your question at Holowan Laboratories.
    If there’s a mod you’d like but don’t see here, post a request in the modding requests subforum, located at Holowan Labs.
    Posts that comment on the ease of the mod or the type of compression used (zip, rar, 7z, etc.) are considered spam and will be deleted at the moderator’s discretion. If you do not know how to decompress .zip, .rar or .7z files, see the How to install mods thread and post your questions there.
    If you would like to learn about modding, visit Holowan Laboratories. Contrary to what many believe, modding is not reserved to some uber computer geeks. Everyone willing can learn to mod, no matter the age and background.
    Don't forget to check our Weekly mod releases report published every weekend on our website, StarWarsKnights.com.
  • Holowan Laboratories
    1. Check if your question has already been asked
    Most likely if you have a question, it has been asked before. Please use the Search Feature to see if this is true in your case. The search button is at the top of the page. Also, if you are just getting started into modding, please check the locked tutorial forums at the top of the main Holowan Labs page (General tutorials + tools, skinning and modeling, .2da editing and scripting). There is a ton of information there to help get you started. It is a lot easier to get help when you have played around a bit with the tools and can ask specific questions.
    2. Your topic should be about modding Knights of the Old Republic
    There are many other forums to discuss other topics. Please try and limit the discussion in this forum to modifying Knights of the Old Republic. It is what you came here for, right? Other topics will be either moved, locked or deleted.
    3. Use descriptive thread titles
    When starting a new thread, please use a title that specifically describes what it’s about. This helps to attract people who are interested, and it allows those who aren't to steer clear. Titles such as "Help!", "What do I do?", and "Question" are not helpful.
    4.Put your modding requests in the modding requests forum
    If you have an idea that you would like to see implemented but cannot create the mod yourself, or cannot find the mod you are looking for, please post it in the modding requests forums. This way, those who wish to see what people are looking for can go to one place. This helps keep the forum more organized.
    5. Get permission before using someone elses work
    Most modders have no problem with people using some or all of their work for other projects, but some do. As a courtesy to the authors of other mods, please get permission to use their work with your own. This will prevent any hard feelings. Threads that discuss/link to mods that use other mods without permission will be locked and the links to said mods removed.
    6. Do not post links to files that have a lot of pictures or are very large
    Believe it or not, half the people out there in cyberspace still use 56k dialup. Pages with lots of large pictures can take a long time to load and they can affect the forum layout. This can be very frustrating if someone only wants to read a few posts. Moderators reserve the right to edit posts containing a large size or number of pictures. If you do not want to reduce the size of your pics, then post a simple link and avoid using the tag.
    7. Mods containing assets (models, textures, sounds, etc.) ported from another game are prohibited
    It is against Lucasarts policy to port assets from one game to another. Holowan Laboratories does not condone porting of this nature, and moderators will close or delete any thread or posts discussing such mods, even if it is for your own personal use. The exception to this is if the asset in question is present in both KOTOR and TSL. Modders may create from scratch mods that resemble assets from another game.
    8. When asking a question, state which game (KOTOR or TSL) it is about
    To make it easier for other members to help you and avoid confusion, please state which game your question concerns if you ask about something. While KOTOR and TSL are fairly similar from a modding perspective there are some significant differences in how certain things are done, and some things may be possible to do in one game but not the other.
  • Modding requests:
    Is there a KotOR or TSL mod you would like to see but don't know how to make it or don't have the time? You can post your modding requests in this forum and perhaps someone will make that mod for you.
    Please note that modding can seem a bit intimidating at the beginning, but it is accessible to everyone. You don’t need to be a computer geek to start modding. If you want to try, check some tutorials and just ask your questions on the general Holowan Labs boards. Our members will be happy to help you out...and don't be afraid to ask those n00bish questions. Everyone has to start somewhere.
    However, you must understand that modding is usually a hobby that people do in their spare time. They have other occupations, so there is no guarantee that someone will be able to fulfill your request. There could also be some technical or legal restrictions that prevent people from making that mod. When you make a request, please keep this in mind.
    The rules for this forum are simple.
    1. The forum is solely for the discussion of mod requests. Any other topics will be moved to the appropriate forum or deleted at moderator discretion. If you have technical questions, please ask them in the general Holowan Labs forums.
    2. Before you make a request, please check the Where can I find mods? stuck thread and LucasFiles KotOR/TSL sections to see if it has already been made.
    3. When you make your request, use a descriptive thread title and explain clearly what you want to be done. Take the time to think about what you would like to see. You’re the one making the request, but if someone chooses to make it they will need as much information about it as possible. Also consider that it takes time and effort to make a mod, and your request should involve thought and effort on your part as well.
    4. DO NOT request porting any resources from another game into KotOR. This includes porting resources from TSL to KotOR and vice versa. Taking copyrighted and proprietary materials from another game or media and using them in KotOR mods will not be tolerated. This includes music mods using copyrighted tracks. Any discussions about this will be closed or deleted, even if it is for your own personal use.
    5. Finally, be respectful towards other members. A little "thank you" helps.
    6. Don’t ask "Why?" to a request. Please keep your posts limited to whether or not the mod is possible and how it can be done. Cluttering a thread can make it hard for the requester and/or the modder to keep tabs on progress.
    If you would like to scan the old request threads or ongoing discussion, you can find them here:
    Request thread 1
    Request thread 2
    Request thread 3
    Request thread 4
    Request thread 5




II. Community forums


  • Coruscant Entertainment Centre
    1. Thread hijacking
    Please do not post advertisements for your fic in someone else’s thread. Do not ask people in other fics or threads to review your fic. Posts containing this kind of advertising will be now be deleted or edited at moderator discretion.
    2. No Posting In Threads Labeled With A [FIN]
    Please refrain from posting in all threads labled with a [FIN]. [FIN] is used to denote threads of fics that are free of comments and are ready (or nearly ready) to be moved to The Jedi Archives by the moderators or adminstrators. Any posts other than the author’s in these [FIN] threads will be deleted. If too many posts are made by an individual, it will be considered a form of spam. Thank you for your cooperation.
    Plagiarizing will not be tolerated. The definition of plagiarism is taking someone else’s art or story (in total or part) and saying it is your own. Using someone else’s work without giving them proper credit is also plagiarism. You must clearly identify your source when you cite it in order to give the author or artist proper credit. Posts containing plagiarized material may be edited or deleted at moderator discretion. Members who plagiarize may be banned.
  • Dantooine Theatre Company
    General Rules:
    1. Threads discussing RPG (role playing game) issues are allowed, but threads that advertise other RPG sites are not allowed. Threads that advertise other sites will be edited or deleted at moderator discretion. General threads that belong in the Ahto Spaceport Cantina or other StarWarsKnights.com forums will be closed or moved to the appropriate forum.
    2. The Dantooine Theater Company forum rules are simple:
    This forum is for RPGs and stories.
    However, you need an actual story, please. Again, in the words of one of our admins, matt:

    No one word stories, and please keep away from the one-sentence ones. I would hardly classify those as roleplaying.
    Any threads that violate this rule will be closed.
    3. Don't spam. Spam is a post that has no point or does not contribute to the discussion. Spammy threads will be closed. Spammy posts will be edited or deleted. Also note that one-sentence posts and one-liner posts are also now considered to be Spam. If you have problems RP'ing this way, then just interject some creativity. Spammers will be warned or have their posts edited or deleted at moderator discretion.
    4.Try not to double-post. It clutters up the thread. Use the Edit button to add new thoughts to your current post. Double posts may either be merged or deleted.
    Some RPG-Specific Guidelines and Rules
    All RP's are now required to have a Thread Master. A Thread Master helps to control the plot of their RP and moderate it to a certain extent. A Thread Master has the following rights:
    • A Thread Master sets the plot and has the right to keep everyone on the same plot. Anybody that attempts to deviate from the plot or just downright shifts it can be dealt with either by the Thread Master or a moderator.
    • A Thread Master has the right to control how powerful certain characters are. If the Thread Master desires to use an Attributes system to have further control, they may do so.
    • A Thread Master has the right to determine the outcome of specific attacks and battles.
    If a Thread Master has problems with certain individuals, he or she can notify a moderator for assistance in solving the issue.
    If you do not believe the Thread Master is being fair, then notify a moderator.
    Above all, be smart and fair in any judgment you make.
    1. No godmoding. This essentially means:
    Originally posted by obi-wan13

    "I am all-powerful, all knowing, omnipotent being and I can whoop everything on Earth"
    This applies to things as well as beings. The only time you can do this is if it is specifically allowed in that particular thread. Otherwise, it can ruin an RPG. If this happens, it will either be ignored or deleted upon request.
    2. No character controlling. This is a special category of godmoding. Do not control what someone else's character does, says, or thinks without prior permission. Without such consent, this is godmoding.
    3. Follow the thread rules. Usually the Thread Master will post rules for that RPG in the first post. Always read and follow those rules and guidelines. Also keep in mind that the Thread Master has final say in what is godmoding. Of course, they're not infallible, but it's their RPG. If a group of people is running a thread, as sometimes happens, then try to work things out nicely. Flame wars and arguments will not be tolerated.
    4. Please participate. Stories die if no one does anything. Don't post once, then leave. Likewise, it's not terribly courteous for the Thread Master to vanish in the middle of a story for no reason. Stories die without the storytellers. In addition, RPs must have a minimum of three active RPers. Any less, and you're better off writing a fanfic.
    5. Remember:
    -keep the language "t"-rated.
    -you can insult other characters "in-character", but avoid insulting the real person behind that character.



III. KotOR 1 and 2 gaming/troubleshooting forums



These rules apply to the following forums:


Telos Tourist Bureau

Republic Newsfeed

Padawan's Lounge

The Work Bench

Ebon Hawk's Machine Room



• All threads containing major spoilers must be identified by typing [spoilerS] in the title of the thread. This warns those who haven't completed the game so they can steer away from that thread so the story isn’t spoiled for them. Do not post spoilers in thread titles, no matter where the thread is located on the boards.


• Posts containing spoilers will have to use spoiler tags

so that the text containing the spoiler is blanked out. The code for the spoiler tags is:


[spoiler]Spoiler goes here[/spoiler]


For more info on using the tags, see: http://lucasforums.com/misc.php?do=bbcode


Now, you have no excuse not to use those tags.

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