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Defeating bosses [Spoiler Warning]


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This has to do with the end sequences on the bosses. I will again warn this thread does contain spoilers


I'm talking about the parts where you have to flick the wii mote and nunchuk at the right time in order to defeat the bosses (Rogue Jedi, AT-TS etc...).

What are your thoughts on this feature?


I, don't really care to much. It makes no difference. But what about you guys?

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I quite like it, and as far as QTE's go its much easier than Shenmue 2.

Only trouble is you are so busy watching for the prompt you miss half of the action going on on screen.

And from what I can see, he's doing some pretty cool moves.


He does the same moves on each rancor, and each ATST. It gets old after the first time.

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I will provide good tactics for defeating the bosses as i can do it easily now...


First to the end if you know what i mean... Some people are always stuck on defeating the emperour i was on my first time bloody saberlocks would not work and i dint know how to block lightening... Anyways the best way to beat him is to keep really close using your lighsaber to give him a good wack use most of the force powers... If he uses lightening, block it and walk towards him Also when their is a bit of distance between you and him use lightening but fo not use it up close otherwise he just whacks you.


Also if your nearly dead to the right hand side and the left their will be continuse amounts of bacta tanks apperaing so renember to grab some of them.

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