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[TSL] Class Changes.

Wedge Suron

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Atton Rand

Scoundrel to Soldier

Reason: I'd like more combat savvy people in my team. I might actually use him more often, other than when it's necessary and after he becomes a Jedi, if he was more combat savvy from the start.



Jedi Sentinel to Jedi Guardian

Reason: Same as Atton, it also gives her a bit more options in combat. I am tired of having her be limited in combat options.



Scout to Soldier

Reason: If she's supposed to hunt people, she would need good combat training/experience.


Other things:

Can this be uploaded to KOTOR Files, just in case the modder drops off the map. Or something happens to the link that you give me.

As for the Jedi classes, I can sort that with the Choose the Jedi Mod I don't remember the name of it on top of my head, but you can choose which Jedi Class your companions can become. I'm pretty sure there's a Hanharr mod, so he's covered.

No, I can't do this with KSE, I have never been able to figure out how to get it to work.

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The following is only speculation, but I think you should be able to do that pretty easy yourself.

What you'd have to do is use KotOR Tool to find the .utc files of those three companions, export them, open them KotOR Tool and change their class in the class tab. Then save those edits and put the modified .utc files in your Override, load a save from before you recruited the companion you want to test, recruit him and see if it worked.


Sadly I know neither how the utc files are called exactly, but they should be pretty obvious (in K1 it's p_Bastila.utc for example), nor where they are stored exactly^^

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Still interested in such a mod? As Kexikus said, the immediate change should be pretty easy, and I would be happy to do it if you want. That should effectively change their growth as they level up. However, that itself wouldn't change their base (starting) stats, and I doubt it would change what Jedi class Atton becomes. He former could probably be done with further .utc edits, and the latter probably with an edited script.

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