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driving me nuts battle1 mission1


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This is the first "real" mission in an x-wing, and its got me completely stumped. How is it possible to take out the strike cruiser? I've been playing the mission on medium difficulty in the combat simulator, but I'd like to know if it can be done with an x-wing with regular torpedoes and no beam weapon installed. I've had no trouble slicing through the ties. After that my wingmen are completely useless at attacking the strike cruiser, and ordering them after particular laser turrets doesn't seem to have any effect. The cruiser starts to run at 50% shields, and I haven't been able to get very far into its hull before it leaves. Also, I've noticed if I'm not directly helping out with the container transports, the y-wings can't quite take them down alone.


I've only seen a few guides/walkthroughs for this game, and none of them mention this mission in much detail. Am I just missing something here? I'm going to try waiting till the container transports are down next time, maybe order my wingmen to form up before going after a particular turret on the strike cruiser.

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