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Wii Pro Pack Mini

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EDIT: Scratch that first statement about Nintendo... It looks like this may be a third party controller manufacturer and not associtated officially with Nintendo. Sorry for the confusion, I immediately assumed it was related to some other news posted not long ago...




Nintendo has put out a press release for the introduction of the MiniRemote and MiniChuk. No doubt this is related to the pictures of the small Wii Remote design that was floating around the net not long ago. Looks like these smaller controllers will be aimed at small children... I suspect the fact that Nintendo houses its Wiimotes in their hideous condoms is making them difficult to handle for them so it seems like a pretty good solution...


Of course, this is yet more Wii accessories to buy. They're sure making a killing off of this aren't they.


New MiniRemoteTM and MiniChukTM Put Big Game Play in a Smaller Package


Los Angeles, CA- June 14, 2010 (E3 EXPO, Booth #5312) - POWER A, the retail consumer products brand of Bensussen Deutsch & Associates, Inc., (BDA), today announced the launch of its Pro Pack Mini, a MiniRemoteTM and MiniChukTM, for WiiTM. The first of its kind, the Pro Pack Mini offers the same functionality as the Nintendo WiiTM Remote and Nunchuk, in a sleek, miniature size ergonomically designed to provide a more comfortable grip for players of all ages. POWER A will be showcasing the new controller, along with introducing additional video game accessories, at the E3 Expo in Los Angeles from June 15-17.


Including the MiniRemoteTM that is 35% smaller than the original WiiTM Remote, the Pro Pack Mini features:


· MotionPlusTM compatibility


· Contoured surfaces providing a natural grasp for more precise handling and eliminating edge pressure points during extended play


· A silky, soft touch finish for a no slip grip that doesn't require a glove


· Larger A, 1 and 2 buttons for overall increased accuracy and enhanced game play


· Glowing main control buttons for anytime use in any environment


· A variety of color options including Black, Purple, Pink and Teal


The Pro Pack Mini will have a MSRP of $49.99 and will be in all key retailers beginning in August 2010.


"Players will immediately enjoy the sleek feel and handling of the MiniRemoteTM and MiniChukTM," said Eric Bensussen, president of POWER A and BDA. "While the smaller devices work well for children with smaller hands, they really provide a more comfortable grip for kids and adults, extending game time, control and enjoyment."



POWER A creates reliable, high quality and innovative accessories that amplify consumers' experiences with the world's best technologies. This consumer products division of Seattle-based BDA, Inc. partners with some of the most popular consumer electronics companies in the world, including Nintendo of America Inc, Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC, Microsoft® and Apple®. Committed to producing the safest products possible, POWER A carefully monitors product development and quality assurance to exceed the testing requirements of its licensors. POWER A products are available at major retailers in North America, Europe, Australia, and Latin America. To learn more about POWER A accessories, please visit http://www.PowerA.com. POWER A: Amplify Your ExperienceTM.


The features do sound nice though...



I'll post pics when I get them.


EDIT: And here it is...



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