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Disney buys LucasArts


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This is certainly surprising.


But hopefully, a sign of good things to come. Kotaku posted this, which shows they're planning on at least licensing Star Wars.


"In a conference call this afternoon, Disney’s Bob Iger said they will be focusing on social and mobile games and will likely license their IPs for console gaming—meaning you’ll see other studios making Star Wars games (as has happened a few times already, like with BioWare’s MMORPG The Old Republic)."


But I'd be surprised if they don't license the games out when asked by reliable, established studios. The deal cost them over $4,000,000,000 US dollars. Surely they won't mind getting some of that cash back through licensing deals.


Another thing I'm wondering, since it seems they're planning to use LucasArts as a development studio with the statement that they plan to make mobile and social games... I wonder if they'll keep the LucasArts staff to making Star Wars games, or if we might see some LucasArts developed Disney or Disney-Pixar projects as well.

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