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3D problem entire X-wing series


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I have recently upgraded my video card and now the entire X-wing series has clipped or cut off graphics in 3d mode.


I previously had a Geforce 6600 and all games worked fine in 3d...from X-wing all the way through to XWA.


now I had a Radeon 2600 XT, using catalyst 7-9 and all objects appear clipped or cut off. I could post a screenshot.


Im pretty sure it has to be a driver issue, since its the same problem in all X-wing type games.


any ideas which catalyst I should use?

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One step ahead of you there. when I got the new radeon card, I already used driver cleaner to remove the nvidia drivers. so, its clean.


I tried the Catalyst 7.10 drivers last night, and the problem becomes completely different. The graphics become stretched and warped across the screen.....much worse.


I go back to 7.9 and the objects are back to being clipped/cut off.


definatley a driver issue, just gotta find the right one, but im loathe to backtrack through every version of catalyst drivers.

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I have alot of 3d games on my machine, from things like Battlefield 2142 to older ones like Mechwarrior 4. no other problems at all.


I even have other lucasarts games, such as Jedi Knight II and Empire at War.....no issues.

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I have the same problem with HD3870 card and with cat 7.11 the game will load but will have major graphical problem. In fact many DX5-7 games are having similar problem.



It is defiantly ATI drivers for HD cards, I also have 9800Pro X1950XT 6800 AGP and 7800GTX these cards play X-wing games just fine.


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