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Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight Pre-order/Launch Order


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Probably for historic preservation reasons is my guess. I don't think it relates to differences in data on the discs at all. I'd be surprised if it was very different from any copies bought in the first few months. I doubt they made a small batch of jk1 to begin with.

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Let's see, there was the original release from Oct 1997, then there was the JK/MotS bundle that came out a year or so after MotS (Feb 1998). I think it was included in the LucasArts archive packs (not sure if it was on a new disc or just a loose version of one of the above releases).


Never heard anybody ask for that mark on a cd before... though JK got pirated fairly early (like every game back then) I don't think anybody released any booleg disc versions of it.

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Yeah, it's for a personal archive I'm creating and might share the information once I have enough to make worthwhile. (Not just JK)


The problem I'm having is a mass quantity of OEM Jewel Cases on eBay and zero US Retail boxes. Add onto it that there were so many editions of the game and there's also no guarantee that what you're buying hasn't been cross contaminated to make a complete set either.


I'm working on very minimal information here, but I believe there were at least two different US printings between Oct 9th and the archive/MoTS bundle was released. I can't know for sure, but I can only assume they both came in the same large holographic retail box which makes things infinitely more difficult for me.


The data is bit for bit an exact copy using the same master, but due to different distribution plants there's a slight bit difference in how the audio tracks were burned. (negligible in quality, but this is important in the dating of my archive)


The two from the Sept 11, 1997 Master Disc I've tracked down so far are

(Disc 1) - NIMBUS STREAM 9521830 IFPI L126 IFPI 8003


(Disc 1) - 9521830-R1C 8 1 V IFPI L231 IFPI 4011


I'm just at a brick wall with these two prints unless I can find someone that has an original edition or something pops up on eBay.

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