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BattleFront Elite Squadron.


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My little computer crashed mid interview so I lost my footnotes, but I can remember enough:



This was similar to the Battlefront on the PSP, with some differences. The game looks great for starters, and definitely takes advantage of the PSP's hardware.


The game itself is nothing truly new, but with some perks. We played the Hoth map, and were shown that we could fly and X-wing and attack the ATAT's. He then flew over to the massive laser cannon and said that this could be shot into space to take out orbiting ships. At first we were confused about this until he flew the X-wing straight up into Space, changing the field of combat and the gameplay style in a moment. He reminded us that on the planet, we could shoot the Star Destroyers and take their shielding out to board them. On the other hand, the Imperials could also bombard the planet, namely the map, with the Star Destroyers main cannons.


The flying and riding of vehicles was typical Battlefront, and other than some polish to the original concept not a lot of new content, but definitely some very good content.



This version was very different, and focused on controlling a clone trooper in the missions we played. You ran around the screen in a top-down view and shot droids, threw grenades, and found team mates to follow you around. Pretty basic shooting and moving, although surprisingly fun.


After some shooting, we found our way to a speeder bike mini game in which we dodged obstacles and shot at droids following us.


The graphics are impressive, and some of the best I've seen on the DS to date. Will mini cinematic, conversations, and battle both on the ground and in space it definitely was more than I was expecting out of the hardware.


They may not be a Battlefront 3, but both are definitely worth a try. The PSP version in particular looks like it will be a blast online.

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Yup it has more weapons, maps, and customization options. It's not replacing BF3, but it's a sequal to RS. For the first time though, players will get to go from ground to space without changing maps, except for the loading screen on the maps. That was something you could do in the original BF3 that was cancelled. But it has the same, well, everything as the cancelled BF3 did: the same hud, maps, movement, reticle, etc. And if you dont believe me, watch these videos:

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Sounds interesting. Of course I was let down by both BF games on the PC and am way behind on a site I was working on for the second one (sigh).


At least the hand-held crowd is getting what sounds to be a unique game! Maybe next time they'll get it right? Thanks for the report!

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