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Flash Backs.


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^^ my bad :) i wonder what they are going to do with the site now

considering all of the flashbacks and scenes are unlocked ?? i hope they dont keep

it like that till the release of the game.....FML!!


Did you see the new video with the lead animation dude? Its at gamespot... No new gameplay though... Man DEUS - EX HR looks effin amazing... I saw some leaked vid of the game play and exploration as well... 10 mins each...

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X.x you need to re-look at how each were stabbed then deesynder...-sigh- cause if he was indeed stabbed in the stomach + Thrown around the room like some puppet, he would of died. Darth Vadar stabbed him in a spot that would look to be fatal. X.x jeez...he said it himself that he had to do that in front of the Emperor....-sigh-

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