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When will Win '98 bug be fixed?


Are you experiencing disk related problems under Windows 98?  

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  1. 1. Are you experiencing disk related problems under Windows 98?

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When will the Windows '98 bug ever be fixed? Ever? Will Lucas help me get my money back on the purchase? When?


The problem is: following a very straightforward install, you can save once, maybe twice. After successfully completing a scenario, you can't load the next one.


System: Windows '98, Pentium III, 13GB drive, 128 MB ram, 5GB free. DirectX 8.1 is installed. Two cdrom drives. GeForce2MX, Soundblaster 128PCI


I have tried:

uninstalling, reinstalling.

scandisk, defrag.

Moving position of cd drives on the bus.

running/installing from both drives (in both positions)

running/installing from virtual drive (let's you mount iso image)

killed all running tasks except explorer and point32

played with autoexec.bat and c=temp as instructed

applied patch


Is there any guarantee that a reinstall will work? Anybody know how I can keep my favorites from being hosed in a Win '98 reinstall?


Anyone know why this isn't on the FAQ on http://www.swgalacticbattlegrounds.com? Anyone know why Lucas doesn't warn you of possible problems when you register this game?


Anybody wanna guess how pissed off I am?

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Which version of Windows 98 are you using? I also use SE, and have had none of the problems you have. But I also noticed, that in your description of the measuers you have taken, I saw neither of the following. You should try them:


1. Do a Windows Update from the start menu. Update everything having to do with card drivers, video drivers, sound drivers, the OS itself, etc (you can ignore all those stupid language upgrades if you want). Make certain all the drivers you can get from Microsoft, are on your system.


2. Go to the vendor websites for both your graphics and your sound cards. I have the same video card and a new driver came out in December or January (I think) that you will need for it to run properly (though, run at all, it should do... hmmm).


Anyway, those two measures, you really need to take, and you need to tell us what version of win98 you have, before we can narrow down for sure what the problem is.


Don't worry. Stay the course. We'll help you figure out what the problem is and get it working. It'll be worth it -- it's a great game.

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Okay, I forgot to mention in my original post that I had done both of those things (driver update as well as windows update).


I think it is Win '98 plain, vanilla edition. Under the System Control Panel, the version is listed as 4.10.1998


Oh, and just double-checked: I have 256MB ram, not 128.


I was a bit testy about this last night. See, I like the game. I didn't buy AOE, because as I was waiting for the price to come down, I saw that this would be on same engine. I've played the demo. Played the training missions. Played the first OOM-9 mission (several times), and enjoy it. I refuse to be left playing random maps.


Anyhoo, hope this helps. And again, let me say that Lucas tech supp. claims this is a known problem.

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