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XWA freezes mid-game


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I recently upgraded my GPU from a 6600GT to a 7600GS after it died on me. Before I upgraded, XWA ran perfectly in full settings. But with the new card, it refused to recognize it. After running a system analysis, it found my GPU and I was away. However, halfway into the 3rd mission, the image suddenly freezes, while the game keeps playing underneath. Also, I can make inputs (like firing) and hear their sounds, just not see them. If I press escape or anything, my monitor goes into standby mode, then when it comes back on I have to restart my computer. If I press Q and Space then it just goes back to he main menu as normal. I finished this level with no hardware no-problems, but every other level since than always does the same thing between 5 and 15 mins in. It makes it almost impossible to finish any missions. I'm up to the second Rebel training mission and I can't get any further. I've tried DirectX 9 and 6, disabling hyperthreading, I'm fully patched, I've got the latest drivers and I've pretty much tried everything. I'm getting incredibly frustrated with this, as I love the game but this has been holding me back for weeks. Is there any way to fix this? Help much appreciated, thanks in advance.



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