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Content in ReMI Big Box release


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Don’t know if this one has already been discussed.


With the upcoming release of ReMI on Monday I really hope that someone is also thinking about creating a physical big box release of this game.


Assuming this will happen, what goodies would you like to have in the box - no matter if it’s realistic or not?


Here are my wishes that could make sense to have:

- a price tag for the horse armor that everyone gets with the preorder

- maybe a coffee cup coaster in the shape of the horse armor or Murray 💀

- a ReMI poster in landscape or portrait mode, signed by Ron, Dave and Rex

- postcards that advertise either traveling to Melee Island or Stan‘s new business 

- a plastic fish

- a plastic skull of Murray as key tag

- postcard of Melee Island

- a map of Monkey Island

- a coin

- a letter with a summons to court

- recipe book

- small diary with all adventures of Guybrush (someone did that already)

- alternative poster of ReMI of Rex Crowle based on the concept Steve Purcell did for Tales (?)

- as much as I‘d like to have a code wheel that (a) wouldn’t make any sense and (b) would just be a connection for old fans and pure nostalgia. New phone players wouldn’t be able to reference it. And ReMI is not based on nostalgia afaik like Thimbleweed Park did.


Those are all That is it from me for now. I may come up with other ideas later.


Would love to read what you come up with 🙋🏻‍♂️😀

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Ok, I know it's a bit of a stretch (it is a ReMI box set and not a collection after all) but I would really appreciate it if the first two games (EGA version for MI1 possibly) were collected as a bonus in a USB. No special edition, or anything like that, but playable without ScummVM. Kind of like having Maniac Mansion when you buy Day of the Tentacle, only not in-game.


Other than that, soundtrack and art book would be very nice 👍🏻

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