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New Jedi Outcast Walkthrough YouTube


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I really hope that i posted on the right forum section. If i did not, please take my apologies and please move the topic if so.


Now, my name is Robin I'm from Sweden. My current project is a Jedi Outcast SP Walkthrough, that i upload on YouTube. Its not finish yet, its only the first part who are uploaded on YouTube (Level 1, kejima_post).


But please, feel free to to watch and comment. It would be good if i get some respond/viewers until i proceed with the next parts.


Please, post here and let me know what u think about the first part and the quality of the movie etc.


Please WATCH IN HD! :thmbup1:


(This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)

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You could brighten the video a bit, it would help to see. I dunno how you capped the video, but if you used cl_Avidemo, then setting r_intensity a bit higher helps. Also, if you do that, be sure to add some brightness and contrast when rendering the outputted frames to a new video too. If you used fraps, then you'd probably have to do a second encoding to add in some brightness.


Also, a handy thing might be to narrate your videos so that the people watching might want to know how you did some of the stuff too. That way you could maybe pause the live video to explain something, or to highlight important things for the player.

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Thanks for your reply!


I recorded with Fraps. So changing brightness and contrast is easy, i can do that in the editing program called Sony Vegas.


And thanks! I will think about some stuff u said on the further videos!




What did you think about the quality?


And i think that i will remove the first videos and edit somethings and then upload again, until i move on.

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