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LucasConsoles beta 2


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Guest Kurgan

Looks good so far.. I'd suggest a softer red though, it looks a bit harsh.


Otherwise nice job!



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Guest ZeroXcape

Ya, I should be there for sure...


Also Swoosh, not to pressure you or anything, but until we get the word from LEC about GB - let's try and get LucasConsoles done ASAP. The *second* you think you have a final layout (your current one looks great) then Chris and I will begin loading it up with content.


I want to see if we can get LC open either the first or second week of August. The end of August is going to be pretty hectic for me (and others) due to school starting up again.


LC's lookin great...

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Yeah, I'm trying to push it out ASAP, but I'm having a lot of time constraints right now. Once we do decide that the beta is done, I can get the console sections done quickly and my side will be done. Also, I am leaving Sunday for a week (I told Chris about this) so I hope to get everything done by Saturday.


So, I need everyone's final suggestions. These are what I have so far:


1. Put something in the circle for the console menu.

2. Fix header for 1600 rez.


This is what I see on my to do list besides the above:

1. Finish community logos (forums and chat)

2. Create location images for every possible page.

3. Create 4 console sections (Xbox, GCN, PS2, GBA)


Let me know what you think.



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Guest ChrisC3po

The only other thing I feel that needs to be done is to decide on one format for the menus, right now they titles are all over the place.


As for the circle, I'm not sure what we should do with it. It just doesn't look right empty.

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Guest Sherack Nhar

For the empty circle, maybe we could use something that represents every consoles at once, or LC.com as a whole... or maybe just an image of a PS2 controller that switches to the controller of the following console every seconds.


About my Console War Week, I should be able to finish it today or tomorrow. Sorry for the delay.


EDIT: I got another idea for the circle. Why don't you make it disappear when the user's pointer is not on a console's name? I think it would be the best.


[ July 26, 2001: Message edited by: Sherack Nhar ]

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