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PC version crashes


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Okay, so my friend let me borrow the PC version of KOTOR2, because it's supposed to have more stuff on it, and you can use mods.

Anyway, I've installed it on my laptop, and it works up until after the big 'intro' bit where the words escelate off the screen... but the second the Prologue starts, a window comes up saying 'Knights of the old republic: the sith lords II has stopped working. Check for an online solution/Close program."


Now, the only 'requirement' it didn't meet, was a reccomended one, and it has just under the recommended graphics standards. I doubt this would even make a difference to whether the CD crashes or not...


But yes, is there any explaination for it? is the CD broken? is my laptop just lame? And if not, is there any way to fix it? I've tried everything from drivers to restarting the computer.



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