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The Legendary Zhuge Liang - XVI

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I hope that you will enjoy the story. :D)


The Legendary Zhuge Liang - XVI:




Chongyang Temple, headquarters of the Great Tao Sect


Yao Jing and Liao Xiang, the two students of Abbot Fong Yuen, train their swordplay in a small hill just outside the Chongyang Temple. The hill is green with grass. The air is cool, too. The clouds cover the sun in the sky, even thought it is midday. Fong Yuen, after the failure of his students in assassinating Zhuge Liang, had them to train hard. While Xiang has not improved much, Jing has immensely improved his martial arts. However, Jing has not choice but to be Xiang's puppet, since if he refuses to obey him, Xiang will tell Fong Yuen about the night Jing had spend with a prostitute.


Both Jing and Xiang move their swords with speed and great prowess. Especially Jing who has mastered his teacher's 'Tao Swordplay' and is able to combine slowness with speed and softness with prowess. He has also been able to transfer his internal energy to the sword, making it far more powerful. Jing has even improved his Qinggong skill, allowing him to move swiftly and lightly at almost superhuman speed, and perform deeds like scaling high walls and mounting trees. As the two men train, a young Taoist Priest approaches them and shouts "Abbot Fong Yuen wants to see you!"


Abbot Fong Yuen's room


Jing and Xiang quickly come to their teacher's room. When they enter, they bow before their teacher and say, with one voice, "We are here, Teacher!"


"My students, rise!" Fong Yuen orders and his students get up. "You know of Wao, Governor of Wuchang, right?"


"Yes, teacher." Xiang replies. "He is very famous in the pugilist world, thanks to his good deeds and wise governance."


"That's right!" Fong Yuen says. "However, he has been murdered."


"By who?!" Jing, surprised, asks.


"By Chan and Kuang!" Fong Yuen shouts. "Those two were the ones who prevented me from killing Zhuge Liang. But, now, I have a chance to kill them off. If they are killed, then Zhuge Liang will have no one to protect him from me! I have learned that this assassination has caused much anger in the pugilist world and that the Three Holy Abbots have come out of their seclusion in order to restore justice. This is the right time to organize a pugilist campaign. Jing and Xiang, go to all righteous pugilist sects and call them to join the Great Tao Sect with 50 students each and help us campaign against those two bastards! If all other 11 Righteous Sects agree to join us, we shall have more than 600 men to campaign against Chan and Kuang. Once we have killed those two, we can then frame Zhuge Liang as being the mastermind behind the murder, thus leading all those men against him and killing him!"


"Teacher, are you going to lead the campaign by yourself?" Xiang asks.


"No." Fong Yuen answers. "You will represent me and lead the Great Tao students. Jing will be the one who will deal with the other Sect leaders in my name. I will stay here."


Mao's Inn, Wuchang, Capital of the Southland


Wong is walking upstairs to meet a representative of Lord Bao. The man is staying the twelfth room of Mao's inn, which is upstairs. Lord Bao and Wong were ingenious in their plan of assassinating Governor Wao. Wong had been sent to work for Wao for more than five years, in order to gain his trust. He then found the right victims to frame, called them in Wao's office, murdered Wao and then framed the murder to Chan and Kuang. Now that Governor Wao is dead, a new Governor is needed for Wuchang. And that Governor will most likely be Lord Bao. As Wong is walking upstairs, he has not noticed that three people, all dressed in black robes and with conical bamboo hats hiding their face, follow him. Those three people are Chan, Kuang and Yang. They spy on Wong, so as to find out why he framed them. When Wong enters the twelfth room, the three heroes come close to the window and hear what Wong and Bao's representative are saying. The man Bao had send to meet Wong is relative young and slim.


"Master Wong!" the man, smiling and laughing, says. "How are you doing?"


"I am alright. How is Lord Bao?"


"He is very pleased with your success in murdering Wao and then framing those two idiots. Now that Wao is dead, my Lord will surely replace him as Governor."




"Master Wong, my Lord is a very good friend with Grand Commander Zhou Yu. In fact, before asking you to murder Wao, my Lord had consulted Zhou Yu. So, my Lord will ask his friend to give you a high position in the military."


"Very good! When shall I meet Lord Bao?"


"In a week's time, in this room."


Meanwhile Yang, hearing this conversation, realizes that Chan had not lied to him. He is ready to rush inside the room, but Chan stops him.


"Yang!" Chan whispers. "If we rush inside the room, we may be able to defeat them, but we will have no evidence."


"That's right." Kuang agrees. "We must bring the son of Wao, Wuji, to this room when Wong meets with Bao. That way, he will learn the truth and restore our good name."


So, the three men leave the inn.


Chongyang Temple, headquarters of the Great Tao Sect


A Taoist Priest in his mid 30's with short black hair, blue eyes, a handsome face and a muscular body, enters Abbot Fong Yuen's room. He bows before him.


"Anchang!" Fong Yuen says, referring to the Priest. "Did you bring me any news?"


"Yes, teacher. All other 11 Righteous Sects have agreed to join our campaign. We now have over 600 men. The Sect Leaders of the Righteous Sects have agreed to appoint Kang, the eldest of the Three Kung Fu Emperors, and Jing, your representative, as leaders of the Campaign."


"Good! All Righteous Sects have joined forces against those two bastards. Great Tao Sect, Buddhist Society Sect, Kongjiing Fist Sect, Invincible Kick Sect, Taijoi Fist Sect, Kung Lang Sect, Snake Sect, Crane Sect, Tiger Sect, Mantis Sect, Nine Swords Sect and Palm of Death Sect have all joined forces against Chan and Kuang! This time, we shall crush them for sure! And then, no one can save Zhuge Liang!"


Four days late, outside Wuchang, on a dirt road


Chan, Kuang and Yang walk on a dirt road outside Wuchang. They are searching for Wuji, son of the Governor Wao. They've heard rumors that he has gone to the Buddhist Society Sect, so they travel there, with the hope of being able to bring Wuji to Mao's inn during Wong's meeting with Lord Bao. As they walk, Kuang asks "Where is the next village? I really need to rest in an inn."


"We do not have the time for this!" Yang replies. "We must move fast to meet Wuji before he leaves the Buddhist Society Sect! Not to say that even if we wanted to rest, the closest village is one and a half day walk away."


"I feel a bit strange." Chan says. "Why are we the only ones using this road? In those past three days, I have seen no people at all."


Suddenly, the three men hear the sound of many men marching. It seems like hundreds of men are coming towards them.


"It seems that we will have company!" Yang laughs.


"Shall we run?" Kuang asks.


"No!" Chan replies. "They are not going to recognize us, anyway. And if we run away, it will look suspicious."


A few seconds late, they see hundreds of men marching on the dirt road, with a lot of them carrying Banners of the Righteous Sects, with many of them having written upon them with black letters "Campaign against the unorthodox heretics who killed Governor Wao!"


"This is bad!" Chan whispers. "We shall not survive this time."


Suddenly, a middle-aged man with long grey hair and wearing a brown robe, jumps in front of the three heroes and with a swift move with his fists managed to take off all three conical hats, revealing the men's face.


"I am Heshan, Sect Leader of the Taijoi Fist Sect!" the man introduces himself. "I found suspicious that you hide your face, and I was right. You are the ones who murdered Governor Wao!"


Hearing this, the more than 600 students of the Righteous Sects form a circle and surround the three men. Jing and Kang, the leaders of the Coalition, approach the three heroes.


"Buddha bless you." Kang says. "We are here to restore justice for your murder of Governor Wao."


"But we did not murder him!" Chan protests.


"Do not deny it, scums!" Jing shouts.


"You may be terrible persons, but we of the Righteous Sects cannot be seen as bullying you and winning through sheer numbers, for this would lower the level of the Righteous Sects to that of the Unorthodox Heretical Sects." Kang replies. "So, each Sect will send fighters to fight you on one against one Kung Fu duel."


"I will go first against those bastards!" Heshan shouts.


"I will face you." Chan replies.


So, the first duel begins. Heshan runs with almost superhuman speed against Chan and is ready to punch his right fist on Chan's chest, but Chan dodges it on the last second. If he had not dodged it, he might have been killed, because the Taijoi Fist Heshan uses is very powerful. Chan tries to kick Heshan, but he kicks Chan's genetic organs and then punches his left fist on Chan's stomach, using the Taijoi Fist. Chan is pushed back and vomits huge amounts of blood.


"Hahahahahaha! That was easy!" Heshan laughs.


Chan, after huge effort, manages to get up. He remembers the words of his teacher, Beggar So, and recites lines from Ancient Martial Arts Manuals. Thus, he is able to gather all his internal strength in his fists. Heshan runs towards him, but Chan attacks him with his right fist. Heshan uses his left hand to block Chan's fist, but the fist, thanks to the profound and immense internal energy of Chan, breaks Heshan's hand, passes through Heshan's defense and hits him on the face. Heshan's nose is broken and his face is red with blood. Although Chan could finish him off, he does not want to do this, since this would make the hate of the Righteous Sects against him even stronger. Heshan is helped by three students of the Taijoi Fist Sect to get up and approaches Chan.


"Young man, you were able to defeat me!" Heshan, with tears in his eyes, says. "How am I going to face the world?"


Heshan pulls out a knife and is ready to kill himself, but Chan quickly blocks Heshan's dagger and takes it away from his hands.


"Master Heshan!" Chan shouts. "I was able to defeat you only because you showed constraint. You should not take it to heart. I should thank you for showing me mercy."


"Young Master Chan, you are both skilled in Kung Fu and have a good heart. The Taijoi Fist Sect shall withdraw from the coalition. I hope that we can meet again."


So, Heshan takes away his 50 students and leaves. Suddenly, a young man in his mid 20's, wearing a blue silk robe, jumps in front of Chan and says "I am Ruchang, Sect Leader of the Nine Swords Sect. I challenge you, you heretical scums!"


Yang approaches the man and says "I, 'Knife' Yang, shall face you!"


Good!" Ruchang shouts and pulls out two long Swords. Yang pulls out knifes from his sleeves and throws them at Ruchang who, with great speed and skill, deflects them with his swords. Yang then pulls out six knifes, three knifes in each of his hands, and charges at Ruchang. Ruchang is able to defend against Yang's knifes and goes on the offensive. He slices Yang's stomach and chest with his swords. As he is ready to behead Yang, Yang jumps on the air, lands behind Ruchang and kicks him on the back. Ruchang quickly counterattacks, but Yang dodges his attacks.


"Now, you shall see the power of the Nine Swords!!" Ruchang shouts. He pulls out seven more long swords, holding five swords with his right hand and four with his left hand. Few people can actually hold so many swords with their hands, and even fewer can attack with skill using so many swords. Ruchang is one of those few people and so he attacks Yang with his nine swords. Yang tries to defend with his six knifes, but soon Ruchang gains the upper hand. But, as Ruchang attacks, he leaves open the left part of his chest, which Yang exploits by stabbing three knifes on the man's chest. Ruchang, bleeding, lets his swords fall on the ground and Yang, with a powerful flying kick, pushes him back. Ruchang, with great effort, gets up, approaches Yang and says "I am no match for you! You can kill me!"


"Why would I want to kill such a great pugilist like you?" Yang asks. "Your skills are rare and very powerful and you have a chivalrous character. I only won because of pure luck."


"I, Ruchang, admire your skills and your character, so I shall withdraw from the coalition."


So, Ruchang and his 50 students also leave the coalition. Jing and Xiang, who see this, cannot believe how their teacher's plan is failing. They have to defeat those three men or the entire coalition shall collapse. At the same time, an old man, in his late 60's, with long black hair and beard comes towards Kuang.


"I am Yonglian, Sect Leader of the Invincible Kick Sect!" the man says. "I challenge you to a duel!"


"I accept your challenge." Kuang, calmly, replies.


The duel begins by Yonglian attacking Kuang with his kicks. Yonglian and his Sect are famous for their kicks. So, it comes to no surprise that Yonglian's kicks are very fast, elegant, powerful and precise at the same time. Yonglian's kicks twenty times Kuang's chest, before Kuang even has a chance to react. Kuang falls, bleeding and injured, on the ground, but he quickly gets up. Kuang tries to use Wai, that is to grab the man by the hair and punch his head on his right knee, but Yonglian avoid Kuang's attack and kicks him thrice on the head. Kuang spits blood and it seems that he cannot match the man's skills. His only chance of surviving the duel is to find a way to break the man's legs. So, Kuang tries to punch his fists on the man's legs, but Yonglian constantly jumps on the air and thus dodges Kuang's attacks. Kuang then, instead of hitting with his fists the man's legs, surprises him and punches his fists on the man's genetic organs. Yonglian screams in pain and Kuang kicks him twice on the face. Yonglian is bleeding and Kuang finds the chance to break the man's legs. He kicks with a very powerful kick Yonglian's right leg, causing him to fall on the ground and then punches ten times his right elbow on the man's leg, breaking it. Four students of the Invincible Kick Sect help their Master get up.


"Do not think that because you showed me mercy, I shall withdraw!" Yonglian shouts as he is taken away by his students.


Xiang pulls out his sword, approaches Chan and says "In the name of my teacher, the Abbot of the Great Tao Sect, Fong Yuen, I, Xiang, shall face you!"


"Good!" Chan, laughing, shouts. "Let's see if your improved since our last duel!"


Xiang attacks Chan with his sword, but Chan dodges all of his attacks. Chan then takes a medium sized wooden stick that is on the ground and says "I will use this as my weapon, if you do not mind."


Xiang attacks with ever greater hate and prowess Chan, but Chan uses his stick to block Xiang's sword. As they duel, Chan recites lines from Ancient Martial Arts Manuals and transfers his internal energy to the stick, making it far more powerful. So powerful that after a few minutes of dueling, Chan's stick breaks Xiang's sword. Xiang cannot believe. As Xiang is ready to attack him unarmed, Kang, Rong and Jiajing, the Three Kung Fu Emperors, stop him.


"Buddha bless you." Kang says. "Brother Xiang, allow us three to deal with those men."


"Alright, Abbots." Xiang replies and leaves.


I, Abbot Kang, shall face you, Young Master Chan." Kang, calmly, says. "My brother, Abbot Rong, shall face Young Master Yang and my other brother, Jiajing, shall face Young Master Kuang."


"Alright." Chan replies.


And so, the duel that will decide the fate of the pugilist campaign begins. Kang gathers all of his immense internal energy and shouts "Red Tiger Fists!". Suddenly, four red Tigers come out of Kang's palms and explode near Chan, causing him to fall back with serious injuries and bleeding. Abbot Kang is the only known pugilist to have reached such a high level of internal energy skills that he can perform superhuman deeds. He used his internal energy to create those Tigers.


At the same time, Yang throws knifes from his sleeves at Rong, but he stops them while on the air, thanks to his immense internal strength, and throws them back at Yang, who is barely able to avoid them. Meanwhile, Kuang tries to kick Jiajing, but the Abbot transfers his internal energy to his palms and then punches his right palm on Kuang's chest, sending him flying on Chan, who is ready, after great effort, to get up. Kuang falls upon Chan and so the two men are on the ground. They try to get up, but Rong, with superhuman speed and without Yang even noticing it, grabs Yang and throws him upon them.


"Those.....those....guys....are...are..really Kung Fu Emperors." Chan tries to say. "They deserve their title!"


As the Three Abbot approach them, suddenly and almost out of nowhere, a woman jumps into the circle formed by the Righteous Sects and lands in from on the Abbots. The woman is young, 18 years old, and very, very beautiful, with long black hair, a soft skin and a handsome face that tempts even holy men. She has green eyes and when she looks at you, you are almost blinded by her beauty. She wears an ethereal white cloak.


"No one is going to harm them." the woman, with a soft voice, says. "You all think that you are good and have taken the title of 'Righteous Sects' , but many of you commit atrocities far worse than those that you call 'heretical' and 'unorthodox'."


"Buddha bless you!" Kang replies. "Please, get out of our way."


"What if I do not?"


"Then, we will have to offend you!"


Kang uses again his 'Red Tiger Fists'. Four red Tigers come out of his palms and run towards the woman, but she shouts "Yellow Crane Fists!" and four yellow Cranes come out of her palms. The Tigers and Cranes collide and explode. Kang, and all other pugilists, are left stunned. Up until that moment, the only known person to be able to perform such superhuman deeds through the use of internal energy was Kang. But now a mysterious woman is able to use her internal energy in a way that matches and equals that of the greatest Chinese Kung Fu Master, Abbot Kang. The Three Holy Abbots retreat, but Jing leads twenty Taoists Priests against the woman and orders "Men, use the 'Flying Swords' technique!"


Indeed, the twenty Taoists form a circle and throw their swords, with immense speed, at the woman, but she stops them on the air and then, using her internal strength, throws them back at the Taoists, killing all of them except for Jing who, thanks to his great Qinggong skill, is able to dodge the sword that was thrown against him. Seeing this, more than 70 students from the Kung Lang Sect, Snake Sect and Kongjiing Fist Sect charge against her, but she throws with immense speed poison darts against them, killing more than thirty of them. The surviving students, seeing this, decide to retreat instead of risking their lives. Seeing that they cannot defeat the woman, one after the other, the Righteous Sects start retreating. The woman finds the chance to grab Chan, Kuang and Yang and takes them away.

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