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  1. Please consult this thread . Follow directions and you should be fine, else report and we will go further
  2. Hi there. Let's see what we have. Have you downloaded and installed the official patch? I believe 1.03 should be your game version. There are is the definitive installation guide for Vista/7 by Evil Q/Qliveur/ and many others - he took the time to compose the work and fixes of many members in the community. Mostly, everything needs to be installed as an Administrator, and the official patch is a must. Your setup is similar to mine and total overkill for this game Despite this, some fiddling may be necessary. Disable Vertex Buffer Objects in the ".ini" file is the important one IIRC. That ini should be modified anyway so that you can enable screenshots, cheats etc. I would provide links, but I am on mobile at the moment so will try to edit later with a little more clickable information.
  3. Your mod, my old friend, sounds like something Dashus wanted to do as an Easter Egg for the TSLRP. When he told me this, and asked me if I knew how to mod, I said "Yes I can mod, and no I won't work on that." As a standalone, it sounds much more entertaining
  4. Another game I would have bought. Dang... The aerial skills and acrobatics looked awesome, and at least somewhat player controlled with the ability to attack in mid-flight.
  5. i7/STRIX970, nice clicky things. That is mostly it. But the controls were/are bad, and even fiddling with my mouse sensitivity didn't really change that too much. Also, the fetchy quest stuff. I guess that is standard MMO fare (*cough* DA:Inquisition *cough*) but to me it became dull immediately, as did the game mentioned in my coughing fit moments ago. I have installed it twice. Gave it a fair shot twice, was fairly awful at the gameplay and didn't like all the other people waiting in line, queuing things, having to tap my toes until I could do my next quest line. We have had this argument before though, and I am still glad you have found it to be enjoyable and worth it.
  6. I think it may be an Ord Mandell conflict, as I also am having an unstoppable crash in that section of the mod.

  7. In your opinion. In my opinion it is terribad, unplayably so. But, of course, YMMV. Darth Avlectus, why would anything surprise you
  8. Merry Christmas all of you Outlanders! Just wanna say, thank all of you for your proper and heavy use of spoiler tags. This is a damned civilized forum most of the time. For those of you Outlanders not familiar with Earth Humans... "Christmas" is a confusing amalgamation of several faiths and some space magic, and is celebrated by a fair percentage of the inhabitants. Other belief schools also celebrate traditions during this time of year. Too primitive for this cycle.
  9. Ok, that is fair enough. I prefered IT to what we got (EC was a weak handy) as it pointed in a direction that gave me a palatable ending. I never saw IT saying that the entire events of ME3 SP were a indoctrinated hallucination, but that the Star Brat dreams certainly were.
  10. I get it DP. Yet I strongly feel anything would have been better than the crap we were left with. Anyways... I will be playing MP this weekend if anyone wants some easy credits
  11. I used to be quite active in the Vista/7 thread, as Renegade Sniper was an old friend of mine from the Team Gizka forums. That said, gladly paying $20 tonight for the collection so I can install on Win8 without any extra pains in the arse Got modding to do
  12. *shrugs* Obviously the full concept of the IT has not been conveyed to those who so easily dismiss it. Of course IT invalidates the other endings; it would have been the springboard to meaningful DLC that continued the story to a conclusion that had a chance of making sense. Oh, by the way, that is how you improve the ending. Not really sure what the grand mystery for the deep thinkers is here.
  13. Urluckyday, I feel your pain. You descibe my utter dumbfounded shock and resulting mini-depression exactly. I play the MP because that way I can pretend the ending still hasn't happened, that as James Tiberius Kirk said, "I like to think that there are, always, possibilities. "
  14. S9 came thru, no surprise there! Quickly was a surprise This one is difficult and simple at the same time. The difficulty lies in the scope, which is good in the sense that mostly it will just require time. As I have a little bit of a connection to silveredge9's work, I would be glad to offer my help with the minor script editing and addition that will be required.... my GF Kelli did the VO for the Sith Stalker which I slapped into the game decently. Neat project, a good VO would make me replay the mod for sure!
  15. I agree, and bought the CE for the SP. Then I took an ending to the knee. After that, dismayed at how little I wanted to ever replay that, I found the MP. Not the game I wanted, but it is Mass Effect. So I am grateful that I liked it, and that it still has an active player base. I understand your story though.
  16. @DP: in the grand scheme, the MP is the only good thing that came out of ME3. Obviously my opinion.
  17. Thx Lynk... I agree with the insanity of spinning 720 when you are just trying to glance in a direction. Youtube kept freezing on me for that comparison video Synapse does allow for game-specific profiles, so I will play with it some more; sadly it has turned me off from the game a little.
  18. @Prime: ewwwww on your taste in femmes. That said, Citadel is fun and I thought Leviathan was well done too. Omega is garbage.
  19. Being a man of my word, I refused to pay for SWTOR. Having downloaded it a couple months ago, I have been unable to really get into the game because combat, and mouse look in general, makes me dizzy. The slightest mouse movement can cause disorienting spins and make dying in a frustratingly noobish way more likely. This is a common problem, as I have found much in the Googles on the subject. However, turning my setting to zero still makes me spin occasionally. Save me LFN, you're my only hope.
  20. We all have our individual standard of decency. Thank you Jae for sharing this news.
  21. Interestingly, I found and still find Kavar's to be an integral part of what I thought made LFN so awesome back in the day: this was an actual, vibrant, community. There were multiple games to talk about and troubleshoot and mod that were at their height or at least still relevant and played. There were sections for off-topic, and even serious places like Kavar's. Diversity is wonderful, and although I understand the difficulty of moderation there it is part of the whole. Just my 2c, I would still bang around in here without Grumpy Place.
  22. @Lynk: those musings could have been kept, quietly, inside your head. Despite this being the internet and all, a little respect is warranted since this thread is not about you. Many aren't >.> Astro got me into folding, which in turn got me involved in this community. For better or worse, I still lurk and linger, and hope to bring something of value with me when I return more visibly. Thank you Astrotoy7 for your time and kindness to me almost 7 years ago, lost in this big place after being a demigod in my little TSLRP pool. Hasan, rest in peace.
  23. Interesting thread, alarmist I think. As soon as a new game comes out, I know I will return to these forums more often and maybe even get into the classics again. Seeing as how jonathan7 just released a mod we last worked on over two years ago, and with Darth Mouse holding the cheese maybe we will be reinvigorated. I will say that I, over time, became very frustrated and alienated over moderation of Kavar's. This was before mimi took over in there. As Q mentioned, twas all primarily one loud pedantic bully pulpit-eer.
  24. In my best Kim Jong Il.... "herro!" Wanna play sometime? Shoot me a PM and I will add you lol
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