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MERGED: KOTOR 3 Petition


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As alkonium said, uncle George always considered the EU separate but that he had a canon comittee to attempt to keep it as consistent as possible.


It was their decision. Having said that, their decision isn't without consequence for them.


My refusal to continue following is not a choice I've made out of anger nor retaliation, but rather one of losing my taste (or growing a distaste if you prefer) for it.




Doing what now?


And yes, Carwill, they scrapped the entire EU on April 25, 2014, rebranding it "Legends" and starting all over again with new movies, new books, new comics, new video games, ones that completely contradict the old EU. Half the Star Wars fan base is in uproar about it. I'm really surprised you haven't heard anything about it.


I, personally, have no interest in the new canon whatsoever and am debating even seeing the new movies. I'm sticking to the old (true) canon.


Well, you can either trouble yourself with the crowds and ultimately give money to Disney who wrecking-balled it with uncle Geroge's internal 'executive' decision... or since it'll be out for free to watch on the internet in a matter of months, you can just hang tight 'till then.


So, that's it? Twenty-one years of EU novels, comics, games, and short fiction just thrown down the well? *brevity* Personally, I think the only reason they got the original cast to reprise their roles was because they knew the new movies wouldn't stand a snowball's chance in hell among fans if they didn't.


Yeah you're not the only one. Sure, it's their executive decision, but it's our choice as fans. So let's vote with our money...


I'm very glad to have learned about this. I was wondering why all the new editions of EU novels suddenly had a big yellow "Legends" logo plastered across the front cover.


Throwing the EU out the window is unforgivable. I had reservations about seeing the new movie to begin with, but I'm just about inclined to boycott it now.

Even so, this website which is its own thing, needs a reboot. As long as there is some area in it for what is now "legends", then I'll stick around. :)



There's been news: they've been discontinued. <snip>


The continuity "issues" posed by the prequels were no big deal at all, and were easily rectified. Revisionist historians make a bigger deal out of them in order to push their case for the new canon. The problems caused by The Clone Wars TV show were much more impactful, however, and too numerous to name here.


The enjoyment of the Legends continuity is not the point. The point was that we had one mostly-coherent universe kept under tight reigns by Lucas Film, and now it has been ripped apart. And as of this moment, no more Legends stories are being produced (aside from The Old Republic with its game expansions and short stories posted on the website). We fans simply want the Legends universe to continue as an alternate universe. Nothing more, nothing less.


Yeah. Very much this. Just because it's now a separate canon doesn't mean new material can't be made for it. They just won't. The executive decision to opt out of it, while respectfully was entirely theirs, killed it for myself and I suspect you Zer'Ny and other fans of EU.


But both the Vong and Meetra Surik are still canon within the Legends universe. You're still thinking from a Disney-canon-trumps-all perspective. I don't recognize the Disney canon at all.


Yeah. I don't even bother trying to explain it in person unless someone asks specifically and really wants to know. People are always taken aback when I steadfastly refuse the new canon. If people want to get into new canon, that's their thing and no hard feelings but personally I'm sitting this out. Just not excited about it.


@Carwil Hey, I wasn't pleased at how it ended for The Exile so I hear ya. Then again, it's well to remember few if any "connection piece" stories are as great as those in or beginning a story era. EA Bioware had already made SWTOR's story and it was almost ready for release by that point so the writing was on the wall so to speak: There really wasn't anywhere else it could go. Despite that, I still have some constructive criticisms how it could have been better as-is.


It's sort of like the Mega Man X series: Capcom owns it but it was Keiji Inafune who made it good. That's a series which had been messed up because the company wasn't talking to their principal story teller and decided to go behind his back and start producing more games in that series. Then there came a falling out between the company and Inafune.


While it irks me, on the one hand Capcom decided to ultimately not do a third megaman legends (a different canon), on the other maybe it's better they stop ****ing things up. They have taken a spiteful position towads Keiji Inafune on the megaman franchise deciding to keep it but continue do nothing with it. They currently are pulling a (pre-sprint) Radioshack by attempting selling of assets in order to survive and are concentrating on Street Fighter 5 now as their flagship series and discontinuing others like the beaten dead horse franchise of Resident Evil.



I digress: Disney's new canon will run its course for better or worse. It's up to us fans of old EU to keep it alive in our own ways from here on. Disney has done some abysmal stuff to marvel stuff (the 'changes' to Thor case in point), and while it's premature to say they will definitively do the same to SW, a realist would say there's a fair chance of it. Either way, they nerfed the EU which as my reason for continuing to be a fan. I don't have more dollars than sense to follow the new, so I'll just continue to be here.

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Reading between the lines, I think we can infer volumes about Disney's attitude towards owning the fourth highest-grossing film franchise in American history from this little incident. Firstly, and this is coming from a layman's perspective, but considering how many stories have been told in the EU, in the forms of books, video games, comics, conventional games, etc., isn't it fair to say that majority of Star Wars fiction was contained within the EU? The canon that Disney just walked all over in the name of releasing new films with a clean slate? That just...doesn't seem like a smart decision. Secondly, Disney and anyone within Uncle George's camp who blessed their decision obviously didn't do their homework before carpet bombing the EU, because had they conducted an hour's worth of market research, they could've easily projected how many fans they'd lose by writing the EU out of canon. Either that, or they're just so dumb/overconfident about the revenue they're counting on TFA to rake in that they expect it to at least recoup their losses. I'm not sure which is worse.


I'll end it there before I go off on a long tangent and this becomes a rant, but, to summarize, it just seems to me that making the Expanded Universe non-canon was an inconsiderate and all-round poor decision. I mean, the movies and the canon hardly ever even intersected, and when they did, it was so far in the past or future as to have a negligible effect on the new movies' plot (if any), such as in The Courtship of Princess Leia.


That's my two cents, anyways, so take them and buy yourself a juma juice.

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