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Double Saber Spin like Alora does help


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I need help as allways, typical me, BUT i have been investigating alot with couple of things that i really wanted to enable on my none mode server.

i remember Idle saber dmg in single player, where you ran right into someone and they started to low health points.

Well i found that one, but one of the things i want is the double saber spin that alora can do, i want to enable that one and how can i enable that one.


Thank you for your time.

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Do you know how to replace animations with the animation.cfg?


Just look for the name of the animation your looking for (BOTH_ALORASPIN or something like that) and then look at all the numbers to the right of it.


Copy all those numbers to the right of it and then find the name of the animation you want to replace (lets do one called DUAL_SHOWOFF or something like that).


Now delete all the numbers beside THAT animation and paste in the ones you copied.


The BOTH_SHOWOFF animations are for the gloats or flourishes, I forget which.


Next save your animation.cfg into a .pk3.


Then start a new game (or server in MP) and get dual lightsabers. Then in the console type gloat and flourish, to see which one does the move. They can be binded to keys for use in SP.


In MP you can already use all the emotes.

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Um yeah. Well anyways it should be in the assets1.pk3. If you want to learn more about animation and the animation.cfg check http://www.mt-wudan.com


And most of the time when I mod I do it for SP, so whenever I talk about a file it won't have anything to do with servers. And technically I don't think you can code a .cfg file.


I'd advise testing it out in SP first because even though you can't edit the SP code SP is more mod-friendly and the animations look more fluent in it.


In SP just type taunt/flourish or whatever you replaced and your guy will do the animation. You can bind taunt flourish etc. to keys in SP so you can use them by just simply pushing a button like in mp.


Also you'll find all your animation files (including the animation.cfg) in models/players/_humanoid in your assets1.pk3 I think.

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hello again.

I found the Animation.cfg file and i think i understand alittle, but lets say that i want the bow thing deleted so i can add aloraspin


these are the lines with alora


BOTH_ALORA_SPIN 1241 8 -1 20




what i did was this


BOTH_BOW 1241 8 -1 20


i took the stats from the first one and added on the both_bow with alora spin stats

what the character does is that he spins, but he doesnt doesnt throw the sabers, the sabers just closes and spins.

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You replaced the bow animation with alora's spin. If you want to do the saber throw use the numbers beside the alora animation with "throw" in it's name.


Let me tell you some about the numbers beside each animation, for example, the very first animation in the .cfg file the first number would be 1 becuase it would be the very first frame in the entire _humanoid.gla file (it's the huge file with all the animations stored in it).


The animation.cfg defines all the animations in the .gla file because the GLA file is just one huge mass of frames of animation. The animation.cfg file tells the game which frames to use from the gla file for which animation.


So for the categories in the .cfg file Start Frame and End Frame it uses numbers to tell the game how many frames long the animation is and where it is in the _humanoid.gla file (for e.x the animation starts at frame number 1022 and ends at frame 1034 in the _humanoid.gla file).


The category saying "loop" tells the game whether or not the game needs to loop the animation, for example the walk animation loops or else it wouldn't transition smoothly between re-playing the animation.


Sry, I haven't been on for a while though, if you want to know more about what each animation looks like and what it does check a file in the MP SDK called anim/anims.h or something called animtable, it gives you a thorough description of most of the animations.


I hope that clears things up for you a little.

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Ok thx for alot of usefull information, but am allmost there.

Adding it under both_bow doesnt work and keeps closing the sabers and spining.

Then i added it under both_showoff the first line like this

BOTH_SHOWOFF 1241 8 -1 20 = it worked, he started to spin with the sabers open, but didnt throw them.

i tried with next line like this

BOTH_SHOWOFF 1249 43 -1 20 = still spining and didnt throw the sabers again, but worked fine.

Last line had the effect

BOTH_SHOWOFF 1292 51 -1 20 = Started to spin and throw the sabers and pulled the hilts again.

Well Mission fail for me again, i havnt reached my goal, but i might be there soon.

I want all of those lines to be in 1 working line. Like 3 in 1.

i tried this

BOTH_ALORA_SPIN 1241 8 -1 20 1249 43 -1 20 1292 51 -1 20 = didnt work.

What do i do and how can i do to get it work.

What i do want as the last thing, is that it has to take the Throw saber forces place, so when i press to throw saber, it should act like Alora spin throw.

Thank you for your time and help. :)

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Well first of all make sure that if your testing it in SP that you've started a new game. I have the taunt animation for the staff replaced with the dual saber throw so I can throw my staff lol.


I think the reason your having problems is becuase each animation has coding in the .dll files. For example the melee stance animation is coded to only play on the upper body, even if you make a new melee stance with the legs in a different position it will still show the default leg position because it only plays the animation on the upper body/torso.


And for jumping animations, I look at Raven's in dragon (an animation tool) and you didnt see the body move up or down you just see it flip. It's probably coded to make the character go upwards.


The reason it's probably not working is because it conflicts with the animation's coding somehow, try replacing it with one of the taunt animations, more then likely the taunt for duals will be called DUAL_TAUNT_LS or something like that.


And also there's one more category in the animation.cfg file that you should know about, Frame Speed, it defines how fast the animation will play in game FPS-wise. Set it at about 30 if you can so that way it wont take forever for the sabers to come back to your hand like it does with alora.

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Hello again.

I have been testing it under multiplayer duel game, and i used the gloat or florish like you said the

BOTH_SHOWOFF 1292 51 -1 20 ( alittle modification ) it worked. The full body was rotating nothing weird about that. but what i do wanted was to replace the force saber throw OR double sabers flying sabers ( I think its called barried and cant find it in the animation.cfg ).

I am so advanced to this, but i do understand the logic, its just that i dont know what does what and with your information, its helping me alot.

I havnt reached my goal yet.

These are the missions am looking for.


Use alora spin under saber throw force or replace the double saber flying barried ( you know mouse button 1 and 2 at the same time and the sabers fly around )

BUT it should start with this one first

xxxx_xxxxx_SPIN 1241 8 -1 20

then this

xxxx_xxxxx_SPIN_SLASH 1249 43 -1 20

and this as the last part.

xxxx_xxxxx_SPIN_THROW 1292 51 -1 20

3 in 1 line. Possible ?


Thx again.

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I guess it'd be possible to replace the normal saber throw. You can actually make entirely new animations just by editing the animation.cfg


The ALORA_SPIN_THROW animation is the only one you need.


The -1 you see in most of the animation numbers is the loop category. It's telling the game not to make it loop. The 20 you see at the end of most of the lines is the framespeed numbers. And the first numbers you see are defining where the animation is in the .gla file.


It might be possible to replace the normal saber throw but I'll get back to you on that later. Just give me a little time to test it out.

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