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    I'm a biology nerd. :D
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    Bugs and bones. :D
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    Final Fantasy XIV
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    Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight followed closely by TIE Fighter
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  1. That looks like it could pretty easily be recreated if necessary.
  2. Inyri

    Thanks for the welcome! It's been almost four years. I've changed a lot since then, though, and silly InSidious said something to me the other day that made me want to pop back in, so here I am.

  3. At first I was really upset about this whole thing. Then I realized that the New Jedi Order books completely ruined Star Wars for me. So I'm trying to convince myself that rendering it all non-canon means I can appropriately pick and choose which parts of the EU I like and which I don't. So maybe this isn't a bad thing after all. Still pretty sure the new films are going to suck. (Naturally I would love for Disney to prove me wrong on that.)
  4. LDR

    I suppose I should say welcome back! It's certainly been a while since I've last seen you around these here parts.

  5. You type what he told you to into notepad, and name it what he told you to, then run it. Bat files are really fairly straight forward.
  6. Then how do you have time to play the game?
  7. And yet there are indeed other ways to do it. Haven't you ever killed them?
  8. That's a side quest. You don't have to do it. Would be pretty irritating if missing a conversation with a guy in some corner of the map you might never actually visit could break the game that bad.
  9. You can remove the texture, but the little soul patch is actually modeled on. Just FYI.
  10. He wrote it, so unless someone held a gun to his head I can certainly hold him responsible for his own book.
  11. Oh God, R. A. Salvatore... I will never forgive him for Vector Prime. Ever.
  12. I'd go see it again even if there was no change from the original film. I think of it as renting a big-ass screen to watch a good movie on. Sometimes it's just worth a few dollars. If you think it's a greedy marketing stunt, there is a simple solution: don't go see it.
  13. You might want to have a quick read over the 14th amendment to the constitution.
  14. hey,

    How are the lightsaber hilts coming?

  15. Relax yourself, no need to get aggressive over an opinion. Skinning is easier to get into than most other modding types. It's more accessible, which makes it easier by nature. Every type of modding takes a certain level of talent, however, and anything can be complex or difficult. But simple skins are easier than simple models, typically, for example.
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