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Poetic Collection


I have written some poetry in Greek, and I have decided to translate it in English and post it here for anyone interested. I am not very experienced in writing poetry, but I hope that you will enjoy my poems. :) The first poem I am posting is "I Salute the Heroes". It is a poem that is an hymn to the heroism and self-sacrifice of those who fight against all odds to protect their nation.


I Salute the Heroes


I salute the dead heroes of the nation,

I salute the heroes that died on the battlefield,

I salute those who died defending the motherland,

I salute those who died defending liberty,

I salute those who died defending our independence!


Many minutes and many hours,

Many days and many nights,

Many weeks and many years,

have passed since the war.

But the glory of the dead heroes,

immortal remains.


Those heroes had flames in their eyes,

those heroes had iron will in their heart,

those heroes had determination,

those heroes were fighting like lions,

those were real heroes.


On the dirty and bloody battlefields,

they fought.

They fought in spring.

They fought when life was being born.

They fought when flowers blossomed.

They fought when the country was all Green.

Green with the tall trees and beautiful flowers.

They fought when the country was all Yellow.

Yellow with the hot sun and the clear blue sky.

The nature was giving birth to life,

and the man was giving death.


They charged at the enemy positions,

they charged at the enemy fortifications,

they charged like wild tigers,

they charged like wild eagles,

they charged caring little for their earthly existence.

They charged for life without freedom is hell,

while death for freedom is honorable and heroic.


Artillery and bombs,

they braved.

The enemy fortifications,

they conquered.

The enemies,

they massacred

But a battle lost,

were they fighting.


The numbers were against them.

The enemies were many.

They were few.

The enemies had firepower.

They had bravery and courage.

The enemies were dressed luxuriously.

They were dressed with rags.


But they still fought.

They still fought a lost battle.

Their will,

their patriotism,

their heroism,

did not allow them to see that they were fighting a lost battle.


They lost.

They died on the dirty and bloody battlefield.

Their bodies were dismembered.

Their bodies were decayed.

Their bodies were lost.

Their names were forgotten.

But they gained immortality!

For they were real heroes,

and that's why I salute to them!!

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