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So, how did we do with our serious predictions? (Full spoiler mode)


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There's a 'Make one serious prediction' thread in the main forum, and obviously we can't leave spoilers there, so how about we talk about them here, and any other genuine predictions we might have made over the course of the pre-release.


Mine from that thread was:


The carnival/child Guybrush is in SOME sense real


, and the 'real' guybrush we're playing now is genuinely grown up. 


As is the brother thing, that's also real.


It might not be quite what we imagined, but it's also not going to be 'actually nah that was all just a spell that LeChuck put on you'.


The opening of the game will address this, but it'll be revisited at the end too.


In another thread I said:


  • As we journey through the carnival we see attractions that mirror different parts of monkey island games ( not as many as I thought, but it's in there) and as Guybrush's imagination wanders, the world slowly morphs back into his pirate fantasy ()
  • We see an older guybrush taking his own kids to the carnival ( I'm definitely giving myself this one) which has become more run down since he last visited (🌓 I'm giving myself half marks for this one. It is more run down than it looked but not since he last visited). And he reminisces (), which triggers something like the above ( not really, it just goes straight into the game)
  • We see wizards of oz style real-world versions of characters from the MI universe at the carnival ()


Also you know what, I'm going to take this comment I made about my above predictions and call it a hit too:


"Also I think there's perhaps a way for all the stuff I said to happen without it necessarily *simply* meaning that it's all Guybrush's fantasy but I don't want to get into it right now"


(Basically, I had a strong feeling in two directions: that the carnival ending wasn't simply LeChuck's curse, firstly. I never understood the impulse to just write it into nothing, like that.  And secondly that the straight 'guybrush's childhood fantasy' read of it didn't quite account for everything and that while it was closer to the truth, it would be complicated somewhat by what we actually get.)


I am OKAY with that hit rate and yes I did create this post just to tell you all how clever I am I'm wondering how YOU think you did.


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