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RCON Usage


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I have Jedi Knight II running on FreeBSD and cannot make rcon work. Here is my server.cfg file on my machine:


----- start server.cfg -----



// Server Config

seta sv_hostname "Suscom SaberFest [FAST]"

seta g_motd "Don't kill people if their Saber is not out! You will be BANNED!"

sets "Administrator" "Carnage"

sets "Connection" "T-1"

sets "CPU" "Celery K62-433"

sets "Email" "w0ls0n@suscom-maine.net"

sets "Hosted By" "Bill"

sets "Location" "Bath, Maine, USA"

rcon_password "MYPASSWORD"


seta sv_maxclients 32

set g_maxForceRank "7"

seta fraglimit "15"

seta g_inactivity 0

seta logfile "2"

seta log "jedi.log"

sv_maxRate 10000

set g_allowvote 1

set timelimit 20

set capturelimit 20

set g_autoMapCycle 1


map ffa_naboo


----- stop server.cfg -----


So, I am wondering how to use rcon correctly in JK2. I tried rconPassword MYPASSWORD and rconPassword MYPASSWORD and it just tells me that there is no rcon password set and I have tried both //rcon and rcon with no luck.. What am I doing wrong and where is there a rcon faq? I looked at the Quake 3 rcon commands but didn't have any luck with those as well. Can someone help?:confused:

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A bsp file is a map file. Do you have ffa_naboo installed? Is that the correct map name? Chances are there's something wrong with that map name either way. I'd recommend you use a stock map (like ffa_bespin) until you get everything working and then add custom maps.


Now for the root of your problem. I noticed that you have it typed as rcon_password. The underscore is part of the problem. The line should read as follows:


seta rconpassword "yourpass"


Once the server is started, you should be able to type "status" in the console window and see a listing showing what map is running and who is connected to the server--probably nobody at that point. If it says "server not running", no map has been started and you have another problem to solve. Once it's all up and running, fire up your client, connect to the server, and do the following:


1) Open the console by hitting ~ (shift + `)


2) Type: /set rconpassword yourpass


3) Type: /rcon status


At that point you should get a display of the map and all connected players, yourself included. Step 2 is not necessary, but it saves you from typing out the password every time. If you don't do step 2, then step 3 would look like this:


/rcon yourpass status


Of course, you should change all the "yourpass" to the password you want to use. I know that goes without saying, but I like to cover all the bases. Once you've verified that you've got rcon working, you can use any of the server console commands. If you have any other specific questions, fire away.

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