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Star Wars The Force Awakens MNF Trailer


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That problem's pretty easy to solve. The Inquisitors aren't Sith, and thus don't violate the Rule of Two. They actually existed in the EU in more or less the same form before being introduced into the new Canon via Rebels.


Not as easily solved. Now yes, I know, inquisitors like asajj ventress, but the whole point of it was less dark side users, less undermining, and more dark force power for fewer because the dark side does not work well diluted among so many. I realize there's a move to rewrite how this works with the force but the base underpinning is still there. Pretty soon you have a ton of Vader wannabees and the effect on the overall story is something of anticlimax.

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Man I can't wait to see this movie, every time I see the ads on tv I never skip them


It will also be the first time my cousins see a SW movie in a theater since they were still tiny when EP 3 came out, we can't wait


Also, there better be some cool pew-pew moments with the ground troops

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