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Dredge is cool. Leitmotifs are also cool. Putting the two together? Priceless.


Between listening to a lot of Jason Webley and Inventing Edward and seeing They Might Be Giants live, I've been overdosing on accordians.


Inventing Edward is so very phenomenal, I love them so. Jason Webley is possibly the greatest solo artist I can think of right now. And TMBG will always be the coolest dorkrock act in history.


Saw Flogging Molly last month, that was pretty cool. I'd never really heard them before, but a bunch of friends were all going to see them and then in the end I and my girlfriend and her friend Chelsea were the only ones who went because Lisa was being lame and didn't want to go and Stevie and Kevin and Blake all went with her to see The Core and eat chocolate chip pancakes.


Mmm. Pancakes.


The new AFI albums seems to be high in everyone's esteem but I'm very conflicted about it. The production is way up since they signed to a label, and I'm not one of those wangs that claims that getting signed=selling out, but I think having the capability to do almost anything sonically gives them the leeway to take themselves much to seriously.


1. Davey's voice: Davey Havoc has obviously gotten training, and since his voice was very unskilled before that's a good thing, but in some teensy nostalgic way I miss the punky whine of long ago (which, of course, means I can just listen to Black Sails in the Sunset whenever I want). But his attempts at actual Michael Jackson style crooning are really fucking annoying. His metal-style scream is new and very good, but he is often overly dramatic with it. And he recycles too many old lyrics (I'm kinda sick of hearing about how many times he's been swept into shadows and whatnot).


2. Flow: none. The first two tracks do not flow into each other in the slightest and set completely the wrong tone for the rest of the album. And the rest is pretty uneven from there on.


3. Sound: when did their stuff start sounding so poppy? Good as they are, AFI just can't slide from lovely melody into hard shitkicking the way Thrice can. They attempt to make happy-sounding chords very dark and fail.


Blah blah blah. There are several truly righteous songs here, and I just can't seem to appreciate that.


My Neotropic CD broke. Fucking shattered. Poof, goodbye good techno.

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