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Am I the only one...

Negative Sun

Did you like the JKA storyline?  

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  1. 1. Did you like the JKA storyline?

    • Yeah it was cool, though Rosh is an ***
    • Meh
    • No it smells like donkey poo!

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Well, I don't mind the disconnected storyline sometimes, but well. The character have absolutely NO PERSONALITY WHATSOEVER.


I mean, Kyle have a personality, we know his style. But Jaden/ I mean, all we know is that he somehow constructs his own saber, thats it. nope. nothing.


It feels like basically a hotch-potch of things you can do when you are bored. And seriously, even without the storymode you don't miss out much. Same goes for the rest of the support characters either. Kyle have a really minor part in the story. Luke is there only for cameo. Tiv her appearance is so not-it even as she is the supposed final boss. Alora was supposed to be a cool arch rival, but too bad there is not enough of her in action. Rosh is just, gosh he has the whole you-know-i-will-go-darkside-and-let-you-turn-me-back syndrome written on his forhead from the first time you see him.

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