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  1. I didn't know where else to ask about this, but does anyone know if there was a Hi-Res version of that "Return to Monkey Island" poster that was made for the April Fools joke back in 2002? I could only find this tiny one on the Monkey Island wiki. Sidenote: This is a great title and should absolutely be used if a 6th game ever gets made.
  2. I posted this in the comments where Andywinxp posted about his iMuse fixes but it ocurred to me that article is too old for people to go back to and see, so I'm posting it here. "So I've done some more testing, and there seems to be a bug in the music. Sometimes, when the music is transitioning from one track to another, the previous track continues to play, or it transitions to the start of the next song rather than whatever the track's up to. For example, in the Barbery Coast, when you finish talking to one Rottingham, it transitions to the main theme but keeps playing the Rottingham v
  3. So awesome to see this classic art in high def. Any chance of a high def, textless version of this Afterlife poster?
  4. Yeah, these forums are much better than the Steam ones. Dear lord, what a bunch of whiny little shits. It's getting worse though cause someone just posted a YouTube video about it (that I won't link because why would I give them the viewership they crave) which has already gotten over 3000 views and the comments are all the same crap, people whining about the game "going woke" and all the subtext that entails along with "Well they don't get my business" Karen talk. I really hope this doesn't ruin the success of the game and it's just a vocal minority.
  5. It'd be great if Jake or anybody could give some official word on that. I imagine it's pretty likely that they're already in development but whether they actually come to light will be determined by the sales of the first season.
  6. It's definitely not that and it will be very apparent what the design is because you will come across it eventually. I hope that's vague enough.
  7. This is probably my favourite cover of the Monkey Island theme.
  8. I think the first thing you need to know is to save as often as you can, especially before you travel because you will have a limited amount of money to do so, but there's also quite a few deaths and dead ends in the game.
  9. Favourite and "Best" are two different things for me, so BTAS is my favourite, mainly because I really got into the different locations of each episode, the Zombie Factory being a major highlight. TDP is clearly the better game, but exorcising an evil Santa or playing Cupid for Jurgen's monster never gets old.
  10. It is always Curse. Part of it I think will always be because it was the first one I played, not only in the Monkey Island series but the first of all the LucasArts adventures and introduced me to adventure gaming. Nostalgia's a hell of a drug. Having said that, a lot of things from my childhood haven't aged well in the slightest, so I still believe it speaks to the overall quality of the game that I still consider it my favourite. The game just oozes atmosphere with every new background and the style of humour just knocked it out of the park for me. MI1 and 2 were masterpieces too, but Curse
  11. Hi all, so glad these forums are back, I've missed this community. I thought it'd be a good idea to bring this to your attention; if you're experiencing issues with Day of the Tentacle Remastered, specifically the music transitions being out of sync or just flat out not executing, it's because of the new build of Windows 10, 2004. Rolling back to 1909 fixes it straight away but it's a pain in the arse that we can't update without breaking the game. I tweeted about it to Double Fine a while back but if anyone else is experiencing this issue it's probably worth bringing up again.
  12. I don't think Double Fine is interested in further remasters any time soon. Tim has been very vocal about his desire to focus on new ideas after Psychonauts 2 is released because he's done with looking backwards for a while. So we should probably avoid looking to them for any potential Mojo-centric releases for the forseeable future.
  13. Yep, that did the trick. Thanks man, love your work. Now I've just been testing the custom resolutions...is it meant to have strange cutting marks/lines on the screen for anything but default? I assume that's just a bug that hasn't been fixed yet?
  14. Sure, no worries. I'm running Windows 7 Professional (64 bit) The error message appears after I press "run without cds"
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