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When sending a report

Emperor Devon

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Since I've been tattling to the mods on a somewhat frequent basis, ( :xp: ) is it necessary to say what forum and thread something occured in? In the SC, SkinWalker said moderators could tell who sent a report, which sounded like they had some information other than what gets typed. :)


The report received looks something like this:

Emperor Devon ( mailto:my@email.here ) has reported this post:


When sending a report



This is part of this thread:

When sending a report



This is the reason that the user gave:

The text you wrote when reporting goes here.


This message has been sent to all moderators of this forum, or all administrators if there are no moderators.


Please respond to this post as applicable.


Thus you don't need to include a link to the post you clicked the report button for since it's included automatically already. :)

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