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*** Where's YOUR Thread? *** UPDATED


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Since the forums have been updated and re-arranged, this thread needed updating, so that's what I've done. ;)


This information is here to clarify where you should be posting on particular topics, and where your threads may have been moved if they suddenly disappear from the forum where you originally posted it.


One thing you should always do prior to posting a new thread is to see if an existing thread is discussing the same (or similar) topic. If several threads are started on the same subject, they will be merged in order to reduce clutter in the forums, and prevent some threads from being 'buried' on subsequent pages.


Moved Thread Markers


When moving threads, a 'Moved:' marker is sometimes left in place so that you can find a moved thread more easily. However, these markers still take up room, and can keep appropriate topics buried on other pages. In the interests of trying to keep the forums tidy, most threads will now be moved to a more appropriate forum, and no marker will be left, unless the poster is relatively new and unfamiliar with the rules. ;)


Sorry to have to knock off the 'Moved:' markers, but it is in the interests of people finding threads that should be in the right place more easily. REMEMBER: if you have made a first post, and have not received a reply, the thread marker will be used to assist newcomers to find their threads more easily.


Naming Threads


Please try to give your topic headers a specific focus - nothing ambiguous like, Does anyone else think..., or This is cool... or A question.... Threads with unclear topics will simply be edited and renamed anyway for clarification purposes.


Spoiler Tags


If you are posting definite information on a game that is either still in development or that you have played within a few months of release, please use the [ spoiler ] [ /spoiler ] tags (without spaces) around any text that may give something away to others who have not yet played that far in the game. It can potentially ruin someone's enjoyment of a game if they read potential spoilers, so please show consideration for your fellow members. If you are unclear how to get the Spolier tags to work, please ask a Moderator, Super Moderator, or Admin for help. If you are discussing actual game content, please also remember to include the word **SPOILER** in your topic header. This is mostly around the SP part of the game.


The Forums - what goes where.




Game discussion forums are used for general discussion about particular games in the Dark Forces/Jedi Knight series. This includes your likes/dislikes about SP or MP, matches you've enjoyed, any ideas for expansions, an MP/SP battle you enjoyed, polls, suggestions, ideas for game enhancements or future patches/upgrades, servers you like to play on, rules of engagement or Jedi Etiquette, and discussions about the game's content. Feel free to discuss aspects of both the Single Player or Multiplayer game here...


The Jedi Academy forum is for general discussion about the soon to be released game Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy, so please try to keep on topic.


The Jedi Outcast forum is for discussing general aspects of the game Jedi Outcast.


The Jedi Knight/MotS forum is for discussion about the game Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II and it's expansion pack Mysteries Of The Sith.


The Dark Forces forum is for discussion about the original Lucasarts Dark Forces game. It is not the discussion forum for the Dark Forces Mod for JO/JA that is currently in progress.




Anything that is considered 'off-topic' or more general, should be posted in Yoda's Swamp. The Swamp can include discussions about a wide variety of issues unrelated to the games. Keep in mind that 'off-topic' does not mean 'no topic', so try not to spam in this forum.


If you wish to Roleplay, or have written some Fan Fiction (including poetry) you would like to share, you should visit the Star Wars Roleplaying or Stories/Fan Fiction forums.


If you feel like debating current affairs, etc., in a more serious fashion, you should post in the Senate Chambers.


If you start a thread discussing Clans, expect it to be moved to the Clans Forum. This forum can be used for recruitment to your clan, letting others know about your clan and any matches you have lined up or undertaken, and for challenges between clans. Please note that inflammatory posts are not welcome in this forum, so keep your challenges and debates civil.




If you are setting up, or wish to take part in Ladders or Tournaments for Jedi Outcast or Jedi Academy, please post or take a look in the Ladders & Tournaments forum.


You can also visit other hosted forums such as Masters Of The Force, the LucasForums Jedi Academy (LFJA) and the Dark Forces MOD which is a recreation of the original Dark Forces game on the JO/JA engine.




If you are stuck somewhere in the SP or MP part of a game, or have a tip, hint, walkthrough or secret, etc., please post in the Strategy Shack forum, or your thread will be moved there. This also applies if you have strategies including Saber tactics, Gun tactics, Saber vs Guns, Honour codes, Rules, Rants about Saber stances, etc.


If you are experiencing a more technical problem, and can't get your game to run properly, please post in the Technical Help forum. This encompasses things like demo recordings, config settings, using the console, changing key bindings, along with problems associated with actually installing the game or getting it to run on your system. You can also use this forum to report bugs/errors/glitches so that they can be compiled more readily for feedback to the developer. Always read through other topics in this forum to see if your problem has already been discussed, and/or a solution put forward.




If you are discussing mod ideas, or wish to show off a new skin, model, or have anything else related to editing the game, please post in the appropriate sub-section of Editing Central.




If you need to raise an issue about the forums, such as Avatars, sigs, slowdowns, etc., and anything else forum or site related, please post in the Feedback forum.




Please remember that if you look down the bottom of the screen, you can click Subscribe to this thread, and it will be added under your User Control Panel (which you can access using the top_profile.gif button at the top). You can then easily access threads via your User CP, rather than have to hunt for them. This is particularly useful when threads are being rapidly buried on subsequent pages. If some subscribed threads do not appear here, try increasing the 'number of days' to search.


The bottom line is...if you cannot find a thread you have posted, or to which you have contributed, it has most likely been moved to a more appropriate forum. ;)

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I have a new announcement to make: All threads relating to the patch will be merged to the Official Thread that digl created.


So if you created a thread recently that had to deal with the new patch, it's moved in there. If any moderator or member objects to this, please post it here or PM me. I'm open to suggestions, but I'm also trying to cut down on the redudancy dealing with the patch. There's no reason to have 22 (yes, 22, I just counted) of the first 50 posts in the Valley to be about the patch.


Additionally, I'm going to try to PM every user whose thread I merge into the big one. Just to try to let people know, so they don't frantically look for their long post that was "deleted." :)

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Hehe. Thanks.


I know we're going pretty easy on people. Aristotle wants his forums to be ones of free speech. So if people want to voice their opinions, then they're allowed to do so, granted it isn't in a spammy nature. As for PMing people, it isn't too bad. Just a couple seconds. A lot less time than people would take to search for the post they just made, and less than the time it would take me to reply and lock the thread they create asking why the hell admins are Nazis and why their thread is gone. ;)

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