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single player demos

Vic Mackey

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Originally posted by Emon

If recording MP demos makes your game unplayable, then your PC must really, really, really, really suck.


Nah Emon my computer does fine recording demos in Q3A and RTCW, I haven't seen this kind of unplayability since Q3Test.

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Originally posted by Deetox187

go here and get this config if you want to record demos in multiplayer, WITHOUT the unplayability.





I went in and did this manually and surprisingly it works.


The demo continues recording after turning off /g_synchronousClients, and the game smooths out nicely afterwards.


Needless to say the only thing I can think of is that in RTCW and Q3A it must reset the cvar to 0 after the record command is used automatically.


Least thats the obvious answer.


Thanks for pointing that out, even though I didn't download the config.

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