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*Spoilers* What is the point of the new movies?

Wedge Suron

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I'm going to start this off by pissing off a lot of people, by saying... the new movie sucks! Besides being a near carbon copy of the Fourth movie, superweapon and all with quite a few plot conveniences so that the story can just happen as it does. What was the point of it? Because, there's not just the fourth movie in there, there's several EU events included just for the hell of it and unlike in the EU, they're not done well because there's little to no buildup to them.



My Problems with the film:


Kylo Ren's fall to the dark side, being the son of Han Solo is handled so poorly. It seems more like Prequels Anakin's fall to me and that's sad. The EU did it a lot better, Jacen Solo same position. Fell to the dark side, but he didn't just suddenly fall to the dark side, it was built up to.


The New Republic doesn't even do ANYTHING in the movie, except get their planets blown up. Really? Anyway, why aren't they fighting this war anyway? Why is it the Resistance? Not even the point that we want to return to the original trilogy can excuse it. Of course, the New Republic by it's end in the EU didn't do anything, but at least we KNEW why it didn't do anything. Politicians were the main contributor. If there's a line about why in the movie, then it's so forgettable that it isn't done right.


It's boring to me! As someone who doesn't want to see the Jedi fight against the Sith in... every... single... movie... I don't care for the fact that it's the Rebellion VS the Empire. It's the Jedi VS the Sith and even though that's the main point for Star Wars, the EU didn't just throw us in to the battle EVERY SINGLE STORYLINE, like these movies all do. I don't care about the new names, they're the same thing. Frankly, I don't care. I wanted a new enemy to fight, instead of some recycled foes from previous movies.


Rey, I'm pretty sure that she's supposed to be Kylo Ren's Sister. It's so boring and repetitive, that I can actually predict that she's probably his sister.


In the end, if I wanted to see Han Solo's son fall to the Dark Side. I'd go read the stories in the EU of Jacen Solo's fall, yes the EU. I don't care for the title Legends, because at this point, the new canon might as well be Legends for all I care.



So... now that I've probably pissed off quite a few people, please don't just shout at me. In short, I don't think I'll be going to see the sequel.

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