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help! Opo Chano doesn't get my 2500 credits


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(sorry for my bad translation.. in the title is obviously wrong 'get' )


about the Czerka mainframe quest:

The first time I spoke to Opo Chano he asked 2500 credits and I answered something like 'I'll return with the money'.

afetr that I spoke to everyone else involved, I get the money from the Ithorians, and returned to Opo.

but it doesn't gave me again the speech option to pay!

only two options: the inventory and to leave.


I've returned to speak to the others npc involved but nothing's changes.....



I also downloaded the savegame editor here but I don't know how it can be useful in this situation


there is a solution? a cheat-solution? everything, 'cause Im' stuck in Talos 'til I finish this quest



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