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KotOR I Enemy Abilities help?

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So I recently got KotOR I & II on PC after years of playing the Console versions, and in my typical fashion for games I've played vanilla before, I instantly modded them, probably overlapping a couple that shouldn't be mixed in the process...


Now I haven't gotten around to TSL yet to see what I've inadvertently broken because I'm more or less stuck in KotOR I. Whenever I get into a Fight with any Enemy that could be considered a "Dark Jedi Master", either generic or someone like Bandon or Jorak Uln on Korriban, the fight goes well enough until I get them down to about 25% health and then they start spamming Death Field constantly, turning what would otherwise have been a simple fight into an endurance slug-fest where I'm constantly going into my menus to manually select healing items. As I'm currently playing a LS Run, the Fight with Uln was especially annoying, as he kept killing the other student who helps you until I used KSE to give myself the "Insta-Kill Pistol" and basically cheated the fight...


I don't remember these fights being Half this difficult on the Console version, so I'm guessing that one or more of my mods altered either Enemy Behavior or their Spell Lists to make this an issue.


My Question is: Is there a way to completely Remove "Death Field" from an Enemy's ability pool, and if so How? Or! If Not, then how might I modify enemy behavior to make them less likely to spam this game-breaking ability like they have been? I've done a bit of fiddling around with both KSE and the KorOR Tool, but honestly don't know where to start, and digging through the internet to this point has only left me scratching my head while fighting off a migraine.

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Hello Almech,




Have you considered your difficulty? As the harder it is the larger amount of damage you receive from the enemy... thus making them drain more from you in the process. Do you have the file: difficultyopt.2da within your override folder?


Or, have you tweaked this file at all: k_sp1_generic.ncs? As this is what controls what happens when the enemy decides to use dead field.


Many thanks,


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My difficulty is set to Normal, which is what I always played it on the Console version with no issue, and though the difficulty file is in my override folder the only thing that's been done to it is the "Insanity" difficulty level was added. While I like a challenge every now and again, I prefer to limit my sadomasochistic gaming experiences to Dark Souls and Ninja Gaiden, so I haven't touched it...


As for the other file, I Personally have not touched it, but that doesn't mean one of the mods I've installed hasn't. I'll look into it. Thanks.


Edit: Ok, I found the k_sp1_generic.ncs file. It was Not in my Override folder, so I dug it out using the KotOR tool. On the other hand, when I open it all I see is a bunch of hexidecimal values and vague descriptions that are leaving me a little cross-eyed...

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Main Mods:


K1 Enhancement

K1 Restoration

(My best guess is something in mixing these two is what screwed me over... >_> )


"Fluff" Mods:


Canon Galaxy Map for K1

Dantooine Training Lightsabers

Segan Wyndh Sabers

Weapon Model Overhaul

Weapon Model Overhaul Texture Rework

Fire and Ice HD

Hi-Res Beam Effects Mod

High Quality Skyboxes

A Mix of the 2012 and OTE World Reskins by XediiXarwarz, edited by me to fix the transparency issues.

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And simply Not installing the mod causes this save to CTD... /sigh, I guess there's nothing for it but to either continue this save through till the end, cheating my way through the Death Field Slog-Fest it's become, or simply skip to TSL... -_-


I don't really like either option, to be honest, but thanks for trying anyway.

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