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WalkSwitch--The Walkmesh Changing Tool

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After about two weeks' work with MagnusII's analysis of the walkmesh format, I've made a simple tool that allows you to view the binary .wok files and edit the walktypes for individual faces. To quote the read-me:


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Walkmesh Switcher is a KotOR\TSL modding tool

designed to read, display, and edit binary

walkmesh files(in .wok format).


The program will count the number of faces in

the walkmesh, parse the coordinates, and then

draw each face according to the coloring of the

face's walk type.




After reading all of the faces in the walkmesh

and correlating the walk types with the faces,

the program will draw each of the faces with it's

appropriate color.


Due to the small size of the coordinates compared

to the size of the canvas, I have to scale each of

the coordinates by 10 before I draw them.




You can perform a walktype-change on multiple faces

at once.


To select just a single face, simply click

on that face.


To select multiple faces, hold Control and drag the

mouse across the faces that you want to change.




To change the walk type of a face, simply select a

face in the viewport and look to the selections on

the lefthand side of the window. The currently

selected face's walk type will already be active.

Simply click on a different color and the face will

be changed.




When you're done changing the faces, simply click

one of the save buttons.


To overwrite the current walkmesh's file, simply

click "Save .wok...".


To save the walkmesh as a different file, simply

click "Save .wok as...".




If you do have any problems, or want to see some

additional features, please report them to me in

this thread, or by PMing me on

DeadlyStream(as Fair Strides) or

LucasForums(Fair Strides 2).



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