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Special attack in fast stance


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Problem solved, but there are some conditions:

1. Non-saber units have to be standing (not be lying on the ground)

2. Crosshair has to be aimed on the unit

3. You have to press crouch and then attack (not crouch then forward then attack)


I hope it will be useful for you :)

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Katanamaru thanks, it worked with g_saberautoaim 0, and works with enemies laying down now. Can this setting be changed somewhere in menu\options or I have to type it in console?


I am not using the latest patch and I play the original game which I bought about 7 years ago :)

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You may be able to put that command in your config file. I have a key on my keyboard with all my favorite commands bound to it. I use the minus key on my keypad. I think that is listed as MINUS_KP in the config. You can use any key you like though.


My favorite commands are: helpusobi 1 (enable cheats), g_saberautoaim 0, g_saberanimspeed 1.1 (speeds up the swings a little bit), g_speed 200 (to make the running slower).


So my bound command looks like this.

bind MINUS_KP "helpusobi 1; g_saberautoaim 0; g_saberanimspeed 1.1; g_speed 200"

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