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This game is way too easy.


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All you have to do is play with shotgun/ grenade launcher and you'll completely dominate. You get between one and two shot kills with the shotgun and it's easy to take out tanks with the grenade launcher. What's more, both of these weapons are cheap. I don't know why anyone would ever use a different loadout - well, maybe they would use a different one to make the game a little more entertaining.


If you know how to use a tank well it is even more outrageous - especially rebel tanks with more than just mounted blasters.


Space combat is even easier. All you do is get on a bomber and take out their critical systems. Sometimes you only need to go out once. There is basically no challenge whatsoever.


Even though this game is so easy, I inexplicably keep playing it again from time to time. But every time I get done playing it I wish they would have made it a little more challenging - I won't even get into how horrible the AI is in Galactic Conquest.

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