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Jawa Blaster Pistol request


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Hey guys, I have a request to make. It's the Jawa blaster pistol that Raven Software failed to integrate into Jedi Academy. As I'm sure a lot of you guys are aware, both the weapons.dat and a Jawa npc file (jawa_armed) have a weapon called WP_JAWA. Apparently, it's a very fast shooting weapon, because one time I fooled around with a weapon I renamed to the files needed, and it is super fast, using the Bryar Pistol projectile. Anyways, the name of the folder and files would have been: weapons2/jawa; files were to have been jawa_gun.md3, jawa_gun_hand.md3, and jawa_gun.glm. Anyway, if someone would like to take up my request, here is the gun model I believe Raven had intended on using; here's the best picture I could find, I made it a little bigger to show the detail:



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Hey, Inyri. Sorry I didn't respond right away. I searched the net for a little info on this thing. Okay, here's the strange part. A few websites mention this as being an actual smaller ion pistol which was in Star Wars Galaxies that fired an EMP pulse like the one in the movies. Now, here's another take on the history of the pistol, which would be the only way to fit in with what was coded for it in Jedi Academy. Originally, the gun prop wound up in a publicity photo shoot, with two "Jawas" (one had the pistol, the other a droid caller prop) and the gun was actually Greedo's blaster pistol, just with a Han Solo style muzzle on the end of it. When it came time to shoot the scenes with Greedo in the cantina, the propmakers put a new end on it so it wouldn't look like Han's. Here's a good publicity photo of the Jawa on the left holding the pistol and the history of the gun change:





So, you could go with either one. But, here's the entry from the weapons.dat file that Raven had coded for it:




weapontype WP_JAWA

weaponclass weapon_jawa

weaponmodel models/weapons2/jawa/jawa_gun.md3

missileFuncName bryar_func

altmissileFuncName bryar_alt_func

ammotype 2

ammolowcount 15

energypershot 2

firetime 400

range 8192

altenergypershot 2

altfiretime 400

altrange 8192

muzzleEffect bryar/muzzle_flash



So, there you are. I think it would make a good permanent file fix for what Raven left out, not to mention it's a nice looking pistol. Think it over. You have made some good guns, and if you would like to make this one, that would be great. If not, I understand.

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