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  1. And also the MI and ES are their main titles to focus on this year, so yes, keep an eye out for TFU2 next year.
  2. Easy, I would just get a new one. WWYDI you were in an alley surrounded by a gang of 72 members with no place to run?
  3. I don't like PP&Js first of all, and I don't want PB and J up my nose. Go mow my grass.
  4. I would beat the crap out of him and knock him into next week. What if Star Wars was real?
  5. Well, my bad guys, and I guess this thread should be closed.
  6. I KNOW it is so gay, There has never been anyone in the history of SW that has a Black Saber, just WT??
  7. Yea I know, but you have to like something of the game, or else why would you even be at these boards, justs making more post counts?
  8. I was gonna say MI, but they are already remaking it- YAY!
  9. HECK NO, I made this name, all I did was take Xavier and made it Zavier, and I am in no affliction with XU. And GTA, on a couple posts back you said if that was all I could do, and you have no idea, i'm far from finished. But please don't start picking fights with me. For that I give you this:
  10. It's not unnessisary, GTA likes Red Foreman.
  11. I would say get lost. WWYDI you were fat?
  12. Well, GTA, That pic was disturbing, and I would like to give you an award also:
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