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Characters description needed


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Hi Guys, I need little help. This is for those who knows this game very well.


I am preparing czech voice overs for this game and I cant find some descriptions about all characters from the game. I would need detail description for each character in the game like: whats his goal, what his personality, how he behave to his friend, is he enemy etc.


That way I could find the right person for voice overs.


I looked at the credits and there are 12 characters, but I need only the most important one, could somebody describe all those game heroes?


Commander Boston Low


Maggie Robbins


Ludger Brink


Cora Miles


Ken Borden


The Creator


Cocytan Leader


Borneo Space Observer



Mari Weiss

David Lodge



Leilani Jones-Wilmore

James Garrett


Thank you!

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