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FU3 Story Star Wars The Force unleashed III The Path of the Force

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Im going to create a new story soon on how were Fu2 left off expect alot of detail on a chapter/post basis so you may need to be patient off course you can skip through each chapter to the end if it is to boring I will post each chapter when I can so keeping viewing. P.S if you are a administrator or highier authority please let me finish this before you blocking me you know who you are!!!!! Im not a copyright fraudster.

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A long time ago in a galaxy far far away




The Sith Lord Darth Vader created a clone of his former apprentice Galen Marek the clone escaped Kamino to find the women the former apprentice had feelings for Juno Eclipse angered by the clone's escape the sith lord hired bounty hunter Boba Fett to capture Juno & lure the clone back to Kamino with the rebel fleet in pursuit General Kota & the clone launched a surprise attack on Kamino the clone of Starkiller prevailed in rescuing Juno & capturing his former master, with the sith lord in custody the rebel alliance attempt to transfer him to Dantooine meanwhile on Kamino a hidden evil is still present ready to strike back against the rebel invaders.......

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The clip shows the planet Kamino & the cloning facilities of Timira City Starkiller is seen standing over a knelt Darth Vader General Kota can be heard pleading with Starkiller to spare Vader for killing Juno the clip shows the Dark Apprentice underneath they are all standing on he is seen ready with his lighstaber to attack Boba Fett is seen using a sniper rifle & points it at the back of Starkiller's head ready to shoot at that moment Starkiller is seen deactivating his lighstabers allowing General Kota to take Vader into custody Boba is seen pointing his sniper at Starkiller as he tries to revive Juno when she awakens Boba decides not to shoot them the Dark Apprentice is seen lift his left hand signalling Boba Fett to come to him before climbing down the side of the platform Boba Fett uses his jetpack to fly down towards the clone Boba Fett says:


Boba: We could have taken him & rescued your master.

Dark Apprentice: Patience Boba Fett I have a plan.


The Dark Apprentice & Boba Fett are seen going to a secret lift that takes them to the lower levels of the facility it opens revealing thousands of the clones still in their tanks the Dark Apprentice presses a button on a nearby console at that moment all the tanks begins to release the fluid in them releasing the clones, the clones are seen grabbing their test subject outfits & lighstabers the Dark Apprentice sees a paticular tank holding a zabrak clone like the Dark Apprentice the Dark Apprentice presses a button on a nearby wall which releasing the clone the clone is seen screaming & holding his heads Dark Apprentice grabs his lightsaber saying:


Dark apprentice: Who are you?

Zabrak clone: I am Maulkiller.

Dark Apprentice using mind control says: You will join me in taking back this planet.

Maulkiller: Yes master.

Boba: You are not seriously these clones are unstable.

Dark Apprentice: Maybe but they will serve the purpose.

Boba: Im returning to Slave I will pick you up once you've cleared the rebel forces up there Im not gonna wait.

Dark Apprentice: I will be there.


Boba Fett is seen leaving the Dark Apprentice who sees Maulkiller taking a double bladed lightsaber Dark Apprentice looks at the thousands of clones standing infront of him Dark Apprentice says:


Dark Apprentice: All of you listen to me we will kill everyone that stands in our way this planet will become ours again.

The clones: Yes master.

Dark Apprentice: Good now follow me.


The Dark Apprentice is seen leading the clones to nearby lifts Dark Apprentice stands aside as the clones enter the lift Dark Apprentice is the last to enter the lift & turns around as the lift doors close, General Kota & a Kaminoan jedi named Nina Tor watching the rogue shadow standing near the rogue shadow as it is about to leave Kota says:


Kota: Well Nina I must go are you sure this rebel squad I have left you with can hold this facility.

Nina: Yes General Kota go, may the force be with you.

Kota: And you Nina.


Nina is seen watching General Kota entering a nearby rebel ship she watches as both Kota's ship & the rogue shadow leave Kamino Nina is seen returning to the command center a rebel officer named Major Brit Givkik approaches her saying:


Brit: Master Tor should would check the lower levels of these facilities.

Nina: No there is nothing but failed experiments of the sith lord down there we have captured we are secure up here there is nothing down there. Return to your post Major.

Brit: Very well.


Major Brit Givkik is seen returning to the security center watching the monitors The Dark Apprentice eyes are seen closed as uses mind control to kill rebel soldiers on every level while he is in the lift with the other clones one of the rebel soldiers manages to escape & contacts Brit Givkik saying:


Rebel:Major Givkik do you read me?

Brit: Calm down soldier what is it?

Rebel: My men our dead something is coming up.

Brit: What is it?

At that moment the Dark Apprentice exits the lift on the level that the rebel is on the Dark Apprentice spots the rebel & holds him in a force choke Brit says:


Brit: Who is this?

Dark Apprentice: Your worst nightmare Major.

At that moment Dark Apprentice kills the rebel with force choke as Major Givkik listens before crushing the communicator with his foot Dark Apprentice enters the lift again the clip moves to Major Givkik sounding the alarm Nina Tor hears the alarm & leaves the command center she is seen running towards the security center she sees Major Brit Givkik saying:


Nina: Major Givkik what are you doing?

Brit: Master Tor something is coming I heard it our men on the lower levels our dead.

Nina using the force senses a dark presence coming saying:

Nina: I will command the men around the main enterance you will command the men in the upper levels.

Brit: Should we notify General Kota about this.

Nina: No I have a squad that will stop whatever this. Go Major now!!!


Nina Tor is seen grabbing her lightsaber from her waist before leaving Major Britt Givkik she heads to the main enterance with the men under her command Major Givkik is seen positioning men on the upper levels they are seen pointing the blasters at the main enterance waiting Nina Tor is seen standing behind her men with her lightsaber ready the lifts carrying the clones reaching the top of the facility the Dark Apprentice & Maulkiller are the first to exit the lift followed by thousands clones exiting the other lifts the Dark Apprentice is seen staring at the main door Maullkiller says:


Maulkiller: What is the plan?

Dark Apprentice: I will lead the attack I sense resistance on every level also there is a jedi amongst them we will take her down together.

Maulkiller: Very well


The Dark Apprentice is seen approaching the main doors he uses the force to pull the doors back the rebels notices & get ready to fire Nina looks into the dark room seeing nothing then she sees the Dark Apprentice approaching Nina says:


Nina: It's only one clone.

Dark Apprentice: Wrong jedi scum.

At that moment thousands of red lightsabers activate behind him including Maulkiller who activates his double bladed lightsaber Dark Apprentice says:

Dark Apprentice: Kill them all.

Nina: Open fire.


The Dark Apprentice's clones is seen charging towards the rebel soldiers as they fire back killing several clones before being killed themselves the Dark Apprentice & Maulkiller charge forward killing several rebel soldiers with force lightning Maulkiller goes after Nina while Dark Apprentice spots Major Givkik Dark Apprentice climbs up a ledge & goes after the Major Major Givkik grabs two stun batons Dark Apprentice says:


Dark Apprentice: We finally meet Major.

Brit: You will pay for what you did to m y men down there.


Dark Apprentice vs Major Givkik


Brit swings his stun batons several times at the Dark Apprentice who does not activated his lightsaber the Dark Apprentice easily avoids the stun attempts & grabs the Major's left arm he kicks the Major several times in the chest before throwing Brit across the room the Major is sent flying into a nearby window he crashes through it & grabs onto a ledge dropping one of his stun batons the Dark Apprentice picks it up using the force & exchanges strikes with the Major they clash batons Major Givkik knees the Dark Apprentice in the chest followed by punch to the face the Major attempts another punch but the Dark Apprentice counters by stunning the Major in the chest then steps back the Dark Apprentice activates his lightsaber tossing the stun baton back to the Major who picks it up they exchanges high & low strikes Major Givkik swing his right baton but the Dark Apprentice avoids it by spinning around performing a shiak stab move through the Major's chest fatally wounding him the Major falls back dying Major Givkik says:


Brit: Master Tor will defeat you.

Dark Apprentice: We shall see.

Dark Apprentice kills the Major by cutting off his head the Major's head lands near Nina as she fights Maulkiller she sees Major Givkik's head in anger she avoids one of Maulkiller's strikes & stabs him in the chest fatally wounding him Maulkiller falls back looking up at the Dark Apprentice who jumps down the clones are seen killing the last of the rebel soldiers they surround Nina Tor Dark Apprentice says:

Dark Apprentice: Back away she is mine.

The clones obey.

Nina looking at the Dark Apprentice's face saying:

Nina: You look familiar

Dark Apprentice: Yes a clone of me helped you take over this planet & captured my master we are claiming it back where is my master being taken?

Nina: I will not tell you.

Dark Apprentice: Yes you will & then you will die.


Lightsaber duel Dark Apprentice vs Nina Tor


Nina is seen dashing forward & swings her lightsaber Dark Apprentice clashes blades with her before using force push to driver her back Dark Apprentice attempts force lightning but Nina easily rolls out of the way Dark Apprentice throws his lightsaber at Nina but she avoids it also grabbing his lighstaber as she is getting up Dark Apprentice dashes forward force gripping Maulkiller's double lightsaber he forces Nina back before leaping over her kicking her in the face Dark Apprentice exchanges further sabre strikes with Nina she swings her left lightsaber Dark Apprentice avoids it striking her in her side Nina drops the Dark Apprentice's lightsaber Dark Apprentice force grips away from her & begins spinning around the double bladed lightsaber Nina steps back Dark apprentice throws his lightsaber at Nina who blocks it with her guard Dark Apprentice sees the opening & uses force lightning to strike Nina in the chest Nina falls back in pain Dark Apprentice force pushes her towards one of the landing platform as the clones watch Dark Apprentice says:


Dark Apprentice: Where are they taking my master? I will spare you.

Nina: I will die first.

Nina dashes forward & attempts a final swing of her lightsaber Dark Apprentice avoids it by ducking her blade & stabbing her in the heart with the right blade of his double bladed lightsaber killing her Dark Apprentice says:

Dark Apprentice: I suppose you will.


The clip shows Nina's body falling over the side of the landing platform & falls into the ocean the Dark Apprentice is seen going to Maulkiller who says:


Maulkiller: Im dying master.

Dark Apprentice: You fought well.

Maulkiller: Take my lightsaber along with your own go rescue your master may the darkside protect you.

Maulkiller dies with his eyes open.

At that moment the Slave I arrives & lands near the Dark Apprentice as he closes Maulkiller's eyes & places his double lightsaber in his right hand. Boba Fett is seen exiting the Slave I saying:


Boba: Come on we have to get in position before that rebel ship reaches lightspeed.

Dark Apprentice: Lets go.

As the Dark Apprentice is about to leave one of the clones approaches him saying:


Clone: What do we do now master?

Dark Apprentice: You will remain here & guard these facilities. Farewell my brothers.


The clone are seen raising their lightsabers in salut to the Dark Apprentice as he leaves in Slave I the clip shows Slave I leaving the planet Kamino the Dark Apprentice says:


Dark Apprentice: Stop here open the back door.

Boba: What are you doing?

Dark Apprentice: The clones have served the purpose now to give them there reward.

The Dark Apprentice is seen leaving the cockpit of the Slave I & heads to the exit door the Dark Apprentice puts out his left hand & force grips a large chunks of star destroyer debris & force pushes them towards the cloning facilities on Timiria City the clones see the debris heading towards them & try to flee except for the clone who spoke to the Dark Apprentice earlier the clone drops to his knees dropping his lightsaber the debris lands in the ocean causing a huge tidal wave that covers the entire cloning facilities killing all the clones the facilities sinks into the ocean the Dark Apprentice sees the aftermath of his actions before returning to the cockpit Boba Fett says:


Boba: So that was there reward?

Dark Apprentice: Yes like I said they served there purpose.

At that moment the rogue shadow is seen leaving the planet Kamino the Slave I is seen hiding behind another chunk of debris the Dark Apprentice & Boba Fett watch as all the rebel ship heading via lightspeed in different directions Boba says:


Boba: Which rebel ship do you think your master is on?

the Dark Apprentice closes his eyes using the force he senses Vader's presence on the rogue shadow Dark Apprentice says:

Dark Apprentice: Wait for the last ship to enter lightspeed.

Boba sees the rogue shadow saying:

Boba: Prepare for lightspeed.


The rogue shadow is seen entering lightspeed & the Slave I following it. The clip moves back to Kamino amongst the debris of Timira City a hand is seen appearing out of the sea it force grips a nearby piece of a tie fighter wing the being is seen climbing on to the wing he is revealed to be Maulkiller who's wound as a result of his duel with Nina Tor was not fatal a dying clonse is seen using force heal to hea the would before saying:


Clone: Avenge us.

Maulkiller: I will.


Maukiller is seen looking up at the sky saying:


Maulkiller: You killed our my brothers I will find you & I will have my revenge.

Maulkiller is seen swimming towards the Tipoca cloning facility before entering a nearby tie interceptor he is seen leaving the planet Kamino to a unknown destination Nina is seen arriving on the shore of Razoral reefs she is seen with a shoulder wound that just missed her heart she sees Maullkiller's tie interceptor leaving Tipoca City Nina looks back at the ocean she sees the head of a creature with yellow eyes staring at her from the surface before it sinks beneath the waves again Nina is seen approaching the ocean before the ground around her starts shaking a loud roar can be heard before Nina is seen fleeing into the ruins of Derem City carrying her lightsaber.


End chapter.

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The clip shows the rogue shadow flying through lightspeed Starkiller & Juno are seen sitting in the cockpit while Proxy is monitoring the sensor array Starkiller's eyes are seen blinking faintly Starkiller is seen leaning forward holding his heart Starkiller is seen having visions of what happened back on Kamino especially Nina Tor's ''death'' the last vision he sees is a hooded figure of the Dark Apprentice Juno looks at Starkiller saying:


Juno: Starkiller what is it?

Starkiller: It's nothing Juno Im fi...

At that moment Starkiller collapses onto the floor shaking his eyes begin turning red then yellow Juno says:

Juno: Proxy whats wrong with him?

Proxy goes to Starkiller scanning him saying:

Proxy: Captain Eclipse master's vitals are normal...

Starkiller: Kamino, something happen on Kamino.

Starkiller is seen using the force to heal himself Starkiller says:

Starkiller: Something is coming.

Juno: What?

Starkiller: I must speak to Vader now.

Juno: He wont tell you anything.

Starkiller: Oh he will.


Starkiller is seen leaving the cockpit of the rogue shadow & heads to Vader's holding chamber as Starkiller enters Vader's holding chamber Darth Vader says:


Vader: I sensed what you sensed I told you I would always control you.

Starkiller: Who is it? Tell me!!!!

Vader: Someone you will remember.

Proxy & Juno hear a alarm Proxy says:

Proxy: Captain Eclipse a unknown ship is following us through lightspeed.

Juno: Oh no the empire has found us.

At that moment the Slave I is seen catching up with the rogue shadow as they fly through lightspeed Boba Fett is seen pressing a few buttons before firing the Slave I's borstel twin blaster cannons at the rogue shadow the shots damage the left engine forcing the rogue shadow out of lightspeed the explosion sends Starkiller flying across the room Juno is seen trying to control the rogue shadow while Proxy goes to Starkiller the Dark Apprentice is seen heading to back of the Slave I Boba Fett follows him the Dark Apprentice says:


Dark Apprentice: Ok they are not going anywhere lets make this quick.

Boba: Fine you deal with the jedi & the women while I rescue your master I still have to collect that bounty for that earlier mission. Here put on this flight suit.

Dark Apprentice: Why?

Boba: Because we are going ship to ship & I doubt you will survive in open space with just those force powers of yours.

At that moment Boba Fett fires a grapple spike launcher it hits the right side of the rogue shadow Proxy hears the spike hit the ship & sees Starkiller waking up Boba Fett is seen grabbing on to the cable handle & glides along the cable the Dark Apprentice is seen following the bounty hunter as they head across to the rogue shadow Proxy says:


Proxy: Master, master get up.

Starkiller: Proxy what happened?

Proxy: We are under attack.

Vader: Just surrender my former apprentice.

Starkiller: Shut up Im going to make sure you get to Dantooine.

At that moment Boba Fett plants a charge on the side of the rogue shadow & it explodes Starkiller & Proxy see a dark figure enter along with Boba Fett as the dark figure gets closer Starkiller sees his face saying:


Starkiller: You?

Dark Apprentice: Yes me you should killed my master back on Kamino when you had the chance.

Starkiller: You would not have allowed that to happen I sensed you dark presence at that moment who are you?

Dark Apprentice: I am my master's apprentice you were cloned from me I was able to reject my memories I once had but you still cling on to the past & Juno. Im here to rescue my master I will make your death quick.

Starkiller: I would like to see you try.

The Dark Apprentice says:

Dark Apprentice: Boba Fett you rescue my master I will deal with these two.

Boba: Got it.


Lightsaber duel Starkiller & Proxy vs The Dark Apprentice.


Dark Apprentice dashes forward & kick Proxy away just as he transforms into a module of General Kota Dark Apprentice pulls his second lightsaber & clashes blades with Proxy & Starkiller, Starkiller uses his left blade to clash with Dark Apprentice's guard both Proxy & Starkiller lean their blades the Dark Apprentice drops to one knee before performing force repulse sending both Starkiller & proxy back Juno hears whats going on & leaves the cockpit to seen whats going on she sees Boba Fett trying to cutt open the holding cell Vader is in Juno pulls out her blaster & fires it at Boba Fett Boba counters by throwing a stun grenade Juno kicks it away just in time it explodes near the Dark Apprentice Starkiller clashes blades with Dark apprentice before kicking him in the side followed by a force push the Dark Apprentice falls back Proxy goes to Boba Fett who sees him coming & shoots his left lighstaber arm cutting off the hand Juno uses the distraction to shoot a stun shot into Boba Fett's back knocking him out Juno looks at Vader who breathes heavy in anger Juno says to Proxy:


Juno: Proxy Help me fix this engine.

Proxy: Yes Captain.

Juno; Starkiller cover me while I repair this engine.

Starkiller: Well hurry up Juno before more imperials arrive.


Lightsaber duel Starkiller vs Dark Apprentice continued.


Starkiller dashes forward & grabs the Dark Apprentice slamming against the wall they clash blades Starkiller's blade begins sliding down towards the Dark Apprentice's face who counters by using force lightning which strikes Starkiller in the chest Starkiller steps back Dark Apprentice kicks Starkiller in the face Starkiller rolls back throwing his left lightsaber which the Dark Apprentice the lightsaber strikes the cable of the grapple spike launcher the cable begins to loosen the Dark Apprentice uses the force to wrap the cable around one of the wings of the rogue shadow Proxy is seen showing Juno some wires Juno says:


Juno; I need power.

Starkiller uses force lightning on the console which restores power to the damaged engine. Starkiller says:

Starkiller: Set course for were ever you can get us out of here.

Juno & Proxy are seen returning to the cockpit.


Lightsaber Starkiller vs the Dark Apprentice part 2.


The Dark Apprentice dashes & uses force lightining to attack Starkiller who blocks the attack the Dark Apprentice uses force fury to drive Starkiller back Starkiller lands near cable the Dark Apprentice attempts to free Vader Boba Fett begins to awaken & fires a rocket from his arm Starkiller uses the force to redirect it at the Dark Apprentice who avoids it but the explosion hits Vader holding cell injuring him Boba Fett throws a grenade which the Dark Apprentice force grips deactivating it Starkiller dashes forward & force grips Boba fett holding him hostage with his lightsaber at the bounty hunter's throat Starkiller says:


Starkiller: Back away from Vader or I will kill him.

Dark Apprentice: Im leaving with my master.

Starkiller: Your choice.

At that moment Starkiller force pushes Boba Fett into the Dark Apprentice they fall back towards the enterance they came in Starkiller throws his lightsaber towards the cable destroying it. Boba Fett says:

Boba: We have to go lets regroup.

Dark Apprentice: No.

Boba: Yes come on or I will leave you here.

At that moment Boba Fett throws a grenade at Starkiller which he avoids it the grenade explodes releasing smoke allowing Boba Fett to fire another grapple spike launcher Boba Fett leaves before the Dark Apprentice says to Starkiller throws the smoke:


Dark Apprentice: You may have won this time Starkiller by I will rescue my master.

The Dark Apprentice is seen leaving the rogue shadow not before hiding a tracking device on it. Starkiller force grips the piece of the rogue shadow & is able to repair the damage to the enterance Juno says:


Juno: Starkiller lightspeed is ready.

Starkiller: Good they are gone get us out of here.

Proxy: Coordinates set for Dantooine.

Juno: Prepare for lightspeed.


The rogue shadow is seen renetering lightspeed heading via lightspeed to Dantooine Boba Fett & the Dark Apprentice are seen arriving back on the Slave I Boba Fett says:


Boba: They are gone we were this close & failed. Now how are going to know were they are going?

Dark Apprentice: Do not worry bounty hunter I planted a imperial listening device before leaving I know exactly were they are going

Boba: Well we are going to need some extra help Im returning to Jabba the Hutt he might be able to provide me with some help.

Dark Apprentice: No we need to act now.

Boba: Im in control of this ship I say we are going to Tatooine.

At that moment the Dark Apprentice force chokes Boba Fett who pulls out a thermal grenade saying:

Boba: Chukkkk wee need to prepare wherever they are going is a rebel base we are going to need some help if you don't let me go we both die right here tick tock times running.

The Dark Apprentice sees the grenade & releases Boba Fett saying:

Dark Apprentice: This bettter work.

Boba: It will prepare for lightspeed.


The Slave I is seen heading via lightspeed to Tatooine. The rogue shadow is seen travelling through lightspeed to Dantooine Starkiller is seen repairing Proxy's damaged hand Juno says:


Juno: How did they find us?

Starkiller: Well I guess with us being the last to enter lightspeed it was obvious we have Vader now if it gets out that Vader is captured the empire will find us.

Juno: No they wont & I blocked the ship that was following us transmissions they will not find us.

Starkiller is seen finishing fixing Proxy's hand saying:

Starkiller: I hope Juno your right for all our sakes.

Proxy: Master I trust Captain Eclipse's judgement.

Juno: Thanks Proxy. But I understand why Starkiller doesn't, I recognised that ship that followed us it was Slave I.

Starkiller: Yes you were captured & I had to follow it back to Kamino to save you.

Juno: No this again.

Proxy: Sorry Captain Eclipse it appears we have reached Dantooine coming out of lightspeed now.


The rogue shadow is seen exiting lightspeed over Dantooine Starkiller & Juno are seen looking at the planet before the rogue shadow heads to the planet surface. General Kota is seen standing outside the main rebel base he sees the rogue shadow arrive General Kota is seen approaching it with two rebel soldiers Starkiller & Juno sees the General approaching Juno says:


Juno: Now not a word as far as General Kota is concerned we arrived without a problem.

Proxy: Captain Eclipse are you trying to cover we were just attacked & were almost killed.

Juno: Yes Proxy I am don't forget since Starkiller's supposed death your program still obeys me you remember don't you.

Proxy: Yes Captain I do.

Starkiller: Obey you I never Proxy permission to do that.

Proxy: Actually master you did back on Corellia...

Juno: Enough lets go.


The rogue shadow is seen landing near the rebel base Starkiller & Juno are seen exiting the rogue shadow they approach General Kota who says:


Kota: Your late.

Juno: Sorry General Kota engine malfunction but we are here now?

Kota says to a rebel soldier:

Kota: Bring the prisoner to the interrogation room.

Rebel: Yes General.

Starkiller is seen watching the rebel soldiers enter the rogue shadow General Kota says:

Kota: I was wrong in thinking something happened on your way to here anyway we will begin interrogating Vader soon your quarters are over there gets some rest.

Starkiller: Im fine.

Juno: Starkiller lets go.

Starkiller & Juno are seen heading to their quarters while Vader is seen being taken to a holding cell Starkiller takes one last look at him before heading into the rebel base. Juno says:


Juno: Starkiller whats wrong.

Starkiller: I have a feeling we will see him again.

Juno: The clone.

Starkiller: Yes.

Juno: We will be ready for him.

Starkiller: I hope your right.


Starkiller is seen sitting down to meditate.


End chapter.

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The clip shows the Slave I exiting lightspeed over Tatooine the Dark Apprentice & Boba Fett are seen looking at the planet from the cockpit the Slave I is seen flying towards the planet surface the Slave I lands inside Jabba's palace hangar bay Boba Fett says:


Boba: When we enter let me do the talking?

Dark Apprentice: Just enough support to help me rescue my master.


The clip shows the Dark Apprentice & Boba heading into Jabba's palace as they enter Jabba's main chamber several girls in Jabba's chamber attempt to seduce the Dark Apprentice who counters by mind control them Jabba notices laughing Boba says:


Boba: Greetings Jabba Im collecting bounty I need assistance in doing it.

Jabba: Ah Bo Shuda Boba Fett doe kikyuna Hi chuba da naga (Ah Boba Fett my friend what do you want?)

Boba: Im collecting a bounty I need you help with.

Jabba:Hi chunkee fa goota ( What is your offer?)

Dark Apprentice: Your help for you life. It that's simple.

Jabba: Ah'chu apenkee? Mah bukee ( Who are you my boy?)

Boba: Don't do it.

The Dark Apprentice tries to use a force mind trick Jabba laughs saying:

Jabba Dis Mah bukee I Grancha treats (This boy is very good at making threats) Da Nibobo 20% Muris. ( Final offer 20%)

Boba: 10%.

Jabba: 15%.

Dark Apprentice: Deal.

Boba: Wait I did not agree to that.

Dark Apprentice: I don't care this bidding bores me.

Jabba looks at the Dark Apprentice & laughs saying:

Jabba: Chuba pee lee kasa. Hey boy whats is your name?

The Dark Apprentice says:

The Dark Apprentice: I am my master's apprentice I go by no name yet but I make sure you get it & remember it.

Jabba: Jee fig mijen sak mark Gooddé da lodia. ( I will give you six mercenaries good day to you)


The clip shows the six mercenaries approach the Dark Apprentice & Boba they are a gungan carrying a shoto named Sliffeer she is a half sister of Kleef who was killed by Starkiller on Bespin, next is a zabrak ex-jedi turned bounty hunter named Jaylen Eos she carries a lightwhip, beside her stands a female Togruta named Ashla she is seen carrying two vibroblades beside her stands a female Nautolan named Leeha Justin who had a reputation of collecting bounties near the planet Tython the last two are brothers called Para & Dox Kilen they both skilled with shotos from the planet Fest the Dark Apprentice looks at them all saying:


Dark Apprentice: You will follow my instructions are we clear.

None of them answer.


The clip shows Boba Fett & the Dark Apprentice leave Jabba's palace followed by the mercenaries as the Dark Apprentice & Boba leave Jabba's palace Boba Fett says:


Boba: I never worked with this bounty scum before what if they turn on us.

Dark Apprentice: Once they get us to planet my master is kept on & help us defeat the rebel force there then their usefulness will end.


The clip shows the Slave I leaving Tatooine followed by the mercenaries in their own ship at that moment a star destroyer called Dark Faith exits lightspeed near the group the imperial officer in command is Captain Karl Deverin the Slave I is seen flying towards the star destroyer as the ship gets closer the Dark Apprentice uses mind control to trick one of the officers on the bridge to deactivate shield on the nearest hangar bay the Slave I & the other ships enter the star destroyer Captain Deverin says:


Karl: What is the meaning of this?

Officer: I don't Captain whoever it is they are on board.

Karl Send stormtroopers to the hangar bay.


The clip shows stormtroopers outside the hangar clicks can be heard as their blasters are activated Boba Fett says:


Boba: What are we doing?

Dark Apprentice: We need some firepower this star destroyer will serve that purpose.

Boba: How are we going to get to the bridge with hundreds of stormtroopers blocking our way.

Dark Apprentice: Leave that to me.


The clip shows the Dark Apprentice exiting the Slave I as the stormtroopers enter the Dark Apprentice approaches using mind trick the stormtroopers then suddenly step aside Captain Deverin sees whats going on on the monitor saying:


Karl: What is going on?

Officer: I don't know whoever this is he controls them.

Karl: Everyone ready your blasters.


The clip shows the crew members on the bridge all pulling out their blasters & point them at the enterance awaiting the Dark Apprentice's arrival, the clip shows the Dark Apprentice leading hundreds of stormtroopers towards the lifts that take them to the bridge the Dark Apprentice is the last to enter as the lift doors goes close the clip shows to Captain Deverin looking at the monitors saying:


Karl: What is going? Why are the stormtroopers not attacking him.

Officer: I don't know Captain.

Karl: Everyone take out your blasters on my order shoot whoever it is that comes through those doors.

The clip shows the crew members on the bridge pointing their blasters at the bridge doors, the clip moves to the Dark Apprentice exiting the lift as he approaches the bridge doors he uses the force to open them as they open the crew of the Dark Faith open fire on the Dark Apprentice who easily deflects them away with his lightsaber the stormtroopers kill the crew members who fired first Captain Deverin attempts to fire his blaster but the Dark Apprentice force grips it out of his hand Captain Deverin says:


Karl: I am Captain Deverin Who are you?

Dark Apprentice: Im here to relieve you of your command Captain.

At that moment the Dark Apprentice force pushes the captain through the main bridge window killing him the crew members drop their weapons as a sign of surrender the Dark Apprentice sees a imperial officer who was standing near Captain Deverin saying:


Dark Apprentice: What is your name?

Officer: Lieutenant Protus Larker my lord.

Dark Apprentice: You promoted Captain Larker do not fail me.

Protus: Yes my lord.

The clip shows the crew putting away their blasters as Boba Fett enters saying:

Boba: Well that went well.

Dark Apprentice: What planet is the rogue shadow heading to.

Boba: Dantooine my guess the tracker's signal is still strong.

Dark Apprentice: Captain Larker set course for Tatooine.

Protus: Yes my lord.


The clip shows the rest of the mercanaries joining the Dark Apprentice & Boba Fett on the bridge, the clip movesd to Captain Deverin's dead body floating through space as the star destroyer Dark Faith heads via lightspeed to Dantooine, the clip moves to Dantooine Juno is seen resting Starkiller is seen watching her before meditating at that moment he has a vision of a zabrak holding a blue lightsaber coming out of a cave General Kota enters seeing Juno asleep & Starkiller meditating Kota says:


Kota: Starkiller come with me.

Starkiller: What about Juno?

Kota: Let her rest I need to speak to you alone. Lets take a walk

The clip shows General Kota & Starkiller leaving his quarters as they head into the middle of the rebel base a sullustan

archaeologist named Dr' Unn Unnh approaches them saying:


Dr' Unn: Master Kota sir Im concerned a imperial taskforce will find us here.

Kota: Do not worry my friend Dantooine has no importance to the empire they will not find us here. Starkiller this is Dr' Unn Unnh he is a archaeologist he has been studying the jedi caves near here collecting artifacts.

Starkiller: Nice to meet you Dr' Unn.

Dr' Unnh: Starkiller you are the famous Starkiller I have heard of your actions for the rebellion.

Starkiller looks at Kota saying: Actions?

Kota whispers saying: Past missions your ''actions'' both good & bad were well known by more than you know.

Starkiller: Oh right just doing my part anyway speaking for caves have you discovered any ''jedi''.

Kota: Jedi?

Dr' Unn: No Starkiller.

Starkiller: Could you show me these caves?

Dr' Unn: Off course follow me.

Kota: Where are you going I have something to discuss with you?

Starkiller: It will have to wait General.

Kota: No it can't im coming with you. I want to know what happened up there it doesn't take long for a lightspeed jump from Kamino to here.

Starkiller: Ok we were attacked by Boba Fett.

Kota: Boba Fett the bounty hunter who kidnapped Juno.

Starkiller: Yes but he wasn't alone before we captured Vader he must have created a clone of me he was strong in the force like me but I managed to defeat both of them.

Kota: And they let you escape.

Starkiller: Yes.

Kota: I don't like this, Nina Tor she must have...... You lied to me!!!!

Starkiller: Im sorry. Who is Nina Tor.

Kota: A great jedi dead now for all I now you better hope they have not tracked you here.

Dr' Unn: If you two stop would stop arguing we are near one of the caves.

The clip shows Starkiller, Dr' Unn & General Kota entering the cave Kota & Starkiller activate their lightsabers as they enter a dark shadow is seen in the upper areas of cave watching the jedi enter the shadow begins dashing between the ledges Starkiller hears the shadows movement as they enter a smaller cave enterance the dark shadow the force to pull down a giant rock on the enterance separating Dr' Unn Unnh & Starkiller from General Kota Kota says:


Kota: Starkiller are you ok?

Starkiller coughing says: Yes were are fine.

Kota: I can't lift this rock it's to heavy.

Dr' unn: We are going to die Master Starkiller.

Starkiller: No we are not

At that moment Starkiller hears a laugh coming from the darkness, Starkiller walks forward saying:

Starkiller: Who's there?

Dark Shadow: You should not have come here sith.

Starkiller: Im not a sith.

Dark Shadow: Liiiiiaaaaaarrrr!!!.

At that moment the dark shadow dashes forward activating a blue lightsaber it clashes blades with Starkiller who cannot see the dark shadow's face General Kota hears the fight going on saying:


Kota: Boy whats going on?

Starkiller: I think I've found what I have been looking for.

Dr' Unn: I wasn't.

Starkiller: Shut up & hide.

Kota: Im getting you out of there.

General Kota attempts to cut the rock with his green lightsaber but it fails.


Lightsaber duel Starkiller vs Dark Shadow.


The Dark Shadow dashes forward & uses the force to throw rocks at Starkiller counters by rolling out of the way the dark shadow is seen swinging high & low sabre strikes one of the strikes hits Starkiller above his left eye Starkiller feels the blood near his eye, Starkiller dashes forward & exchanges a flurry of sabre strikes with the dark shadow Starkiller & the dark shadow clash blades before Starkiller uses his left blade to strike the shadow in the left leg the strike causes the shadow to step back a female groan can be heard the dark shadow clashes blades with Starkiller before kicking him in the side before hitting him in the face with it's lightsaber Starkiller steps back before dashing & forward & using force push to drive the dark shadow into a wall the upper levels of the cave between to weaken the dark shadow counters by kicking Starkiller in the chest followed by it's own force push Starkiller flips back as the dark shadow attempts a downward lightsaber strike Starkiller uses force lightning to strike striking the dark shadow in the chest the dark shadow drops to one knee Starkiller says:


Starkiller: Who are you?

The dark shadow does not answer & dashes forward again this time grabbing Starkiller by the waist General Kota is seen trying to find a way past the rock when at that moment Starkiller & the dark shadow crashes through the rock knocking Kota out of the way the cave collapses Dr' Unn Unnh is seen exiting the cave & tends to the General both Starkiller & the dark shadow land outside of the cave Starkiller sees the dark shadow revealed to be the zabrak from his dream Starkiller says:


Starkiller: You?

The Zabrak dashes forward & kicks Starkiller in the face before holding it's lightsaber against his throat saying:

Zabrak: Prepare to die sith.

At that moment a green lightsaber appears across the zabrak's throat General Kota says:

Kota: Drop it.

Starkiller: Just in time.

Kota: Shut up boy.

The Zabrak looks at Starkiller then at the General before dropping it's lightsaber. Kota says:

Kota kicks away the lightsaber saying: Who are you?

Zabrak: Drakka Juddarl.

General Kota deactivates his lightsaber saying:

Kota: You are a jedi.

Drakka: How did you know?

Starkiller: You know her.

Kota: I knew her Master, Master Gira Cofen.

Drakka: He is dead slew by Darth Vader I escaped to here so you both must be jedi I thought the imperials had found me Im sorry for attacking you both.

Starkiller: It's ok I've been looking for you I had a vision of you.

Kota: Is these visions of jedi common strange that I have not received any boy.

Starkiller: I don't know I just see them never mind lets get back to the rebel base I found what I came for.

Dr' Unn: Good idea I have had enough cave adventures for today.


The clip shows Starkiller, Drakka, Dr' Unn Unnh & General Kota leaving the cave & heading back to the rebel base, the clip moves to the Dark Faith travelling through lightspeed to Dantooine the Dark Apprentice is seen sitting down with his eyes closed meditating on the bridge with Boba Fett seen standing near him at that moment the mercenaries lead by Sliffeer enter the bridge Boba Fett turns around steadily holding his blaster Sliffeer says:


Sliffeer: Yousa boy dink you kan rusa us? (You think you can rule us?)

Jaylen: What Sliffeer means is we should all have equal right in this group if you are going to lead us.

Ashla: Im sure he knows what he is doing?

Leeha: We just met him he has the darkside of the force.

Para: We don't...

Dox: Trust you.

At that moment the Dark Apprentice smiles before opening his eyes saying:

Dark Apprentice: Im glad you have all voice your opinions of my position.

At that moment he force grips the group in a force choke saying:

Dark Apprentice: Why don't you all test me. Boba Fett leave now.

Boba: If your sure.

Dark Apprentice: Yes.

Protus: My lord should I.....

Dark Apprentice: Yes Captain Larkar you should.


The clip shows the crew leaving the bridge with Captain Larkar.


Lightsaber duel the Dark Apprentice vs Sliffeer, Ashla, Jaylen, Leeha, Para & Dox.


The Dark Apprentice is seen activating his lightsaber & slowly walks into the middle of the group Sliffeer attacks first but the Dark Apprentice counters with force push he flips forward just as Jaylen attempts a lightwhip strike, Para & Dox attack him from behind but the Dark Apprentice counters with a force repulse Ashla dashes forward across the bridge & exchanges a flurry of sabre strikes with the Dark Apprentice who is seen stepping back Ashla attempts a shiak attempt but the Dark Apprentice avoids it one of Ashla's vibroblades strikes Leeha in the side the Dark Apprentice strikes Leeha with force lightning Sliffeer jumps on Leeha's shoulder & attempts a mid-air shoto strike the Dark Apprentice force jumps & grabs the gungan force pushes him onto the floor knocking him out Para & Dox are seen getting up & attacks the Dark Apprentice who force grips Sliffeer's shoto & uses it fight the Kilen brothers the Dark Apprentice jumps & rolls out of the way of the brothers sabre strikes the Dark Apprentice flips over both of them & lands on his feet in between he clashes blades with both of them the Dark Apprentice is able to hold his guard the Dark Apprentice them performs a leg sweep knocking Para off his feet, Dox dashes forward but the Dark Apprentice force chokes him against a nearby window the Dark Apprentice force chokes enough to knock him out he knocks out Para with a kick to the face the Dark Apprentice drops Sliffeer's shoto beside he sees Ashla, Jaylen & Leeha exhausted preparing to attack the Dark Apprentice shakes his head as they dash forward Ashla attempts a vibroblade attack but Dark Apprentice dashes underneath her knocking her off her feet he kicks away her vibroblades & force pushes her against the wall Ashla is knocked out, Leeha attacks the Dark Apprentice from behind but the Dark Apprentice again avoids her the Dark Apprentice uses force lightning to strike her in the back Leeha collapses Jaylen sees Leeha in pain & looks at the Dark Apprentice who dashes forward & performs high & low sabre strikes he wraps Jaylen's lightwhip blade around his blade & pulls her towards him Jaylen performs a punch & kick combination but the Dark Apprentice grabs her waist & spins her around grabbing hold of her lightwhip blade holding against her throat using his blade as leverage the Dark Apprentice says:


Dark Apprentice: You fought bravely Jaylen surrender now.

Jaylen: Never.

At that moment the Dark Apprentice disarms her & lets her go the others begins to awaken. The Dark Apprentice says:

Dark Apprentice: This duel was a test you are all ready. My leadership on this mission stands now go.

The clip shows the group of mercenaries leaving the Dark Apprentice is seen giving Jaylen back her lightwhip. Captain Larker is seen entering the bridge again he approaches the Dark Apprentice saying:


Protus: My lord we are almost at Dantooine.

Dark Apprentice: Good.


The Dark Apprentice is seen standing on the bridge as a medical droid approaches him healing his injuries as the Dark Faith is seen travelling through lightspeed. The clip moves back to Dantooine Starkiller is seen taking Drakka Juddarl to his quarters Juno is seen awakening she sees the zabrak enter Juno draws her blaster until Starkiller says:


Starkiller: Juno it's ok she is a jedi.

Juno: A jedi? where did you find her.

Starkiller: In a cave Drakka this is Captain Juno Eclipse.

Drakka: He saved me nice to meet you Juno I am Drakka Juddarl your name sounds familiar were you not the imperial officer who bombed Callos.

Juno: That was a long time ago I joined the rebel alliance to make my actions.

Drakka: I felt their deaths while on Anthus.

Starkiller: Ok enough. Drakka rest here for now.

Juno sees the scratch on Starkiller's face saying:

Juno: What happened to you?

Starkiller: Oh.. im..

Drakka: That was my fault

At that moment General Kota enters saying:

Kota: Juno, Starkiller Vader is ready for interrogation lets go.

Juno: Good I need some fresh air.


The clip shows Starkiller & Juno leaving Drakka in their quarters & head to the main command center Dru Unnh is seen approaching the rogue shadow Proxy is seen fixing a upper area of the rogue shadow Dru Unnh says:


Dr' Unn: Proxy what are you doing?

Proxy: Making some repairs sullustan what do you want?

Dr' Unn: Nothing.

Dr' Unn sees the tracking device planted by the Dark Apprentice saying:

Dr' Unn: What is a tracking device doing up there?

Proxy: What?

Dr' Unn points at it, Proxy removes the tracking device saying:

Proxy: It's... oh no it's a imperial tracking device we have to warn master.

The clip shows Proxy destroying the device before leaving the rogue shadow Dr' Unn Unnh says:

Dr' Unn: What should I do?

Proxy: Warn everyone to be on alert.

Dr' Unn: Ok.


The clip moves to Starkiller, Juno & General Kota entering the interrogation chamber they are met by a jedi with brown hair standing outside Vader's cell. General Kota says:


Kota: Starkiller this is X2.

X2 turns around saying:

X2: Starkiller I've heard for you, your actions on Kamino resulted in the dark lords capture impressive.

Starkiller: Im sure.

Kota: I had intended to introduce you to him earlier but....

Juno: What is he talking about?

Starkiller: Never mind lets go.


The clip shows Darth Vader still strapped into his holding container, General Kota is seen entering first followed by Juno & X2 Starkiller is the last to enter General Kota says:


Kota: Ok Vader what is the emperor's secrets.

Vader: Im not telling you anything. The empire will come for me.

Starkiller: No he won't I will destroy you before that will happen.

Vader: You had your chance on Kamino but you did not kill me you are weak because of her.

Starkiller looks at Juno then back at Vader saying:

Starkiller: Don't you bring her into this.

Vader: I told you she was holding you back.

Starkiller is seen turning breathing heavy anger. Vader continues saying:

Vader: She is your weakness.

Starkiller: Shut up!!!!!

Vader: I will enjoy killing her infront of you then you will finally embrace the darkside & return to me.

Starkiller: Noooooo!!!!!!

At that moment Starkiller attacks Vader with force lightning injuring his armour X2 intervenes force pushing Starkiller against the wall followed by holding his lightsaber against his throat Starkiller goes to grab one his lightsaber before X2 grabs his hand shaking his head faintly saying:


X2: I wouldn't do that if I was you.

Starkiller: You have the force to.

X2: Now you know why General Kota was seeking me out.

Kota: That's enough Juno get him out of here.

Juno: Ok lets go.

The clip shows Starkiller being taken away by Juno while Vader is seen breathing heavy after the lightning attack Starkiller is seen leaving the interrogation chamber when Juno says:


Juno: What was that?

Starkiller: He made a threat on your life.

Juno: This was a interrogation we need him alive.

Starkiller: He almost killed you on Kamino or have you forgotten that.

Juno: No I haven't but we must know the emperor's plans & will it not be enough just to kill him the emperor would have replaced him. That's enough for today go back to our quarters now.

Starkiller: Im sorry.

Juno: I know.

The clip shows Starkiller Juno as she watches him leave she is approached by General Kota Juno says:

Juno: Is he alive?

Kota: Minor damage to his suit but he will live. Me & X2 could not get any further out of him.

Juno: Fine but General Kota get the information from him quickly or next time I will let Starkiller finish him.

Kota: You don't mean that.

Juno: He made threats against my life I do mean it.


The clip shows Juno leaving General Kota & heads back to her quarters she is approached by Proxy saying:


Juno: Proxy what is it?

Proxy: Im sorry Captain Eclipse but that attacked staged on our way to here was planned. I found a tracking device planted on the rogue shadow... it was imperial.

Juno: Oh no inform General Kota to have the rebel base on high alert then return to the rogue shadow.

Proxy: Yes Captain Eclipse.


The clip shows Juno running to her quarters the clip moves to the star destroyer Dark Faith exiting lightspeed over Dantooine the Dark Apprentice watches the planet from the bridge Boba Fett says:


Boba: What is the plan?

Dark Apprentice: We will attack the base I will hold back the rebel forces while you rescue my master.

Boba: I hope this works.

Dark Apprentice: We wont get another chance like this.

Boba: I will inform the others to join me on my ship.

Dark Apprentice Good. Captain Larkar perform a orbital bombardment around the perimeter of the base leave the main facilities intact. I will attack them with a legion of stormtroopers.

Protus: Yes my lord.


The clip shows the Dark Apprentice leaving the bridge & heads to the hangar bay were he sees the last of Jabba's mercenaries enter the Slave I the Dark Apprentice is seen entering the Slave I as it leaves the star destroyer & is about to head to the planet surface followed by ten landing craft full of stormtroopers at that moment everyone on board the Slave I witness the Dark Faith open fire on the rebel base the clip moves to Juno running into her quarters she sees Starkiller & Drakka Juddarl saying:


Juno: The empire is here.

Starkiller: What?

Drakka: Im coming with you.

At that moment Proxy says:

Proxy: General Kota we have a situation.

Rebel: General Kota star destroyer in orbit over the planet.

A explosion is seen destroying a turbolaser killing six rebels Kota says:

Kota: Proxy get back to the rogue shadow I will rally the soldiers.

Proxy: Yes General.


The clip shows General Kota activating his lightsaber & heads to the main facility holding Vader Juno is seen meeting him armed with her blaster Starkiller says:


Starkiller: I will attack any stormtroopers that enter the base.

Drakka: Im coming with you Starkiller.

Juno: Fine Im heading to General Kota to help defend the main base.

Starkiller kisses Juno saying:

Starkiller: Becareful.

Juno: You to.

Drakka: Are you two...?

Starkiller: Yes why?

Drakka: Oh nothing I thought jedi could not fall in love.

Starkiller: Im not a jedi yet.

Drakka: Yes you are I can feel it you will be a great jedi.

Starkiller: Lets go.


The clip shows Starkiller & Drakka leaving their quarters & head out into the middle of base they watch as several rebel soldiers are killed by the orbital bombardment Starkiller orders the rebel soldiers to look for cover while he saves those near him by performing a force shield while assisting them to cover, the clip moves back to Slave I flying to the planet surface it lands on a cliff overlooking the base the Dark Apprentice says:


Dark Apprentice: Ok all of you will attack the base as a distraction I will rescue my master.

Jaylen: I thought you were coming with us.

Dark Apprentice: Change of plans Jaylen now go.


The clip shows the mercenaries exiting the Slave I while it takes off again to head to the main base the Dark Apprentice sees the damage done from the orbital bombardment he contacts Captain Larker saying:

Dark Apprentice: Ok Captain Larker the base's defenses has been destroyed.

Protus: Very good my lord I will send on the stormtroopers now.

Dark Apprentice: Good.


The clip shows Jaylen Eos leading the group followed by hundreds of stormtroopers Starkiller sees her coming through the smoke Starkiller signals the rebels near him to hold their fire Starkiller & Drakka move closer Jaylen stops Sliffeer says:


Sliffeer: Wassa it Jaylen.

Jaylen: Something is not right.

At that moment Starkiller says:

Starkiller: Open fire.

The rebel soldiers appear from cover & fire at Jaylen she easily blocks the shots the stormtroopers enter the base firing their blasters Drakka kills several of them by deflecting their blasters back at them Starkiller force grips a nearby group & force pushes them towards Jaylen who rolls out of the way, Jaylen sees Starkiller's face in shock & charges towards him Drakka sees her coming & throws a object at her Jaylen cuts it in half Starkiller force pushes her back before they both retreat the rebel soldiers near them kill many stormtroopers before they are overwhelmed by Para & Dox Drakka says:


Drakka: We have to make a stand here.

Starkiller: Lets take them together


The clip shows Starkiller & Drakka Juddarl activating their lightsabers Jaylen & the others approach them saying:


Jaylen: I never thought you would betray us.

Starkiller: Betray you I never met you before, or any of you.

Ashla uses the force saying:

Ashla: Jaylen he is telling the truth.

Sliffeer: Yousa look familiar.

Starkiller looks at Sliffeer saying:

Starkiller: I don't know you.

Leeha: Sliffeer what are you talking about?

Sliffeer: He killed my brother Kleef on Bespin I have finally tracked you down jedi scum.

Drakka: Your not short of enemies are you.

Starkiller: Your not helping.

Para: Lets.

Dox: Kill him.


Lightsaber duel Starkiller & Drakka Juddarl vs Jaylen Eos, Ashla, Sliffeer, Para & Dox Kilen


Jaylen dashes forward & uses multiple force pushes Starkiller dashes through them & uses his left lightsaber to perform faint sabre strikes on her guard Sliffeer attacks Drakka counters clashes blades with her before Drakka kicks her in the side Sliffeer sticks her tongue out striking Drakka in the face Sliffeer jumps up & kicks Drakka in the face with a two foot kick Drakka falls back Sliffeer proceeds to stand over Drakka & goes to stab her but Starkiller blocks it by throwing his right lightsaber to deflect the strike before force gripping it again Drakka uses the opening to perform a spinning kick knocking Sliffeer back Jaylen force pushes Starkiller back who flips back before driving his blades into the ground allowing him to land on his feet Ashla jumps forward performs quick vibroblade strikes Starkiller clashes blades with her they both sense each others thoughts Starkiller refocuses using his left lighstaber to strike her left leg Ashla steps back Starkiller uses force lightning to knock Ashla's vibroblades out of her hands a stormtrooper is seen near her Ashla releasing she is defeat closes her eyes accepting her defeat Starkiller dashes forward but hesitates in killing her instead he pushes her out of the way & kills the stormtrooper near her Ashla opens her eyes again seeing Starkiller standing over her at that moment Para & Dox attack him Starkiller performs faster quick sabre strikes before using force lightning to drive them back Para dashes forward performing minor force pushes to knock Starkiller back Dox strikes Starkiller in the leg before Starkiller kicks him in the side Dox & Para dash forward Starkiller rolls back he sees a nearby tie fighter fly over him Starkiller force grips & crashes it infront of them knocking them out Starkiller steps over the wreckage of the tie fighter to find the brothers gone. Starkiller sees Ashla staring at him before he points his left lightsaber at her as a sign to leave, Asha slowly steps back before a grenade lands near her causing a explosion Ashla is seen blown back but manages to survive although Starkiller thinks she is dead Drakka is seen exchanging sabre strikes with Sliffeer before Sliffeer strikes her in the side Starkiller sees the duel going on & goes to help but is struck by a object thrown by Jaylen Starkiller gets up & sees Jaylen performing a vertical sabre strike Starkiller counters by driving his blades into the ground & pushes his legs into her chest Jaylen casts her lightwhip grabbing one of Starkiller's right blade pulling her back towards him as Jaylen gets closer Starkiller drops his right lightsaber & uses force lightning to strike her in the chest before striking her in the head with his left lightsaber Starkiller is seen standing over her but hesitates in killing her instead he kills six stormtroopers near him before going to Drakka Sliffeer is seen grabbing Drakka by her horns & prepare to finish her Starkiller force dashes forwards & grabs Sliffeer & throws him into a path of stormtroopers one of them throws a thermal detonator at Starkiller who throws it back with the force it explodes near Sliffeer scarring the left side of his face the remaining stormtroopers evacuate him & the others from the battlefield Starkiller says:


Starkiller: Drakka are you ok?

Drakka: Yes.

At that moment Proxy says:

Proxy: Master that was impressive lightsaber skills I was observing you from up here.

Starkiller: Not now Proxy.

Proxy: As you wish master I thought you would like to know I did a facial recognition on those you fought.

Starkiller: Later Proxy where is Juno?

Proxy: Near the main facility were Vader is kept with General Kota but a mass of stormtroopers are heading for their position.

Starkiller: Thanks Proxy maintain aerial presence.

Proxy: Yes master good luck.

Drakka: Lets go.


The clip shows Starkiller & Drakka fighting their way through to Juno's position the clip moves to General Kota entering the facility while Juno stands outside it with 20 rebel soldiers they see about 50 stormtrooper heading towards them unknown to Juno the Dark Apprentice is amongst them Juno says:


Juno: Men open fire.

The rebel soldiers open fire killing the first wave of stormtroopers as the second wave is killed the Dark Apprentice leaps over them deflecting blasters shots & kills all rebel soldiers near Juno with force choke followed by force lightning Juno says:

Juno: You.

Dark Apprentice surprised to see me Juno.

Juno: No.

The Dark Apprentice attempts to kill Juno but at that moment X2 arrives & force pushes him against a wall X2 says:

X2: Captain Eclipse get to General Kota now.

Juno: What about you?

X2: I'll be fine go.

Juno is seen running into the facility after General Kota X2 releases the Dark Apprentice who says:


Dark Apprentice: Who are you?

X2: X2 or have you forgotten already, Starkiller what has gotten into you.

Dark Apprentice: You must be mistaken I am not him.

X2 uses the force & sees a vision of the Dark Apprentice's attack on Kamino. saying: No.

Dark Apprentice: Yes I see you have met the clone of me Im here to reclaim my master.

X2: I wont let you.

Dark Apprentice: I would like to see you try.


Lightsaber duel Dark Apprentice vs X2


X2 dashes forward & attacks the Dark Apprentice who uses force lightning X2 blocks with his guard while running towards him as X2 gets closer he clashes blades with the Dark Apprentice X2 kicks him in the side the Dark Apprentice kicks X2 in his left knee they break off the clash X2 sees the Dark Apprentice lower his lightsaber before dropping it X2 dashes forward swinging his lightsaber the Dark Apprentice blocks the sabre strikes with force lightning using force push X2 flys back hitting his head as he lands the Dark Apprentice attempts to finish X2 but at the last moment Dr' Unn appears & shoots him several times with a blaster X2 says:


X2: Dr' Unn you saved me.

Dr' Unn: Yes Master Kota did say to be on alert did I kill him.

At that moment the Dark Apprentice strikes them both with force lightning knock them out saying:

Dark Apprentice: No you only stunned me.


The clip shows the Dark Apprentice preparing to kill X2, Starkiller & Drakka are seen dashing through stormtroopers Starkiller sees the Dark Apprentice attempting to kill X2, Starkiller throws his right lightsaber blocking the sabre strike Drakka follows it up with a force push causing the Dark Apprentice to flee, Starkiller goes to Juno, X2 & Dr' Unn while Drakka watches the Dark Apprentice stop & turning around showing his face, Starkiller sees the Slave I flying over him towards Vader's holding cell Juno wakes up saying:


Juno: Starkiller go after him, don't them take him.

Starkiller: What about you?

Juno: I will evacuate the base X2 & Dr' Unn will stay with me. Go.

Starkiller contacts Proxy saying:

Starkiller: Proxy land the rogue shadow pick up Juno & the others.

Proxy: On my way master.


The clip shows the rogue shadow picking up Juno, Dr' Unn while Starkiller is seen carrying X2 into the ship before exiting again Starkiller sees Drakka saying:


Starkiller: Drakka lets go.

Drakka looking at the Dark Apprentice says:

Drakka: Who is he?

Starkiller: It doesn't matter lets take him together.

Drakka: No you go after Vader I will fight him myself. Go.

Starkiller: Ok becareful.


The clip shows Starkiller heading towards the facility as he sees Boba Fett exiting the Slave I in his jetpack Boba Fett is seen planting a explosive device on the roof of the facility General Kota is seen guarding Vader with his green lightsaber activated at that moment a explosion is seen knocking Kota unconscious Boba Fett is seen landing infront of Vader who says:


Vader: You are late.

Boba: Yes but I still have a bounty to collect from you.

Vader: You will be reward further more.

At that moment Starkiller appears he sees General Kota lying knocked out Starkiller says:

Starkiller: You are not going anywhere Vader.

Boba: You again.

Starkiller: Yes I have yet to make you pay with kidnapping Juno.

Boba: I am a bounty hunter it's what I do. Well time to collect my reward.

The clip shows Boba Fett pulling out a lightsaber to Starkiller's surprise Boba says:

Boba: Im from Kamino like I picked up a few skills myself.

Starkiller: Prepare yourself.

The clip shows Starkiller activating his two lightsabers while Boba Fett holds his lightsaber in his right hand & a lightning stick in his left hand, the clip moves to Drakka as she walks slowly towards the Dark Apprentice Drakka says:


Drakka: Who are you?

Dark Apprentice: I go by no name..........yet sadly you will not be there to hear or remember it. I am the one Starkiller was cloned from he is living a lie & he puts those he knows at risk, including yourself.

Drakka: He is better than you.

Dark Apprentice: I doubt it. I doubt a zabrak like yourself can match me.

Drakka: I can, lets do this.

Dark Apprentice: Your fate is sealed.


Lightsaber duel The Dark Apprentice vs Drakka Juddarl.


Drakka dashes forward & exchanges high & low sabre strikes, the Dark Apprentice counters by throwing his lightsaber at Drakka's guard Drakka rolls back using force push the Dark Apprentice counters with force push of his own both force pushes clashes sending a shockwave through the rebel base as the dust clears both force users are still standing Drakka slowly walks forward force gripping nearby objects & throwing them at the Dark Apprentice who easily destroys them with his lightsaber, the Dark Apprentice dashes forward & clashes blades again with Drakka the Dark Apprentice leans his right foot back before performing a leg sweep followed by a shiak stabbing move Drakka quickly rolls out of the way & kicks the Dark Apprentice in his right knee the Dark Apprentice steps back gritting his teeth both are seen breathing heavy before rising to their feet again Dark Apprentice the dashes forward again as does Drakka they exchanges sabre strikes again the Dark Apprentice's blade strikes Drakka's left arm causing her to fight with one arm the Dark Apprentice drops his lightsaber as Drakka swings hers at him the Dark Apprentice grabs Drakka's lightsaber arm turning around breaking her arm on his right shoulder Drakka drops her lightsaber the Dark Apprentice catches it turning her around to face him before stabbing her through the chest with her lightsaber Drakka sees what has happened with tears in her eyes the Dark Apprentice holds her in his arms before laying her on the ground as she dies Drakka says:


Drakka: You end will come sith no matter how many lives you take, your time will come.

Dark Apprentice touches Drakka's face saying: Shhhhhhhhh let death take you, it was your destiny to die in this duel.

Drakka: Maybe, but Starkiller will be your downfall.

Dark Apprentice: Starkiller is no match for me.

Drakka: Well I believe in him.... you....will....fall.

Drakka is seen looking up at the stars before closing her eyes her face turns to the right, the Dark Apprentice is seen picking up Drakka's lightsaber & placing it in her right hand before getting up, a stormtrooper approaches saying:


Stormtrooper: My lord we have surrounded the base.

Dark Apprentice: Good kill all rebels.

Stormtrooper: Yes my lord.

The Dark Apprentice contacts Captain Protus Larker on the star destroyer Dark Faith saying:


Dark Apprentice: Captain Protus order the oribital bombardment on my order Im going to rescue my master.

Protus: Yes my lord.


The clip shows the star destroyer moving closer the planet. The Dark Apprentice is seen entering the facility were Vader is being held, the clip moves to Starkiller standing holding his lightsabers, Starkiller feels Drakka's death through the force as does Vader, Starkiller's eyes blink faintly before he refocuses. Vader says:


Vader: Kill him.

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Lightsaber duel Starkiller vs Boba Fett


Boba dashes forward using his jetpack Boba uses his lightning stick & lightsaber to strike Starkiller's guard, Starkiller counters with force push Boba Fett falls back but lands on his feet, Boba Fett throws a thermal detonator at Starkiller who force grips it & throws it back at Boba Fett who deactivates it before it explodes, Starkiller uses force lightning to knock Boba Fett's lightning stick out of his hand, Boba Fett counters by firing a rope from his left arm pulling Starkiller's right lightsaber out of his hand both of them dash forward & exchanges sabre strikes Boba Fett avoids a head strike while Starkiller strikes Boba Fett's right knee, Boba Fett steps back, Starkiller dashes forward but Boba Fett uses the opening to fire a lightning net trapping Starkiller, Boba Fett attempts to free Vader but Starkiller uses force grip to pull Boba Fett back Boba Fett lands on the lightning net disabling his jetpack, Boba Fett slowly walks away Starkiller manages to cut himself free, Starkiller force grips his other lightsaber while Boba Fett grabs his lightning stick they both clash blades again Boba Fett strikes Starkiller in the side with the lightning stick Starkiller counters by force pushing Boba Fett against the wall followed by holding him a force choke. Starkiller stares at him before uses force lightning to weaken causing the bounty hunter to drop his weapons, Starkiller says:


Starkiller: I will make you pay for kidnapping Juno.

Boba: It, it is what I do.

Starkiller: Not anymore.

Starkiller attempts to stab Boba Fett but at that moment Starkiller is struck on the back of the head knocking him out as Starkiller falls forward it is revealed to be the Dark Apprentice Boba Fett says:


Boba: I had it under control.

Dark Apprentice: Not from where I was standing.

Vader: Enough, release me now.

Dark Apprentice: As you wish master.

At that moment the Dark Apprentice force grips the holding container separating it allowing Vader to escape, Vader is seen moving forward before dropping to one knee the Dark Apprentice says:

Dark Apprentice: Master?

Vader rises again saying: My suit was damaged from the rebel interrogation.

The Dark Apprentice looks over at Starkiller & goes to kill him Vader says:


Vader: No.

Dark Apprentice: Master?

Vader: I want him to live with the guilt of letting me escape.

Dark Apprentice: But master he will come after you.

Vader: No my order stands I must return to Coruscant.

Boba: Good I don't want to spend another moment longer here, lets go.


The clip shows Boba Fett, Darth Vader & the Dark Apprentice leaving the facility in the Slave I Juno & Proxy sees the Slave I with the cockpit of the Slave I , Starkiller is seen waking up he sees the holding container empty, Starkiller goes to General Kota who also begins to wake up Starkiller says:


Starkiller: Come on General Vader has escaped.

Kota: You go ahead.

Starkiller is seen leaving General Kota as he pulls out a communicator Kota speaks into it saying:


Kota: Base compromised.

Unknown voice: Understood General help is on its way.


The clip shows Starkiller running through the facility killing all stormtroopers in his way, Starkiller reaches the enterance he sees the remaining stormtroopers retreating he also sees Drakka's body Starkiller goes to her body where he drops to his knees looking up at the Slave I leaving, Starkiller holds Drakka in his arms before letting out a scream in anger The Dark Apprentice hears it with his eyes closes before a faint smile appears the Slave I is seen flying towards the Dark Faith, Captain Protus Larkar sees Boba Fett's ship arrive the Slave I lands in the hangar bay Darth Vader, Boba Fett & the Dark Apprentice are seen exiting the Slave I & head to the bridge the bounty hunters are seen in their quarters healing from the battle, Darth Vader & the others enter the bridge Captain Larkar says:


Protus: Lord Vader welcome.

Vader: Where is Captain Deverin?

Dark Apprentice: I relieved him of his duties.

Protus: My lord I am ready to order the destruction of the rebel base.

Dark Apprentice: Do it.

Vader: Im returning to my meditation chamber.

The clip shows Darth Vader leaving the bridge as the Dark Apprentice watches him before he returns his eyes back towards the planet Dantooine a imperial officer says:


Officer: Captain Larkar ready on your order.

Protus: Open fire.

At that moment a EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate exits lightspeed neat the planet Senator Mon Mothma is seen standing on the bridge along with a unknown rodian officer Senator Mothma says:


Mon: Commodore Yat-De-Viedas open fire on the star destroyer & send landing craft to pick up survivors on the planet.

Yat: Yes Senator. Open fire

The clip moves back to the Dark Faith the alarms sounds a imperial officer says:

Officer: Captain enemy frigate at coordinates 22-5-18.

Protus: Bring her round engage enemy ship.

Dark Apprentice: No we must retreat, set course for Coruscant.

Protus: But...yes my lord.

The Dark Apprentice looks back at the planet saying:

Dark Apprentice: I will see you again Starkiller,very soon.


The clip shows the Dark Faith escaping from the frigate via lightspeed, The frigate is seen approaching the planet as ten landing craft filled with rebel soldiers is seen leaving it & heading to the planet surface, the clip moves to Starkiller is seen wrapping Drakka's body in a white guaze as the rogue shadow lands near him Juno is seen exiting the rogue shadow, General Kota is seen exiting the facility Vader was held in, X2 goes to him, Juno goes to Starkiller saying:


Juno: What happened?

Starkiller: He killed her, she's dead.

Starkiller is seen picking up Drakka's body as well as her lightsaber, General Kota says:

Kota: We had one chance to get the information from him I now many have have died, I knew we shouldn't have let you bring him. I now Drakka's dead.

Starkiller: Are you blaming me for all this?.

Kota: Yes.

X2: Thats enough Vader's gone nothing can be done about it. Lets go before any imperial forces come back to finish us.

At that moment the first landing craft arrives 30 rebel soldiers are seen exiting it securing the area a rebel officer approaches saying:


Rebel: Im Major Fenix Crowler where is General Rahm Kota.

Kota: Here Major Crowler .

Fenix: General Kota is the asset secure.

Kota: No he escaped this base is compromised. This base is being evacuated.

Fenix: Understood. Board the landing craft with your men the frigate is orbit over the planet.

Kota: Very good Glad to see you old friend.

Fenix: Yes you to.

Starkiller & Juno are seen heading to rogue shadow they enter the rogue shadow Proxy sees Starkiller carrying Drakka's body into the back to the rogue shadow while Juno returns to the cockpit Proxy says:


Proxy: Captain Eclipse what happened?

Juno: Don't ask he's in pain right now.

Proxy: Yes Captain Eclipse.

Juno: Set course for the frigate.


The clip shows the rogue shadow leaving the destroyed rebel base just as the last of the rebel survivors leave the planet, the rogue shadow is seen flying towards the frigate Proxy says:


Proxy: Captain Eclipse that ship looks just like...

Juno: The Salvation, I know.


The clip shows Senator Mon Mothma & Commodore Yat-De-Viedas watching the rogue shadow arrive & land in the hangar bay, the clip moves to Juno & Proxy exiting the rogue shadow while Starkiller is seen in the training room looking at Drakka's body wrapped in a guaze, Starkiller leaves her body & follows Juno & Proxy who head to the bridge as they enter Senator Mothma says:


Mon: Captain Eclipse, General Kota.

Juno: Senator Mothma

Kota: Glad you received my distress message.

Mon: Well we cannot afford to lose anymore or men I knew Dantooine was not the right place to take Vader.

At that moment Mon sees Starkiller approaching Mon says:

Mon: Starkiller? How? You died on the spacestation.

Starkiller: I survived.

Mon: It is good to see you anyway.

Yat: Starkiller you are the famous Starkiller who crashed the Salvation into the planetary shield on Kamino.

Starkiller: Yes & you are?

Juno: Commodore Yat-De-Viedas he was my commanding officer.

Yat: And I still am since you have no ship I am in command of this ship she is called the Redemption.

Juno: Congratulations try not use her for any risky missions.

Yat is seen giving her a look of anger. General Kota says:

Kota: Im going to rest let me know when we have reached our new base.

Starkiller: We will have that talk again.

Kota: I haven't forgotten boy.

Mon: Commodore Yat-De-Viedas show Starkiller & Captain Eclipse their quarters.

Yat: Yes Senator Mothma , Major Crowler set course for Yavin IV.

Fenix: Yes Commodore.


The clips shows the Redemption heading via lightspeed, the clip shows X2 watching Starkiller & Juno entering their quarters Commodore Yat-De-Viedas says:


Yat: I hope these quarters are to your needs when we reach our new base you will remain there.

Commodore Yat-De-Viedas is seen leaving, Starkiller says:

Starkiller: I really don't like him.

Juno: I know are you ok?

Starkiller: Yes when we reach our base I must bury Drakka she died protecting me.

Juno: She at least deserves that, you can't blame yourself.

Starkiller: But I do.

Juno: More lives with be lost before this war is brought to a end. I hope we survive it.

Starkiller: I will protect you I promise.

Juno: I know.


The clip shows Juno hugging Starkiller, the clip moves to the Dark Faith exiting lightspeed over Coruscant the Dark Apprentice is seen looking at the planet from the bridge Captain Protus Larkar approaches him saying:


Protus: This is Coruscant the capital of the empire.

Dark Apprentice: It is a planet city, impressive.


The clip shows the Dark Apprentice leaving the bridge he goes to the bounty hunters they are seen in the hangar bay the Dark Apprentice is seen entering saying:


Dark Apprentice: Where do you think you are going?

Jaylen: We are going after the jedi?

Para: We must.....

Dox: Claim our reward.

Ashla: We all tried to defeat him we underestimated him.

Sliffeer: Isss wonnnt hapn again.

Dark Apprentice: Yes it wont you will not be going after him, continue your ''bounty hunter'' duties throughout the galaxy but stay away from him till I contact you.

The Dark Apprentice is seen giving each bounty hunter a communicator saying:

Dark Apprentice: This is communicator with direct contact to me.


The clip shows Jaylen pressing a device in her left hand at that moment five star fighters exit lightspeed on autopilot near the Dark Faith they all land in the hangar bay the bounty hunters get into their fighters The Dark Apprentice's eyes are seen fixed on Jaylen Eos before all fighters are seen rentering lightspeed to a unknown destination, the Dark Apprentice is seen heading to Darth Vader's meditation the dark apprentice is seen entering Vader's chamber as droids are seen repairing his suit Darth Vader says:


Vader: We have reached Coruscant.

Dark Apprentice: Yes master.

Vader: Come with me.



The clip shows Darth Vader & the Dark Apprentice heading to the hangar bay Boba Fett is seen standing outside the Slave I Boba Fett says:


Boba: My reward my lord.

Vader: Yes.

At that moment two stormtroopers are seen carrying a box full of credits Vader says:

Vader: This should cover your service.

Boba: Yes my lord.

Vader: Now go.


The clip shows Vader & the Dark Apprentice watching the Slave I leaving the Dark Faith & heads via lightspeed to a unknown destination, both sith are seen entering a imperial shuttle which leaves the Dark Faith & heads to the planet surface the imperial shuttle is seen landing on a landing pad near the imperial palace Darth Vader & the Dark Apprentice are seen exiting the imperial shuttle the Dark Apprentice is seen following Vader to a lift that takes them to the lower levels of the palace Vader & the Dark Apprentice exits the lift they enter a apartment overlooking the the undercity of Coruscant Vader says:


Vader: This is where you will remain until I send you on missions of importance.

Dark Apprentice: Yes master are these missions involving Starkiller I just need more encounter with him to finish what you started.

Vader: You are not ready yet my apprentice but your encounter toy request will come soon.

Dark Apprentice: Yes master.

Vader: Come with me I have something else to show you.

Vader & the Dark Apprentice are seen approaching a nearby wall Vader uses the force to move a object on a wall a secret door opens Vader enters first the lights in the room automatically come on revealing a hangar bay underneath the apartment as the Dark Apprentice he sees a starship infront of him Darth Vader is seen walking towards it before turn around & looking at the Dark Apprentice Vader says:


Vader: This is your starfighter it is called the Soul Hunter it is a unique class of starship it has a advanced auto pilot system which means you can control from another part of the galaxy plus advanced cloaking device,a open canopy cockpit for perfect view of enemy ships in your area it can hold at least six crew members but can be flown by one pilot, in terms of weaponary you have ion cannons, four f-46 laser cannons a quad gun for firing behind you, jamming systems, a false transponder code system for avoiding imperial & rebel codes for authorization, a holographic communications array which means I contact you from here on Coruscant a built in docking bay to hold a smaller ship, all systems can be voice activated.

Dark Apprentice: Thank you master.

Vader: This ship is the only of it's kind I erased all shipyard of it's existence & silenced all docking workers who constructed not even the emperor knows of it's purpose.

Dark Apprentice: Understood master.

Vader: I must go await my order for your next mission.

Dark Apprentice: As you wish master.


The clip shows the Dark Apprentice staring at the Silent Predator as Vader leaves him. The clip moves back to the Redemption exiting lightspeed over Yavin IV


End chapter

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Chapter 4 Mon Calamari


The redemption exits lightspeed near the planet Yavin IV, Starkiller, Juno Eclipse, Senator Mothma & Commodore Commodore Yat-De-Viedas are seen looking at the planet from the bridge, General Kota enters saying:


Kota: We have reached Yavin IV.

Juno: Yes General Kota.

Mon: This planet will be your base of operations, the empire has no bases out this far.

Starkiller: For now, they will eventually finds us.

Yat: They will if your reckless actions continue.

Starkiller: Listen Commodore I have a problem with authority so if you want to test me further.....

Mon: Thats enough both of you

Starkiller & Yat-De-Viedas continue to exchange looks. Mon says:

Mon: Captain Eclipse take the rogue shadow to the base on Yavin IV General Jan Dodonna is expecting you, Im moving this frigrate to another location.

Kota: Come on Starkiller Juno lets go.

Starkiller does not respond. Juno says:

Juno: Starkiller!!!!

Starkiller: Fine & Commodore I will see you soon.

Yat: Leave now.

Mon: Starkiller you have your orders.


The clip shows Starkiller & the others leave the bridge as Commodore Yat-De-Viedas is seen giving a faint smile, Starkiller & the others are seen heading to the hangar bay, they enter the rogue shadow that is seen leaving the Redemption just as it enters lightspeed to a unknown destination. The rogue shadow is seen heading to the planet surface, Juno says:


Juno; Starkiller you have to let the loss of Vader go.

Kota: I agree, we will get another chance, but if you continue to challenge the Commodore's authority.....

Starkiller: What Kota what are you going to do, arrest me.

Kota: It's his ship, he will give that order if you test him.

Proxy is seen entering the cockpit.

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