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Sith Lord quote? (Weird question, I promise.)


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This is probably going to be the most far fetched question you've ever read, but here goes!


My husband used to play KOTOR like it was his reason to breathe back in the day. We're both star wars fans (Although him MUCH more than I) and we recently fell pregnant and want to do a star wars themed nursery.


Now, he's always been fond of the Sith and considers himself much a Sith Lord, and we're looking for quotes that will fit our theme.


He remembers a particular quote from KOTOR that he really liked and it involved the "Rule of two." It was said by a sith (I believe) and he said it may or may not have been involved in a cutscene, but it was many moons ago and he can't remember who said it or where it was said.


Any help would be fantastic! Thank you!

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Actually Rule of Two was something Darth Bane conceived upon after learning all he could from the holocron of Darth Revan, so it isn't in KOTOR.


Well... There's quotes from Malak and Revan on KOTOR, and some from Darth Bandon and other more minor characters.


There are Revan quotes from SWTOR but I don't think they're sith...mostly...

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