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  1. Art thou alive?

  2. Yes. I also do believe that it factors in on how defense is calculated as does DEX. I don't know the mechanics of how the system "rolls" or all its coded equations for this, but stats matter as basis variables (depending on your assigned inputs). Your HP will naturally grow with level even should you not make any changes, but if you do add to it, then it will grow even more. I don't know if this is a linear relationship or a n exponential relationship but suffice it to say the obvious: the more you have the greater the stat is when leveling up.
  3. Actually Rule of Two was something Darth Bane conceived upon after learning all he could from the holocron of Darth Revan, so it isn't in KOTOR. Well... There's quotes from Malak and Revan on KOTOR, and some from Darth Bandon and other more minor characters. There are Revan quotes from SWTOR but I don't think they're sith...mostly...
  4. Merry (belated) Christmas and a happy new year!

  5. http://www.eonline.com/news/622887/spaceballs-2-a-go-mel-brooks-talks-sequel-its-perfect-obvious-title-and-rick-moranis http://www.cinemablend.com/new/Spaceballs-Sequel-Here-Truth-101067.html http://bloody-disgusting.com/news/3373956/spaceballs-the-search-for-more-money-is-happening/ http://www.inquisitr.com/2651249/is-spaceballs-2-the-search-for-more-money-a-go-what-mel-brooks-really-said-about-making-a-sequel/ Admittedly I'm glad a sequel is being conceived upon but I'm skeptical because president Skroob--err I mean Mel Brooks has dangled this carrot in front of us all before. It'd be wise this time, though, if he shaped the mortar before it dries and got to it in the wake of the new SW movie (What was it called? The farce awakens?). Unfortunately Barf and Dot matrix won't be there. Neither will Pizza the Hutt. If it were for real or there was some evidence it was actually in the works I might believe 'em. All I've seen thus far is just talk. Until then I'm going to say "yeah whatever" and go on about my life. And on a semi related note I guess Rick Moranis in his retirement from movies is questioning whether or not to take up Tourettes Guy on his challenge. All this being said, this is my view on it... Thoughts?
  6. Your av reminds me a bit of actor Tom Wilson.

  7. I never played a FF before and I'm not too interested in the lengthy debates about the past installments. I'm read a little on FF in general. Some characters appeal to me. I'm aware how MMORPGs work in general. What I want to know: What is this FF about? Would 14 be a difficult starter? How fun is it to play? Does it have tech and/or steampunk in addition to magic themes? How much can you customize characters? Is the story sort of self fulfilling prophecy or does it have a light/dark continuity?
  8. Source http://kotaku.com/recore-is-from-keiji-inafune-and-the-developers-of-metr-1711414315?trending_test_two_f&utm_expid=66866090-68.hhyw_lmCRuCTCg0I2RHHtw.5&rev=1434386756908&utm_campaign=Socialflow_Kotaku_Facebook&utm_source=Kotaku_Facebook&utm_medium=Socialflow&utm_referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2F A game which includes the great mind of Keiji Inafune whom you may know of if you are a fan of the MegaMan franchise, and the team behind Metroid Prime. It will be interesting to see where this goes. I'd like to say Microsoft made a smart move in hiring, but I'm not going to speak too soon. Still, if you're a fan of those two things like I am, you can't help but wonder where this is going.
  9. Well crap...I didn't see the thread or I'd have told you that.
  10. The thing you have to keep in mind is what way you're going to handle graphics. Whether you're using your on board graphics in your CPU or a separate GPU, the thing which limits your ability for higher resolutions is how much ram and how much the cache can handle at a time. I was not aware of the shadow issue as MrV said above, so that's another consideration. But skins/textures are what take up so much memory, not the models or the scripting, etc. For CPU you have to give it sufficient system RAM, and in addition to caching you have to keep an eye on system resources a little more closely. This is a simpler way to set it up, though. Usually not a huge concern unless you have other applications running in the background. Make sure you have better cooling than your stock fan in any case. For GPU an average amount of Vram is 2 to 4GB, 6GB is beginning to get large, and the upper levels are 12GB (so far as I know) for Titans and Teslas (these are professional, not something a gamer or hobbyist will buy). Also the frequency clock is an important factor as well. For gaming you ideally want one optimized for it (performance). There may be higher end cards as you will note, but these are more meant for workstation and production and not necessarily performance. They could play games but may not be optimized to handle them at their best settings. A production graphics card's architecture (circuit layout) is meant to spend hours or even days on end rendering and calculating and shrugging off heat that would likely kill other cards. For my purposes I don't necessarily need a "balls-to-the-wall" card. Obviously you want a PSU which can handle your whole system, a graphics card, and then some. Higher the quality, the better components it's made from and the longer it will last. Sure, more efficient too, but any SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supply) is designed to be equal to or over 90% efficient. For sound...I have found a simple USB SoundBlaster soundcard with a good set of headphones or some compact speakers with at least some surround capability works well. For peripherals... Keyboard, I'm going to say go with Logitech mechanical as I have seen several disappointments by Razer. Corsair keyboards look like they fare nicely. There's that glove thing, though, and I don't know how well it'd work. Or if you want general purpose, something with ergonomics in mind. I have a Microsoft 4000 ergonomic I use on and off and it's pretty nice, if a bit large. Don't pay more than about $40-50. Mouse? For MMO get one which is multi button (here at least Razer doesn't disappoint). For action based I'd otherwise recommend something with fast response like the G502 proteus core. Monitor...frankly a mid range gaming level Asus will probably do fine for SWTOR. I'm not sure what game requires the refresh rate of a BenQ. Obvbiously there's a ton more choices, I'm just mentioning what's commonly available that works.
  11. Heh. Yep. I'm about to get me a 6GB GTX980Ti for rendering 3D. I'm sure it'll handle whatever games I throw at it.
  12. Hey, just wanted to say that although you may have your doubts on spirituality and theism and the like...I admire that you still use the word "pray" to wish the best for people who've suffered a tragedy. Thank you.


    BTW you're a supermod now? Congrats!

  13. You know what's funny is I once considered this place to be a place of keeping brevity, and now I see there's a difference between that and quality in having discussions online. I realized after some long winded posts I made here was that this place doesn't mind discussing things at length, just engage the subject and don't try to be flashy. And after enough 4chan, and janitorial duty on an electrical engineering forum where you'd get $*** posts of people not even putting whole sentences together...and yes even crap on social media... I really am going to miss "old days" of foruming not quite 10 years old to me yet. Sure this type of online activity will always be around but it won't be a booming thing. On the other hand, it gives us the chance to know each other that much more. Yeah... I guess we're all getting a little older now. But we're not old yet. As for being grumpy... I think we tend to look back on ourselves and others with a different, changed set of eyes and see things we don't like. It is well to improve, but also to let go of past mistakes. Doting is vanity and pointless. No, rather let us always remember our roots fondly, but live in the present. This place is on its way out into archive land. As one of my last posts here, in the swamp, I'm glad to have been a part of it here. I hope if any of you come back here after this place is archived, that I see you in Star Wars Gamer. Ahto has found its new home.
  14. In a nutshell, there's a bit of content you just can't access without expansions, be it superficial, to story and "places" to go, to items used in game, to the very important tweaks and balances. For example: Though consulars and inquisitors were quite overpowered at the debut of SWTOR as I understand it...frankly I think it's bull **** that tanking variants of character progressions cannot at least heal themselves moderately in-battle if their companion is a DPS. Also (this may have changed but I don't think so) I think it's robbery that dye packs cost so much and are so rare. Also the professions are just plain broken--I cannot profit from artifice and archaeology, and the upgrades are mediocre though perhaps better than nothing in a desperate pinch. I wished BioWare EA would have addressed this when I was still able to play...
  15. Not as easily solved. Now yes, I know, inquisitors like asajj ventress, but the whole point of it was less dark side users, less undermining, and more dark force power for fewer because the dark side does not work well diluted among so many. I realize there's a move to rewrite how this works with the force but the base underpinning is still there. Pretty soon you have a ton of Vader wannabees and the effect on the overall story is something of anticlimax.
  16. That may be true. However this is a pivotal point where the frame of the public view may more than likely be moved away treating it as such: the notion EU was never canon--which Zerimar already addressed quite nicely, so I won't beat a dead horse. No, I get all that. It's business. I'm just on a completely different page from the casuals. I would call them obnoxious but I was pleb at one point and someone gave me a break... once. *facepalm* Lynk you always were good for some lulz. To each their own, really. Business could go either way. However, what they have done to EU isn't why I hate them. Recently I've come to know just what a big fat globalist Walt Disney was (same ilk as fictional Devin Weston for example). In Disney's origins lurks something hideous. So it's for my conscience that I no longer have anything to do with Disney. For all the praise I have given the company in the past, I take it back now. Suit yourself. Slight correction. Hey, if I'm out of the mainstream now, I'll have safely distanced myself if it tanks. If it's the patronizing plebs in wake of success... Then, I say to each one, as Franklin said to Hao when Hao told him there was a silver medal with his name on it after a street race... This. It's interesting how much like the differing versions of the Bible and the Old Testament the differing canons of Star Wars are becoming regarding fans, much as one person on Youtube predicted (don't remember exactly who). Well, the new Rebels stuff is stepping on TCW with the inquisitors, since even TCW had numerous references to the rule of two sith. Lucas himself even made up Darth Bane and the rule of two background. So the inconsistency will be there, and one needn't look very hard for it. As for Heir to the Empire and other EU made prior to Ep1 TPM, I don't know if that was ever accepted by Uncle George to be honest. Everything afterwards, they did at the LF canon committee. I think it's due in no small part to Uncle George changing his mind midway through. Multiple points of juncture, like Infinities, and even the events of Soul Calibur 4. There was a spinoff where Han and Chewie crashed to earth and died, and then Indiana Jones found the wreckage centuries later commenting how it "felt strangely familiar". The joke of course being the same actor portraying both characters. Well, if Vader, Starkiller, and Yoda went through Astral Chaos to reach Earth to search for Soul Edge and Soul Calibur, and Astral Chaos is a more mystic approach to time travel, undoing and redoing reality, I see no problem with this. The armor of Kylo Ren comes across to me personally as something of a Revan knockoff, or more like a sith warrior outfit from SWTOR.
  17. Nah you're not the only one, something about it doesn't smell right. My initial thought was he learned/knew something he shouldn't have, or he wasn't "going with it" and crossed the silent blue line. When there is evidence to the contrary the "official story" is wrong, it really isn't "just a conspiracy theory" anymore. If you can believe it I have friends who'd rather just stick their heads back in the sand because "even if you have evidence, they'll never admit it" and keeping stubbornly consistent is apparently "too obsessive" for them. Now the retirement bit I didn't know about, but it makes me wonder. I was kinda neutral after the revelation of messages between all of them. Then again, you remain unconvinced and you knew something I didn't so I guess I've tipped back into the territory of viewing this as not kosher. Stands to reason: How hard is it to fabricate text messages? How hard is it to throw your weight around with the almighty subpoena and shut up questions from others with the threat of authority? At the least it sounds like he was a fall guy if the officer wasn't innocent. Otherwise, this stinks to high heavens.
  18. True enough. What I'm amazed at is how a cheap p.o.s. fog machine costs $40 for Halloween. (Their longevity suffers because fog fluid corrodes metals and eats away at the diaphragm in the pump even if it's fine, electrically. Made even worse if you try to clean it out with water.) Ah but then halloween specialty stores like halloween spirit rent a vacant store (like the former Borders in Carson City NV) every year. I digress... If you're going to be Politically Correct, tow the line and don't be phony. Ah, but now I'm telling them how to run their business--how dare I tell them not to take advantage of seasonal trends for profit! I'm the most horrible person in the world! Well, I've seen companies jumping the gun as early in the year as May for "back to school" sales. *shrug* An early start is one thing, but this??? As it pertains to black friday thru cyber monday, I do recall that year an old man who was a greeter at Wal-Mart was trampled to death in the stampede. It's a sad day when a Chinese email friend hears about it within 30 minutes and asks you if you've heard--before it comes out in the hourly news. I can't scoff too much though. While I acknowledge the irony of black friday starting mere hours after a holiday where we're all supposed to be most grateful, I've taken advantage of it too I'm afraid. Thankfully online more than in person. I'd like to say I wouldn't be caught dead being in that crowd but never say never. Sure I get crazy sometimes, but I hope I don't reach *that* level. Probably not cuz once I've eaten I'm more keen to walk it off like I do most meals, and stay at home. Well, you want inconsistency? You can buy Cat Run for $5 at wally's, which I'd say is almost too graphic for an "R" rating. Like a slasher flick only more realistic. Then again B movies are less popular. But still, the point being they censor one thing and not another. I can go there to get chemicals or suppliments since I'm getting to be an old ass man. Well, I'm not THAT old but old enough I can see generations of both before and after mine. Or I get plastic tubs for storing stuff or whatever. Maybe analog VOMs (volt-ohm meters). Wally's...depends which location that has the uptight manager. Some locations the staff are all pretty laid back. Especially the one with an old vet at the door who I chat with about cars. My sister got busted years ago with her friends. She tried to lift the least of all of them, a measly $11 worth. However, she didn't try anything stupid. The deputy said they were going to call us when the store pursued it, but we never got that call. Nevada (northern) is like the Texas of the western states and I notice that their government tends to hate bureaucracy. Guess the manager figures he got the bigger fish to fry in that group. Still, you want to watch yourself late night during hours where ex-cons are using the floor cleaner. Trevor is a believable character, and he stands out among others. They certainly tapped into something with him. I still don't like that he killed Johnny K (among other things as a matter of personal taste). Some say the point of his post prologue intro was to make players not 100% sure about him. They have a point to a point. I've seen the sychophantic fanboys' knee-jerk defense of him. As I said, he's fun but if I had no other choice I wouldn't bemoan the loss of him. Having known people IRL a bit like him colors your perspective. The GTA Online protagonist is unafraid of him but silent like GTA3's Claude. If I could, my orignal character would be somewhat like Darth Sion and Undertaker, seemingly undead but unseen like a ninja. A sicko, like him, but different. The grim reaper, lurking death you won't see until he wants you to (when it's too late). In a review I'll address some of the problems not only with Trevor, but overall. Some of these things weren't terrible but there just wasn't a whole lot of elaboration in each story arc. I get that rockstar wants to avoid filler, but the main story was something like 70 missions while other GTA games with singular characters had storyline upwards of around 100 missions.
  19. Since it's everywhere, and it can no longer be ignored, now I have to wear my t-shirt with caution out in public. I realize I'm no longer 'hip' and not part of the 'in crowd' as a detractor of new canon. As a "NEW-C" detractor, and a fan of the Expanded Universe, even I predict that at least initially it will make a killing if only for the reason that its "the shiny new installment" and "because it's Star Wars" as it is said. That's how consumerism works more or less. Even the proponents here on LF are civil compared with some fans. In person as well as watching social media I find it most amusing some of the biggest proponents elsewhere on new canon are also some of the nastiest with sentiments that can be boiled down essentially to: "Looks like you're gonna be lonely, hahaha." and "You call yourself a SW fan you poser?" While I speak mostly for myself, I do believe there's other EU fans who agree with me. Excuse the cliche' of my replies: --Why so serious, hipper than thou? Who died and made you god? I really don't get the whole patronizing dismissive attitude about what is now "Legends". Then again, if you have to loudly wear it on your sleeve, you aren't as secure in your position as you think you are. No judgment here. I don't begrudge anyone for going and seeing the new movie...So WTF?!
  20. I can see why you'd do that. My reasons for avoiding Target are if I can get stuff from RS, costco, or dollar tree, so much the better. If I need serious hardware I go to a hardware store. If I need household tools I go to my local mom and pop stores or harbor freight. Maybe a big name store on occasion. So Target just never really stood out for me, and being all of them are at least 30 miles away there's little reason to visit one. Then what sealed the deal is they decided to go with political correctness. Hey, it's their choice but if they're going to not sell things to avoid "offending" someone or cuz they have some kind of political agenda, I don't care for them especially when they still whore themselves out for holidays on the down low for profit. It just says pretentious all the way around. It's my right to protest by keeping my money and going elsewhere. Actually, so do Wal-Mart and gamestop for a new copy. Much was implied, much was assumed. No, it's fine as stores go (quite clean and polished), I just never saw it as worth going to over the years. Wal-Mart started out the American dream but has become a reason we don't have competition, and our free markets aren't as free anymore. There's stuff I'll get but for the most part it's great for insomniac loitering just to piss off their uptight managers. :trollface: Yeah, pretty much the same here. I tend to just wait till stuff I want is bargain bin or on sale. For at least a few years I didn't do much console playing so not a whole lot of reason to even visit. I'll admit T is fun to play as, but at the same time he reminds me of people I have known, and wish I didn't. I wouldn't miss him. But he will burn himself out eventually. If nothing else it's fun to think how Freddy Krueger would have a heyday torturing Trevor to death with his own psyche. The Darth Nihilus would consume Freddy for all he's worth. And I can ultimately choose how they all die.
  21. That and Daz3d--if you're into that sort of thing. Yeah same here, other stores are running them out. Used to be some in northern NV but I think they're all gone. The 3 locations of K mart near me: 2 around Sacramento seem to be suffering a bit but somehow still pulling through... for now. Same sort of problem and situation. Then there is one Big-K up in Tahoe doing best currently, probably getting the most attention from corporate of any chain. I have my additional speculative reasons why this is but fact is this one continues to gross probably $1-2M like the lone RadioShack up the road from it. Ugh, Target? Other than some CDs in 2001, some t shirts and jeans, and a couple copies of KOTOR 2 several years ago, I was unimpressed. Wally's? They have their uses. A good time it is, and though nothing too specialized, it seems to keep its abundance. Smart move, though the in-store is half the experience! Most of them have differing store themes at their physical locations. Roseville is the only one with the railroad theme I think. Sick of GameStop eh? Here's something that'll make ya envious you live so far away from it: http://www.thewarpzoneslt.com/ Ah, well if you go broke at the San Dieg--err "Santiago" Fry's location, come on up north to Bakersf--I mean Sandy Shores. If you're willing to sell your soul to the devil himself, Trevor Phillips enterprises might have a space for ya! Ron and Wade could use some companionship.
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