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Jedi Sentinel - Skill tree question(s)...


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Hi there, I've got a level 13 Jedi Sentinel character and to be honest I have no idea what I should be putting the points into. (I got 2 unused ones atm)


All advice appreciated. :)


Hey, try this build >> Click Me << it's a generic Solo DPS build, but It'll help you while leveling, you can obviously personalise or even change skill trees/role as you get to grips with your Character and find your play style.


By the way, do Jedi Knights even use Force Accuracy?? :confused:


Yes :) Strength >= Accuracy (110%) > Surge (70%) > Power > Crit (25%)

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I copied and pasted this from an old thread I used to frequent as I haven't actually played my Sent for a long time, but try this rotation (You'd be surprised how much space you have when you purge your toolbar of unneeded abilities)



-Precision Slash + Master Strike +/- Blade Storm


-Blade Storm with Opportune Attack

-Blade Rush to maintain buff and proc

-Opportune Attack

-Twin Saber Throw if okay to AoE

-Zealous Strike or Strike


Edit: Use Ataru form from level 20 onwards.

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