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BOS:SR Mod Help


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Hey guys, I recently got the Brotherhood of Shadows, Solomons Revenge mod for my KotOR on my PC.







So you know if you dont have this you cant help me :¬:


I have trouble pretty earlier in this mod, on the ship Orion.




After Deamon as taken over the ship and everyones dead from the Brotherhood fo Shadows guys, I have to find 3 codes inside droids to get open the Storage room door where the Artifact is. I have been everywhere and all over the ship and I can only find 3 droids, 2 of the smaller droids, and 1 medical droid. Only 1 of them gives me a code when I destroy it, the other 2 dont let me do anything, so I cant go on. If I force open the door, I cant interact with anything inside. Any Help?




CanadaDuck :thmbup1:

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