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Cut The Kids In Half

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I recently received a CD of Radiohead B-sides and rarities as a graduation present.


Track Listing:


1. Paranoid Android (Live)

2. Lift

3. Faithless, The Wonder Boy

4. The Trickster

5. Palo Alto

6. Climbing Up The Walls (Zero 7 Mix)

7. Like Spinning Plates (Live)

8. Banana Co.

9. Bishop's Robes

10. India Rubber

11. Yes I Am

12. Coke Babies

13. Fast Track

14. True Love Waits (Live)

15. Million Dollar Question


All are fantastic, except the Zero 7 Mix of CUTW, because, though good, it really just makes you want to listen to the original. Like Spinning Plates is so like totally amazing live, since they have to play all the Amnesiac songs so differently live... Spinning Plates has the lyrics sung forwards and will hella piano becking it up. The music swells in tandem with you heart, man.


I also have a downloaded copy of How I Made My Millions on the PC (as per Shutt's recommendation), and it is fantastic.


Also taking a cue from Shutt, I've been visiting Green Plastic Radiohead (http://www.greenplastic.com), and thanks to their tabs I can now play Thom's killer arpeggio from Street Spirit (and since it just plays over and over through the whole song, I can therefore play the entire song), as well as the intro to Airbag and the beginning of Exit Music (For A Film), which I will be learning the rest of later.


Remember, no matter what happens, there will always be Radiohead.


Immerse your soul in love.

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