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  1. I didn't, I've been playing the game since early access, that's over 2 years now.

  2. Why would I do that? It'd make no sense.

  3. Only 7 with the 8th one close to hitting 50.

  4. Go for it... but just to remind you, there's more to LFN than just the forum :p Any suggestions on the fan site side of things would be appreciated too.

  5. http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?p=2839748#post2839748


    I moved your post to the "Mission: Bring LF Back to Life" thread because I didn't want to turn the "Want to help to create a new, better LucasArts Fan Network?" thread into a debate.

  6. Right now things are just in the planning stages, if I can manage to find the time to ge further with it, I'm sure we can use some of your help along with other people who want to contribute.


    Whatever we do, it won't be anything small... this place needs a BIG change, and that's not going to come easily.

  7. :p @ tumult


    yeah, space missions get you fleet comms... slowly.

  8. I've already done that quite a long time ago. I've tested all of my toons names on The Harbinger and only 3 of them are available and I've parked those names so far. However, the other 5 including Lynk are not.

  9. You just need to post in threads asking me about stuff, you don't need to VM me with the exact same message.

  10. now we truly know this place is doomed x.x

  11. i read it and was like "wtf am i reading?"

  12. Next up I'm getting a VF-1J TV Hikaru, VF-1S TV Roy, VF-1A DYRL Mass Production, VF-1S DYRL Hikaru and VF-1S DYRL Roy... all of them are new release versions with extra parts.


    XD Going for the full VF-1 series line-up.

  13. Latest arrivals: Super parts for VF-25F and S and a VF-1D complete with extra option parts so I can recreate that scene where Hikaru extends the dual seats from the top of the Valkyrie in Battroid mode in episode 2 and he's sitting in the bottom one... so awesome XD

  14. Really? I'm sure I've heard you say that you like the VF-171 quite a bit and says it's a beauty when I was talking about the VF-17... and I don't really know any other Macross fans XD

  15. I've always hated Kavar's since it was first opened because I feel it has no place in a video game forum.

  16. Just pre-ordered the VF-171EX :p

  17. http://tamashii.jp/t_item/t_item.php?eid=00089


    Bandai is releasing a VF-171EX Alto custom!!

  18. I've seen some pretty funny names around... Captain Tightpants was the first, a smuggler who started the game during early access at the same time I did.


    Then I've seen a few others but I can't remember their names specifically.

  19. *looks around*







  20. vf-25s-01.jpg




    Bandai have finally gotten it right :D

  21. Awww yeah!





  22. My new VF-17S arrived today... and I just bought the VF-25S renewal as well :p Should arrive in a couple of weeks.

  23. Beth the fumbling Jedi. A powerful Jedi she can be, if only she could unclip her lightsaber from her belt.

  24. eep, we're meant to go jedi tonight

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