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  1. Overrated Garbage thread, otherwise known as "Become a lightning rod of hate in a single post". Is there a book or movie that just makes you want to claw your eyes out? Some fad that makes you feel like an elderly shaking your head at those young people? Some actor or person in general that you think is completely undeserving of their fame and fortune? Some sport of activity that you think needs to be burned to the ground? Something that came, went, but stayed in the public's mind and is constantly brought up in conversation, seen on posters, seen in avatars, signatures, blogs, galleries etc. Something, media, person, or otherwise that makes you weep for the future of society? General media pet peeves that you need to get off your chest, and thus become a lightning rod of hate for everyone else? ------------ I'll start off: Neon-Genesis Evangelion There has never been a media fad that I've hated more than Evangelion. I think its just one of the most overrated pieces of garbage out there and needs to be destroyed for the future sake of angsty teenagers everywhere. It is just all over the place. I see it in avatars, all over forums, and whenever anime is mentioned there is no doubt that the conversation will eventually lead to Eva. Its like the Degrees of Kevin Bacon, but terrible. Being apart of a media club in High School, I was surrounded by people who just thought Eva was the best thing since sliced bread, the close second being Final Fantasy 7. All the talk about it. All the watching of every crappy episode. The deconstruction of the symbolism and religious overtones. And then the defending of the series whenever anyone talked bad about it. This is one of those things where I don't even need to explain the plot; Its Eva. Like Cowboy Bebop, its just one of those things everyone has at least heard about from someone to some degree, and for that I just hate the damn thing. The characters are incredibly unlikable and/or just unrelatable, and it has one of the winiest, pissant protagonists of anything ever. It was made in 1995 and wont go away. But don't take my word for it; Hideaki Anno, the creator of the anime, dislikes its entire fanbase, describing them as having "forced autism", and making the final 2 episodes and the movie in order to give a big middle finger to every fan out there... which turned out to be one of the most well known and well respected anime movies ever made, which I'm sure just makes him want to throw himself off a bridge. That is my overrated garbage; whats yours? (This is a heavy opinion thread, so try not to take anything too personal)
  2. Hm... They are retelling Twilight almost verbatim with all the common place jokes but the jokes have been done to death, everyone knows them, so in the end why not just watch normal Twilight with some friends? Overall it seems redundant, but at least it doesn't look quite as terrible as the other satire movies. Have to admit I thought the Black Eyed Peas gag made me laugh.
  3. Ah, thank you for correcting me. In that case, then I agree with GTA: Why has this not found much of any uses?
  4. *Takes a look at all of the options* *Looks at America* *Looks at South Africa* Apologies to everyone in here polishing guns hugging their copy of 1984, but I think the United States has a little more sense than to turn into South Africa within 10 years. Seems like more doomsday predictions that wont come true imo.
  5. The thing about Ultra Strong Glass is that the stuff shares the same problems that, say, ultra strong metal does: Its heavier. It doesn't bend or stretch as easily, thus it is either too strong, or has the possibility to crack like a diamond. Using it under extreme pressures, for example, could be a very bad idea because the glass would have little to no give. Commercial glass does bend and warp depending on winds, pressure, temp, etc but this stuff may have a higher shatter rate due to it having a lower warp threshold. For those reasons and more it would be incredibly stupid to, say, use it as a car windshield. You could trap yourself, could crack under some rain and temp changes more easily, etc. For those reasons, I also wouldn't use it as an aquarium for the same reason I wouldn't, say, make an aquarium out of diamond. It has its use as cellphone and computer screens, but ultra hard doesn't make it efficient. Just my ignorant 2 cents.
  6. Thanks, mysterious wise man for that hypocritical saying. Truly he blessed a generation of people. Also I just hope you realize that by posting that, along with the universal smiley of douchebag, you've implicated yourself as well . Actually, I take that back; good job wise man. (Also in case it wasn't obvious to anyone I was joking and making fun of the fact that nobody reads my longwinded posts) As far as harming the ego of the football players... they get paid 2 million base. They can comfort themselves in hookers made of expensive wine.
  7. Any WW2 game pre-360. Any of them. Also, nearly every Half-life game has a map mod of it. Throw a rock and you'll hit a dozen Normandys. It was done so many times in games that by this generation it was a running joke that seems to have run its course. Its the shooter equiv of the Hoth map, basically. As for 360, I'm not really sure. Like I said, this generation the devs sort of wised up and collectively seemed to decide that Normandy was a part of WW2 that just needed to sleep.
  8. Firefox has been crashing completely randomly for me as of late. Randomly, when a page loads, the entire thing will just crash completely for no explained reason, and it only crashes when loading pages. Any ideas?
  9. It is indeed the best way to get people to not argue back.
  10. Revan would get ready to fight Obi-wan, but then remember about the true threat and disappear to never be seen or heard from again. And... Scene.
  11. For a +1 to his fiscal responsibility... he did drop K3 for SWTOR. While it pissed off a lot of people, SWTOR -does- have the potential to make 10x as much money as K3 would have.
  12. He used enough energy to make a thread, so I thought it only polite to answer him when he asked what I thought. Also, on the topic of showboating, these guys don't hold a candle to Firebathero: (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.) That, my friends, is what Niner wishes he was.
  13. Chewy didn't die; he was teleported into this picture.
  14. They get paid millions of dollars to play a children's passtime game and never grow up; the real life equivalent of Yu-Gi-Oh's ridiculous card game obsession. I wish I could care less, but what care I have is primarily made up of boiling hatred of the sport and everything associated with it. What were we talking about again?
  15. Who the f*** votes for Congressmen anymore? Kotor 3? Meh, economically feasible for it to be an MMO and its not like the rest of Lucasarts hasn't abandoned our fanbase anyway. Frankly, all of Bioware is at fault since they never actually wanted to do a sequel in the first place. My bet is they -claimed- to want to do Kotor 3, but really the entire plan from the beginning was an MMO. They didn't want to do the second game, so I see no reason why Bioware would want to do the third. Basically, they were uninterested in Kotor before Jim ever took the reins. As far as the dude politically, his stupidity can be summed up in one sentence: "If Reagan were here you know what he’d say". Yet again another guy preaching Reagan without ever studying his actual presidency. Its hilarious that modern day politicians think he'd agree with anything they're doing and its to the point that he has become sort of the Jesus for politicians now; Nobody pays attention to what he actually said and did, but instead they apply any random s*** they make up on the spot to him. Its just as bad as all of them raving about how they want America to go back to the way it was, like, 30 years ago.
  16. Hah, called Walking Dead. Almost sad that this got the thumbs up but Zombieland was told to pack its bags because "nobody would watch a zombie show on TV". Still great that this got passed, but again I wonder how they will adapt the later books to TV because Walking Dead gets really hardcore pretty quickly. Rape, racism, incest, etc. The later books probably have one of the most despicable villains in comic history. Plus that trailer just reeks of high budget. It'll have to do damn good to make it to a second season. Regardless, great news!
  17. Fine, posts/list deleted if it mean that much to you all. My apologies for going out of my way to try to help. List off what you all want; I'm done.
  18. Teehee, blocked on copyright grounds. The things I hate wouldn't be able to fit in a 10 minute video.
  19. So this is how they paid for the second Death Star
  20. Fair enough Just out of curiosity, which warranty build did you get Elite Duck?
  21. Just to be clear, I don't think this is an anti-lawsuit bribe. Really, from the start, this was sort of your problem for breaking the computer in the first place. Be glad they even fixed your computer, since most warranties wouldn't cover someone ripping a disk out with tweezers. They came out, at least tried to fix your computer, and gave you a free one. By most respects, good form on their part. Hell, if anyone should be trying to sue anyone its them on you for making them spend money on your blunder. Just sayin. This is true, but I'm thinking of it sort of from an Xbox 360 customer standpoint here: Microsoft has a similar system set up. Your thing red rings or breaks and you can send it in and get fix of free new one in a reasonable amount of time considering. Convenient? Yes. Worthy of overshadowing the fact that hundreds of thousands of them red ring a year? No. I don't consider having a good warranty to be good customer support. If they really cared they'd be updating the software/hardware in the 360 so that this didn't happen as often. The warrant, imho, is good form but also almost an expectation at this point. Like a default instead of an exception. Having seen many of my own and other's 360s replaced, it doesn't garner positive thoughts in my mind. They know they have a defective product and, instead of fixing it, they have chosen to just replace broken units and make the user wait around 3 weeks for a new one... with questionable stability. At this point, Microsoft doesn't deserve my positive feedback anymore, and neither does Alienware. Alienware may have given him a new computer, but, like Microsoft, it is merely an illusion of good support instead of actual support. They aren't supporting you; they are waving a shiny thing in your face so you don't see the mess beyond it. I'd also add that Alienware's warranty can costs hundreds for a few years. Props for them sending a shiny new computer? Absolutely. Props for every other layer of the system? Not really.
  22. I don't believe this is "good customer support" for a f***ing second. They sent a guy, he was incompetent and broke more of your computer, so they are covering their butt by trying a bribe so that you don't, say, make more threads like this elsewhere. That isn't good customer support, nor is it "doing something nice". Don't make me gag. If anything, its a "we're sorry our support is terrible; here is our cheapest laptop to show we care". You get free shiny product, get really happy, 5 star review they can put on their site about their support when, in actuality, they sucked in every part of their job except in excelling at bribing. That, in my opinion, is the worst, and most underhanded a customer support team can be since it not only breeds false positives, but breeds more customers sucked into their system. With how much they overprice their pre-builts, a $900 free laptop is pocket change.
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