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Star Wars Battlefront 2 Intel Cider


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I have a question for those who have play it on the Mac or people who play in PC but know what this. I am having trouble on playing Battlefront 2. I download a torrent called Star Wars battlefront 2 intel cider which few people in the past manage to play but now it just got confusing for me. I have completed the seeding and I don't know what's the next part. I used wine to open two programs call "battlefront_org.exe"(something like that) and the second one is simple "battlefront.exe". When I try to open it with wine, the first one told me I need the disc to play I don't know, and the second one, I open it with wine, it opens the screen and crashes in 2 sec. I don't know what am I doing wrong. If anybody know the solution to this problem, please tell me I have been dealing this problem for hours and I mean a lot of hours. Thanks


P.S Please don't tell me why didn't I bought a PC, I wasn't the one that bought the Mac.

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