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The Legendary Zhuge Liang - XI

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I hope that you will enjoy the story. :D)


The Legendary Zhuge Liang - XI:




In a countryside inn in Hunghao, a few miles away from Wuchang


Chan has been following in secret Liu Bei for almost a week. His mission is to protect the Warlord and Han loyalist from Zhou Yu's attacks. After walking for quite a few hours, Chan decides to take a rest in a local countryside inn located in the small village of Hunghao. He enters the inn, sits in a wooden table and orders some wine and a soup. As he drinks his wine, a young man dressed in a blue silk robe, showing that he is very rich, enters the inn along with six men, all muscular and most likely the young man's bodyguards. The young man sits on a table, along with his men, and then shouts at the innkeeper "You idiot, come serve me quickly!"


"Yes, Master Kwonk." the innkeeper, who is a fat old man, replies. "Daughter!" he then shouts. "Serve the Master."


A young and very beautiful woman comes a few minutes later and serves the men with some wine. As she is ready to leave, in order to serve and other costumers, Kwonk grabs her hand and says "Pretty face, why do you not sit here with us and enjoy some wine?"


"I have to serve the costumers, young Master." She, calmly despite her anger, replies.


"Are you saying that the other costumers are more important than me?"




"Then sit with me!"


"I.....can't. I am engaged."


"Who gives a damn about that?!" Kwonk, furious that the woman refuses to sit with him, shouts.


"I...I cannot sit with you."


Kwonk has had enough. As the woman is ready to leave, he givers her a slapping and grabs her. Chan, while at first not caring and not wanting to stir up trouble, decides to intervene.


"Let the lady go!" Chan shouts.


Kwonk pushes away the woman, comes towards Chan, along with his men, and says "Who are you to meddle with my business?"


"I am Chan."


"So, Chan, you seem to not know that my father is the famous Yaung, the richest landlord in the area and a famous martial artist."


"Who gives a damn about that?"


Kwonk is furious that someone has insulted his father and so he orders his men to surround and attack Chan. Chan grabs his table and breaks it on the head of the first attacker, causing him to collapse on the ground. The second man tries to hit Chan with his right fist, but Chan dodges the attack and then uses the "Wai" of the "Ku Wai Zheng Fung technique". He grabs the man's head from the hair and hits it hard on his left knee, causing the man's face to start bleeding. He then kicks him thrice on the stomach, killing him. The third man pulls out a knife and slashes Chan's chest, but Chan quickly kicks the man's head, causing him to let his knife fall on the ground. Chan grabs the knife and stabs the man's stomach, killing him, and then throws the knife on the fourth man's head, also killing him. The two remaining men pull out their long swords and charge together at Chan, but he pulls out his two butterfly swords and dismembers the two men. Kwonk, seeing that Chan is highly skilled, runs away. The young woman approaches Chan and thanks him.


"Thank you, young Master." she says. "My name is Lihua."


"It is nothing. It's my duty to stop thugs like him."


"But he will not let this go away. He will surely have his father to kill you."


"Let him try!"


As Chan is talking with Lihua, he sees Kuang entering the inn. Chan is very surprised about this. He had not told Kuang about his mission, so what is he doing here? Lihua, seeing Kuang, runs and embraces him. He then tells to Chan "Kuang is my fiance."


"Brother Kuang!" Chan, delighted to see his brother, shouts. "How are you doing?"


"Brother Chan, I did not expect to see you here!" Kuang, also happy, replies.


"So, you know each other?" Lihua asks.


"Of course!" Chan replies. "We are good friends and students of Beggar So!"


"Chan, what are you doing here?" Kuang asks.


"I am on a mission to protect Liu Bei."


"Zhuge Liang gave you that mission, right?"




"Having a friend like him is both good and bad. Good because of how admirable he is as a person but bad because you can never live a carefree life."


"He is my friend. I got to help him. Not to say that Liu Bei has treated me very kindly. By the way, some thugs tried to rape your fiancee."


"What?! Who did this?"


"A man named Kwonk. No need to worry. I beat them up."


"I know this man. He dares to act like that because his father, Yaung, is a very rich landlord, a great Kung Fu master and he is also a Southland Magistrate. Yaung is no better than his son in character. He disregards all laws, steals the poor of the little money they have and oppresses them. And Sun Quan, Lord of the Southland, instead of doing something to stop this corrupted man, treats him like a good friend. When some Village Chiefs managed to get Sun Quan to give them an audience and told him about Yaung's crimes, not only he did nothing to stop his corruption, but he also executed the Village Chiefs and ordered his army to plunder their villages. Hundreds died. What a ruler!"


"It seems that the only ruler deserving praise is Liu Bei. He always puts the people above himself. He never lets the strong oppress the poor. He is a just ruler."


"Indeed. That is why you must protect him from Zhou Yu."


"By the way, do you mind if I stay here tonight?"


"Of course not! Stay here so we can chat until dawn while drinking wine!"


The next morning


Indeed, Chan and Kuang chat and drink wine all night. They have a quite great time. But the next morning is not so good for them. A Southland official, accompanied by twenty soldiers, enters the inn. The innkeeper greets them, but the official pushes him away and approaches Chan and Kuang.


"You!" the official shouts while pointing with his finger at Chan and Kuang. "You are arrested!"


"For what?!" Kuang, furious, asks.


"For murder!"


"I will have no problem being arrested if you also arrest Yaung, who has murdered hundreds of people, and and his son, Kwonk, who has raped tens of women."


"How dare you?!"


The official orders his men to charge at the two heroes, but Chan pulls out his two butterfly swords and Kung his bamboo stick and they attack the soldiers. One after the other, the soldiers are killed with ease. Soon, three villagers, who were drinking some wine in the inn, grab their tables and attack with them the soldiers. A few seconds later, two beggars and other five villagers, who had heard of the fight, enter the inn and attack the soldiers, shouting "End the oppression!!!"


A simple fight had sparked a village revolt against Yaung and his thugs. Soon, all the soldiers are massacred and the villagers cut off their heads and impale them on bamboo sticks. They then run all over the village, showing the impaled heads and shouting "End the oppression! Rise up in revolt!"


A few minutes later, office of Magistrate Yaung


Magistrate Yaung is in his office and is waiting for the Southland official and his soldiers to bring to him the men that dared to resist him. Suddenly, a soldier rushes into the room, bows before Yaung and shouts "Sir, there is a revolt!"


"What?!" Yaung asks.


"The villagers, taking courage and inspiration from the resistance of those two bastards, have risen up in revolt and call for Lord Sun Quan to imprison you and restore justice."


"Send the troops!"


"Sir, we have only 30 soldiers."


"Then, also send my bodyguards. I have more than fifty bodyguards, all Kung Fu experts, ready for action."


"I will follow your orders, sir."


An hour later


As the hundreds of villagers protest outside the office of Magistrate Yaung, the thirty soldiers and fifty bodyguards arrive. All armed with swords, they charge at the villagers and massacre tens of them. Soon, an all out battle erupts. Meanwhile, Sun Quan, who had been informed of the trouble because Hunghao is only a few miles away from Wuchang, send a cavalry force of 200 men to end the revolt. As the fighting in the village had reached a stalemate, the cavalry entered the village, charged at the protestors and massacred all of them. At the end of the fight, more than 900 villagers, many of them women and elderly people, had been killed while only 10 soldiers and 7 bodyguards had been killed. While the battle was going on, Kuang and Chan were in the inn. While they sympathized with the villagers, they knew that an open revolt was not going to succeed. As they discuss what to do, an old villager, who is bleeding, enters the inn and approaches them.


"They......they.....they massacred everyone." the man says. "Please......help.....help...help us Masters!"


The man then dies. Seeing this, Chan is outraged. Although he had expected that the revolt would be cracked down, he never thought that Yaung would massacre so many people.


"That's enough!" Chan shouts. "I am going to give this bastard Yaung a lesson!"


"I will come with you!" Kuang says. "We must take revenge for all those who died!"


A few hours later, residency of Magistrate Yaung


Chan and Kuang come to the residency of Magistrate Yaung. When they approach the entrance, three bodyguards stop them. One of them says "No one is allowed here!"


Instead of replying, Chan kicks him twice on the head, breaking it and killing the man. The second man charges but Kuang uses the "Fung" of the "Ku Wai Zheng Fung technique". He kicks the man with a very powerful back kick on the chest, causing him to spit blood and collapse on the ground. Chan then uses "Zheng" of the "Ku Wai Zheng Fung technique" on the third man. He punches his fists thirty times on the man's face, killing him. Chan and Kuang then rush inside the residency. There, five soldiers charge at them, all armed with swords. Three attack Chan and two Kuang.


The first soldiers tries to cut off Chan's head, but he dodges the sword and then punches his right fist on the man's throat, killing him. The other two soldiers also try to kill Chan with their swords, but he jumps on the air when they charge at him, causing them to fall on the ground. When Chan lands back on the ground, he grabs the two men from their hair and collides their heads, breaking them.


Meanwhile, Kuang kills the first soldiers with a very powerful kick on his stomach and causes the second to lose his consciousness by kicking him very hard on his genetic organs, breaking them. The two heroes then head towards the office of Yaung, but they are attacked by ten bodyguards. Five attack Chan and five Kuang. The two heroes make short work of those men and kill them with ease. They then charge into the office of Yaung.


Yaung, who is sitting on his wooden office, says "I've waited for you."


"Cut the crap!" Chan shouts.


Yaung jumps on the air and kicks Chan's face with a very powerful flying kick, breaking his nose and causing him to fall on the ground. Yaung then kicks with a back kick Kuang's genetic organs, causing him to also fall on the ground. The two men quickly get up, only to fall again on the ground when Yaung punches his right elbow onto Chan's face and kicks Kuang's stomach. The two men, with great difficulty, rise up once again.


"I will grab him and you kill him!" Kuang shouts. He then charges at Yaung and tries to grab him, but Yaung jumps on the air and kicks Kuang's back with a very strong back kick. Chan tries to punch his fist on Yaung's stomach, but he dodges it and then kicks Chan's face with his left knee. He then punches his right palm on Chan's chest, pushing him back and causing him to vomit huge amounts of blood.


"Do you like my 'Iron Palm' ?" Yaung asks while laughing.


Chan pulls out his two swords and tries to stab Yaung, but they cannot penetrate Yaung's body.


"How is that possible?!" Chan shouts.


"Hahaha! I have trained in "Iron Armor" and no weapons can harm me." Yaung, laughing, answers.


Kuang charges again at Yaung, while he laughs, and grabs him. Yaung punches again and again his right elbow on Kuang's head, but not only he does not stop holding him, but he also bites him with all his strength. Chan finds the chance to dig out Yaung's eyes with his "Two Deadly Fingers" technique. Yaung, shouting in pain, hits very hard Kuang's head with his elbow, causing Kuang to fall on the ground. But Chan quickly kicks Yaung's throat, killing him. Badly injured, the two heroes leave the residence. They have managed to kill the corrupt Magistrate and take revenge for all the people who were killed.

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